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Are Bathroom Rugs Out Of Style?

You don’t have to be an interior designer to know that a carpeted bathroom is never a good idea. So why is it that so many bathrooms have rugs? Are bathroom rugs out of style, or are they actually necessary?

Bathroom rugs are not completely out of style, but they aren’t used as much as they used to be. Rugs are definitely not used throughout an entire bathroom like they used to be; modern bathrooms tend to only have rugs near the sink and near the shower or bathtub.

Bathroom rugs are more of a personal preference than a necessity, as some people find they create more problems than they prevent.

Are Bathroom Rugs Out Of Style?

Bathroom rugs aren’t completely out of style but have lost some appeal. People used to have rugs in front of their bathtubs and/or shower, in front of their sinks, and around their toilets. Some people would even have rugs over their toilet seat lids.

Now, you’ll typically only see a bathroom rug in front of a shower or bathtub, especially if a person has slippery flooring in their washroom. They will usually be coordinated to a themed bathroom or will add some personality to a neutral room.

Bathroom rugs can also make a bathroom feel cozy and put together. If you’re someone who wants their bathroom to feel like a sanctuary, having something soft and textured on the floor can add that warmth and comfort that you’re craving.

Why Do People Use Bathroom Rugs?

Bathroom rugs are mainly used to help absorb water that we often splash all over our bathrooms. Excess moisture can cause damage to our bathroom flooring and can lead to bacteria and mold buildup, so rugs help to deter some of that potential damage.

Having a bathroom rug in front of a bath and shower is also a pretty important safety precaution, as stepping out of a wet bath or shower with wet feet can be very dangerous. They can also help keep your bathroom floors clean and can help you eliminate the need to constantly wipe up the water.

People will often use bathroom rugs to wipe off their feet as well, helping to dry them off before getting dressed after a wash. This can be a helpful way to keep your feet from picking up dirt and debris when they’re wet, and can also help you avoid slipping around your home.

Once your feet are dirty, you’ll end up dragging all that gunk around your house, making your floors even dirtier.

Why Do People Avoid Bathroom Rugs?

A lot of homeowners or renters are skipping the bathroom rug when planning their bathroom design for several reasons. For one, bathroom rugs can be very annoying to clean. You can find machine-washable rugs, but many of us tend to neglect washing our bathroom rugs even though we know we should. That said, washing them often is crucial to keep them safe and free of contaminants.

Bathroom rugs also have a habit of slipping around, even if they have supposed non-slip coating on the bottom. This, of course, defeats one of these rug’s most important purposes, which is to help you safely exit a bathtub or shower. Furthermore, more bathroom flooring is being designed with its own non-slip coating which is just as effective, if not more so.

If you want to have a rug in front of a tub or shower, there are anti-slip mats, anti-slip tabs, or slip stoppers that you can purchase at most home stores that you can stick under a rug to help prevent it from slipping. This is a good idea if you have children, as you’ll want rugs around to keep them safe.

Where Should You Put Bathroom Rugs?

Your choice in bathroom rugs will ultimately depend on your preferences as well as the layout of your bathroom. You can have a lot of fun with modern rugs in terms of shapes, patterns, and colors. You’ll typically want to match up the length of your rug to the bathroom fixture you’re placing it near to create a tidy-looking bathroom.

As mentioned, the best places to have bathroom rugs are in front of your sink and in front of your bathtub or shower. They have more of a practical use as well as a decorative function in these spots. Having a rug in front of your toilet is no longer in style and isn’t necessary, and as such, you’re not likely to find many nice options.

You may also want to consider having an anti-fatigue mat or rug in front of your sink or your vanity if you tend to stand in front of these areas to get ready in the morning. They will be able to handle any moisture in the area while also keeping your feet nice and comfortable when standing on a cold, hard floor.

How To Keep A Bathroom Rug Clean

You should not neglect cleaning your bathroom rugs regularly if you do choose to have some. Be mindful of the cleaning instructions on the rug you have or the rug you’re planning on purchasing. Unless you splurge on a fancy rug, most can be machine washed and dried, though hang drying is recommended if you can.

Fluffy bathroom rugs can be even more difficult to keep clean because small pieces of debris can get caught inside their fluff. It can be difficult to vacuum these, so machine washing these rugs is especially important. You should also shake out your rug often to get any small pieces of debris out of the crevices.

If your bathroom rug gets especially wet, consider draping it over your bathtub or your shower rod to air it out. If it sits on the floor soaking in its own moisture, there’s the potential that unhealthy bacteria or mold is going to build up inside the fibers. It can be difficult to notice these contaminants, so you could be unknowingly exposing yourself to them continuously.