How Many Watts Does An Air Mattress Pump Use?

how many watts does an air mattress pump use

Only a few things can beat the feeling of sleeping on an air mattress. However, you cannot enjoy that feeling if your mattress is not inflated, and that’s where an air mattress pump comes in. With one, you get to save time because the process can be time consuming. It is also convenient in that … Read more

Does Ghostbed Have Fiberglass

does ghostbed mattress have fiberglass

Your sleep is important because it plays a major role in determining how productive you will be once you wake up. In that regard, you want to choose the best mattress that will guarantee the utmost comfort and support. If you are thinking of getting a new one, chances are that you have come across … Read more

Does Siena Mattress Have Fiberglass?

does siena mattres have fiberglass

Owning a mattress is not just about having a comfortable place to lie. The mattress needs to come with safety features such as flame resistance and you can bet that Siena mattresses do. With that said, you are probably wondering if the manufacturer uses fiberglass for that purpose. You see fiberglass is a great flame … Read more

The Best Memory Foam Pillows for a Better Sleep

best memory foam pillows

We’ve all been there: tossing and turning throughout the night, only to wake up groggy and unrested. While there are many things that can contribute to a restless night, a good pillow is one that is frequently disregarded. We’ll go into the realm of memory foam pillows in today’s post and examine how buying the … Read more

Is Purple Mattress Good for Heavy People?

is purple mattress good for heavy people

Nothing is nourishing like having a good sleep after a busy day. If you are heavy, you should have a mattress that will sustain your weight for a comfortable sleep. Have you been disappointed by the other brands and, in your journey for a new mattress, happened to discover the purple mattress? No worries, this … Read more

Do Memory Foam Pillows Have Fiberglass?

do memory foam pillows have fiberglass

Your sleep is important – no doubt about it. Memory foam pillows can help you achieve the same mostly because they conform to your neck and head hence giving you maximum comfort. That is not all they have to offer either, because they are long-lasting as well, and with that, you get value for your … Read more

Do Beautyrest Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

do beautyrest mattresses have fiberglass

If you own a Beautyrest mattress then you know that you can rely on it to give you comfort and years of service. Of course, that translates to value for money, and we bet you appreciate that. However, you might be wondering about fiberglass and the negative effect it can have on your body. So, … Read more

How to Return a Mattress Topper to Amazon

how to return a mattress topper to amazon

Although Amazon is a leading online shop trusted by many people worldwide, this doesn’t mean that all its products are of perfect quality. That’s why Amazon has a hassle-free return policy for its products. If you bought a mattress topper from Amazon but see that it isn’t as expected upon arrival, you can return it.  … Read more

Can You Cut a Mattress To Make it Smaller?

can you cut a mattress to make it smaller

 Do you have a bigger mattress than you need and wonder if you can reduce its size? Or perhaps you want to make it smaller for easy disposal. But note that you will pay for disposal charges in some states. If not, you may still want to put it to some other good use and … Read more

Do Spring Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

do spring mattresses have fiberglass

When you are in the market for a new mattress, you want it to have features like breathability, comfort, durability, and affordability right? With a spring mattress, you get all that, but you are probably worried about it having fiberglass. This is because fiberglass particles can cause respiratory issues and irritate your skin. However, in … Read more