How Long Do Couches Last With Dogs?

how long do couches last with dogs

Nowadays, it’s hard for you to get good quality couches that used to last for up to 30 years as the market has been saturated with poor designs. Few of the available designs can last for about 15 years. But your sofas can last a decade or less if you have pets like dogs and … Read more

Does Furniture Make a Room Warmer?

does furniture make a room warmer

Why are empty rooms colder than those with furniture? The exact rate at which air heats up is similar to how it cools down. The presence of furniture or other objects in a room help in the absorption of heat and re-radiation into the air bringing more warmth. So, does furniture make a room warmer? … Read more

What Color Chairs Go With Black Table?

what color chairs with black table

You can never go wrong with a black table in your kitchen. Not only is it a versatile piece of furniture, but it also adds to the style and sophistication of your space. The best part is that you will not have a hard time finding one since black is readily available. Now that you … Read more

What Color Placemats for Black Table?

best color placemats for black table

Placemats not only help you prevent inevitable spills in the case of kids but also protect the table surface from extreme heat or cold. They can make your wooden, vintage, or marble table surfaces easy to clean and retain their new look for years. You might ask, what color placemats for a black table? While … Read more

What Color Carpet Goes With Pink Walls?

what color carpet goes with pink walls

Did you just paint your walls pink or move into an apartment with pink-colored walls and are confused about what color carpet to choose? Whether bold, classic, edgy, or delicate, pink color gives your walls a feminine, rosy, unique, and elegant look.  But the problem comes when picking a color that will complement your pink … Read more

Which Color Placemats for Brown Table?

which color placemats for brown table

Brown is a color that has been used in the world of interior design since the medieval period. You most likely have seen it in different forms, from the warm tone of sandstone to the cool shades of beige and chocolate. This is to be expected because color has always been associated with luxury and … Read more