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Bidet Water is Too Cold

A bidet is a lifesaver for many people. Not just because it is an easy way to clean up after using the bathroom, but also because it eliminates all the waste. However, it can be extremely uncomfortable if your bidet’s water is too cold.

It becomes even worse if you live in a colder climate.

In this guide, we are going to look at some of the reasons why your bidet could be running cold water so you are in a better position to do something about it.

It Was Improperly Installed

The first thing that could be causing the problem is if your bidet was installed incorrectly or improperly. For example, if there are not enough holes drilled into the wall or if the drain isn’t working correctly.

The installation of any product isn’t always an easy task, especially when it involves plumbing. You should always check with your plumber or contractor before beginning any project so that they can provide you with all of the necessary materials and tools needed for proper installation.

If you’re installing a bidet on your own, make sure that you follow all safety precautions outlined in the instruction manual; otherwise, you could end up causing damage to your bathroom or home itself.

The Water Heater is Switched Off

The most common reason why your bidet water is too cold is that the water heater has been switched off. The water heater is what heats up the water in your bidet. If you notice that the water in your bidet is too cold, then it means that there is no heat being produced by the water heater. You should check if the electricity supply line of the pool pump has been disconnected or not.

A Malfunctioning Water Heater

If you notice that your bidet has cold water coming out of it, then this could be because there was a leak in the pipe leading from your water heater to where the water flows into the bidet. In order for this leaky pipe to occur, there must be some kind of blockage somewhere along the way.

If you suspect that this is what happened and have already tried taking care of these problems yourself by clearing out any obstructions in your pipes and then running them clear through again, then it would be a good time to call in an expert plumber who can take care of these problems for you.

Cold Climate

Sometimes, when the water in your bidet is too cold, it is most likely because of the temperature outside. In a cold climate, water at home can be colder than it would be at a warmer location.

The same thing happens with your bidet. The air conditioning unit in your bathroom is going to set the room temperature lower than what you’re comfortable with and will cause the water temperature to drop accordingly.

If you want to fix this problem, the best course of action would be to set your room temperature higher than normal. This can help keep the bathroom more comfortable year-round and will ensure that your bidet water stays warm enough for you to get used to it gradually over time.

The Wrong Type of Bidet

The most common reason why your bidet water is too cold is that you’re using the wrong type of bidet. You may be using a non-electric bidet, but it should be replaced with an electric bidet. The difference is that when you use the former, water comes out at a much colder temperature.

If you are a first-time bidet buyer, you should do your due diligence to avoid making the wrong purchasing decision.

There’s Not Enough Hot Water Supply

If you’re not getting hot water, it probably means there isn’t enough pressure in your water supply. This can be a problem with many different products, including bidets, but it’s also possible that your water heater is broken.

You may think that this isn’t a problem because you have cold water now. But if your old toilet didn’t have any heaters or nozzles and was working properly, then this situation will start to happen as well.

The temperature of the bidet water should be about 55°F. If it’s not, then there might be something wrong with your system – like the pressure valve on a tankless heater or a broken pipe somewhere in the plumbing system.

Misleading Advertising of Water Heater

If you own a bidet and you’re wondering why its water is too cold, the reason is usually because of misleading advertising.

Water Heater manufacturers are required to disclose that they use a trickle heater system. A trickle heater uses very little electricity and can produce hot water at a very low temperature, so it can be used with minimal energy costs.

The problem is that the manufacturers do not disclose this fact, which leads consumers to believe that their bidet water will be hot all the time when in fact it may be very cold most of the time.

As such, you should get the right information before purchasing a bidet and check its water temperature regularly so that you can tell if your bidet’s heating element has failed or if there are other problems with your plumbing or electrical system.

Your Supply Line is Clogged

A clogged supply line can cause cold water temperatures because it prevents proper flow through all parts of the system i.e. the tank, nozzle, and toilet. This can cause cold water issues for any part of the system that relies on warm water for comfort.

A clogged supply line can also prevent proper flow from one side of the system to another, which can cause similar problems with hot or warm water flow between parts of the system.

Your User Expectations are Too High

Your bidet is a user-friendly product, so it’s not surprising that you expect it to be fully functional from the moment you open the box. But that’s an unrealistic expectation. A bidet needs to be installed by a professional plumber, and its operation requires some skill and practice. You shouldn’t expect to figure out how to use it on your own.

You can ask your plumber to show you how to use it after installation, but at this point in time, you should be grateful that they have taken the time to install it correctly in the first place.