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Bidet Water Pressure Too High (How to Fix)

Bidets are meant to direct a gentle stream toward your body to help you clean up after doing your business. The primary concern for bidet water pressure too high is that you could end up causing sensitive areas on your body some harm.

If your bidet water pressure is too high, it may or may not be because of your home’s water pressure. Your ability to change the water pressure for your bidet will depend on the type of bidet you have. The good news is that you have a lot of options to make your bidet’s water pressure more comfortable regardless of the model you have.

Many bidets will also allow you to increase or decrease pressure manually so that if multiple people use the bidet, they can get the type of clean they want for themselves.

Bidet Water Pressure is Too High

Using your bidet can be unpleasant if the water stream is coming out of the nozzle too fast or too hard. When you first get a bidet, it might take a bit of tinkering with the settings until you find the temperature and pressure that’s most comfortable for you. Not all types of bidets are equal in terms of their water pressure range.

However, most bidets have a decent range in terms of pressure and temperature to accommodate different preferences. Additionally, the type of bidet influences how vast that range in pressure controls will be. Electric bidets are typically the easiest to customize and because of how they’re designed, their water pressure is naturally lower.

Sometimes there are factors outside of your bidet’s capabilities that make it exceedingly difficult to get a handle on its water pressure. If you try out your bidet on the lowest pressure setting and it still feels too harsh, it’s likely that your bidet isn’t the problem.

There are some things you can try to determine what’s causing your water pressure issues to make your bidet experience more comfortable.

How To Fix Bidet Water Pressure Issues

Below are some solutions that may solve your water pressure concerns when it comes to your bidet. If you have water pressure issues elsewhere in your home some of these solutions may help with that as well.

Get To Know Your Bidet’s Settings

Reading manuals can be boring, but reading your bidet’s manual helps you get to know how all of its settings work. It sounds super simple, but sometimes all you need is to change the settings that are currently enabled on your bidet. Some people will just go with default settings and assume that if they don’t like the experience, something is wrong with the bidet.

It’s also a possibility that learning more about your chosen bidet might uncover that the water pressure capabilities it has are just way too strong. In this case, it may just be the wrong bidet for you.

Check Your Toilet’s Valves

There are some valves that could possibly use some tinkering to change the water pressure to your liking. One such valve is your toilet’s shutoff valve, which is usually located at the bottom of your toilet’s water hose.

You can adjust the water pressure by tightening this valve slightly. By doing this, you may find your home’s water pressure was, in fact, too high. You just want to ensure you don’t close it too much or else you’ll have a lack of water flowing through your toilet and your bidet.

Another valve on your toilet that may influence water pressure is the t-valve. Not all t-valves can be adjusted, but if yours is, it’s worth a try. Your t-valve can be found on your toilet tank and connects to your water hose. Your bidet’s hose is also connected to this valve.

Closing the t-valve slightly can help reduce water pressure without limiting how much water goes into your toilet.

Adjust Your Hose Nozzle

If you have a handheld bidet, it can be a little bit difficult to customize the experience to your preferences. Handheld bidets are ones that attach to your toilet through a hose with a head on top that sprays water towards you, but you have to physically aim the hose head in the right spot.

That said, there should be a way to adjust the nozzle in an effort to change how fast and how hard the water comes out of it. Some models may simply allow you to change the width of the nozzle’s hole, which could be helpful when it comes to how much water sprays out.

Check Your Home’s Water Pressure

Water pressure issues may not be just limited to your toilet, which you might or might not notice immediately. If you’ve tried multiple fixes and nothing seems to work, you might find adjusting your home’s water pressure helps. This improvement in water pressure can improve water in other areas of your home too.

Once you’re able to locate your home’s water pressure regulator, it’s simple to adjust. Turning the regular counterclockwise is often all it takes to make water pressure lower. If something seems off with your water pressure regulator, you won’t be able to fix it yourself.

Consider An External Water Filter

An external water filter is actually a filter for your bidet attachment. If your bidet doesn’t come with its own filter or the built-in filter doesn’t seem to be working well, try seeking out an attachment that works with your chosen bidet model. A lot of electric models will have filters that work very well alongside other features to keep water pressure at a comfortable rate.

The reason an external water filter can help ease water pressure is that it gives that water flowing through your water supply to your bidet something else to work itself through. This will naturally slow water down. This might not be a perfect solution for a strenuous water pressure issue, but it might help with a minor concern.

An added bonus of having an external water filter is it helps keep the water clean. Since your water is entering and exiting such sensitive areas, any extra filtration helps to eliminate any potential unwanted bacteria and germs.

Upgrade Your Bidet

The bidet you have at home may simply not cut it when it comes to your water pressure. It could be worth considering an upgrade, even if you need to do some research or budget for a new one. Typically, a bidet-seat combo will have better controls, whether you go with an electric or non-electric model.

Electric models may seem like they are excessive to some, but the truth is they can’t be matched when it comes to the ability to adjust the water pressure to your liking. You also get some other nice features that can enhance your bidet experience, such as built-in dryers, temperature controls, and self-cleaning nozzles that help make keeping your bidet clean much easier.

You can find electric bidets that are on the affordable side that just don’t have as many features, but one thing they will likely have is the ability to customize your water pressure settings. Non-electric models could still be worth considering as well, Be sure to examine product details to see what the minimum and maximum PSI is for the bidet you’re interested in.