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Couch Smells After Steam Cleaning? 8 Things You Can Do to Stop It

A couch is a central and significant feature in every home. It is always in use in comparison to other household furniture. You lounge, relax, take a quick nap, or catch up as a family while sitting on the couch.

It’s common for family members to have a favorite spot to lounge as they snack, relax, or binge-watch big night movies and shows.

The pets likewise do have their special spots where they prefer to rest or nap. It is not a wonder then for the sofas to need a periodic thorough cleaning.

8 Tips to Eliminate Bad Smell from Couch After Steam Cleaning

We all want our homes to stay clean and smell nice. But what happens when the couch smells after steam cleaning? Here are 8 tips that can help get rid of the musty smell.

1. Wipe With or Spray Vinegar on The Couch

Vinegar has been in use for centuries as a household disinfectant and a great detergent to neutralize foul smells. The chemical is cheap, readily available, and safe to use around children and pets. Vinegar removes smells and kills bacteria to make your couch odorless.

On the flip side, though, after you use vinegar to clean your sofa, the house might smell like a salad. The smell, however, fades with time as the detergent dries and evaporates.

Consider mixing the detergent with a few drops of essential oils or add citrus fruit rinds to boost fragrance and mask the smell of the vinegar.

2. Clean With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a special detergent that you can use to neutralize couch odors. To make the cleaner, mix water and baking soda in equal quantities. Once you sprinkle the detergent, allow it to sit on the sofa for about 10 to 20 minutes or overnight. It will absorb the smells.

Once the foul smell is gone, dry vacuum or wipe the couch with a dry cloth. Concentrated baking soda solution is also effective in removing urine or stubborn stains from your sofa.

3. Use Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal sucks up and eliminates odors whenever placed in a room. Charcoal briquettes are safe for pets and children and are easy to clean up after use since you only need to toss them away. To avoid stains, do not place the charcoals directly on the couch.

Instead, put several briquettes in a fabric sachet and place them under the sofa cushions or in other strategic places in the house. You may leave the briquettes under the couch for a while until you notice the musky odor is gone.

4. Vacuum The Couch

You can vacuum clean the couch to eliminate the smells left after steam cleaning. First, remove all the pillows, cushions, and cushion covers to vacuum underneath, behind the sofa, and the crevices. Thorough vacuum cleaning will enable you to eliminate the smells from the sofas.

Home vacuum cleaners usually have multiple brushes. Select the hard one for the job. Vacuum cleaning is suitable for all types of materials. The method effectively removes smells from fabric, microfiber, or leather couches.

5. Dry The Couch in The Sun

Natural sunshine is an effective and cheap option to eliminate the smells from steam cleaning. You can place the sofa in a sunny spot in the house or even take it outside under a shade.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays will eliminate the musky odor by killing the causative bacteria. Sunning your sofa will also give it a natural and fresh smell.

6. Follow the Instructions on The Couch Cleaning Labels

As preparation for cleaning your couch, check the instruction labels first. The tags have guidelines to care for the sofa to prevent damage properly.

Some of the standard cleaning instructions include;

  • S for solvent detergents. Do not use water-based or steam cleaning on the sofas to avoid water rings, stains, and discoloration. Instead, clean with dry detergents such as baking soda.  
  • W for water-based cleaners. It is advisable to clean your couch with water-based detergents. To prevent damage, do not use harsh chemicals or solvents. 
  • S/W for solvents and water combo detergents. The instruction implies you can use either solvents or water-based detergents to clean the sofa. 
  • X to avoid all detergents. Do not use any cleaners on the sofa. Only vacuum cleans the settee.

7. Apply Natural Extracts, Scented Bags, Or Essential Oil on The Couch

To eliminate odor from your couch, you can place small potpourri sachets of dried herbs, flowers, or natural extracts in the room. You could put the sachets under the seat cushions for better and faster results.

When the potpourri scent weakens, do not throw away the sachets. Instead, refresh it with a few drops of essential oils. Natural extracts, scented bags, and essential oils will diffuse the steam cleaning smells with fragrant spoors.

8. Clean Out the Odor As Soon As Possible

Once you steam clean the sofa and notice a lingering foul smell, act immediately. There is always the temptation to push the chore to later, but when cleaned sooner, it will be easier to remove it.

If you leave the smelly couches as they are, the odor will linger despite the seats drying.

As you clean out the foul smell, you can remove any pets’ hair and the dander left behind during the steam cleaning. You want to avoid collecting pets’ hair and dander whenever you use the sofa.

Why Diffuse Odor from a Couch After Steam Cleaning?

The couch is useful and the most used furniture in a household. It is necessary then to make it a habit to clean any smells from it immediately after you notice them.

Postponing the chore makes removing the musky scent from the couch difficult.

The lingering odor may remain until you diffuse it. Do this in good time and the task will be much easier.

How Regularly Should a Couch Be Steamed?

If used for only a few hours per day, a once every 3 months steam cleaning exercise should be enough for your couch. The rules are slightly different when the couch is intensively used. In that case, you’ll want to steam clean it at least once a month.