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Do Bidets Have Dryers?

There are a lot of misconceptions about the process of using a bidet, especially when it comes to the type of clean you’re getting with one of these contraptions. How a person is supposed to dry off is often one of the most common questions. You might wonder; do bidets have dryers or do I have to stand there and wait until I dry off?

Some bidets and bidet attachments do have built-in dryer features depending on the particular model you choose. You’ll typically have to opt for a higher-end bidet or an electric bidet to get this feature; otherwise, you’ll have to use something else to dry off.

One thing to be cognizant of when deciding what kind of bidet or bidet attachment you want is that you don’t end up soaking wet after using one, so drying off isn’t as much of a hassle as you might initially think.

Do All Bidets Have Dryers?

Not all bidets come equipped with a built-in dryer. Cheaper bidets usually have very limited functions, meaning you will have to invest in a high-end bidet attachment to get the full experience. I have written about the best bidets with dryers here.

Electric bidet attachments are most often made with dryer attachments. A lot of high-end bidets or luxury bidet attachments will have dryers as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a bidet with a dryer, but many of them will come at an expense.

Bidets and bidet attachments come in many shapes and sizes as well as multiple price points. Your basic attachments and manual bidets won’t have this feature. Since bidets started becoming popular outside of Asia and some parts of Europe, there have been a wealth of innovations to bidet attachments to make the use of a bidet much more accessible for people.

Drying off after using a bidet isn’t something that you can skip, but your choice in what kind of bidet works for your budget and your lifestyle will ultimately determine how you manage to dry yourself off.

How Do Bidet Dryers Work?

Bidet dryers are usually located close to a bidet’s water nozzle. They are usually button-activated to blow a concentrated stream of air toward you to help you dry yourself off quickly after you wash. Many dryers will have controls so you can change the air temperature to your liking. The typical range you’ll find for air temperature is between 30 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bidets with dryers usually come in toilet seat form or as attachments that you install between the seat and toilet lid. Some other bidet attachments are installed inside your toilet bowl at the front or the back. When it comes to an electric bidet, most of them are toilet seat replacers that need to be plugged into a nearby outlet in order to power on.

Are Bidet Dryers Effective?

It can take anywhere between thirty seconds to a few minutes for bidet dryers to work their magic. The time it takes to dry you off will depend on the bidet itself. The more customizable your bidet settings are, the easier it might be to get a faster and more thorough dry.

The air comes out in a gentle stream so you can avoid causing yourself potential injury. You’ll want to be careful about water temperature as well as dryer temperature since your bottom is quite sensitive.

Are Bidet Dryers Safe?

A bidet dryer is perfectly safe and sanitary to use, keeping in mind that you aren’t turning the heat up too high in an effort to dry off quicker. Bidets also require you to keep them clean in an effort to avoid any bacteria buildup. As a result, you can avoid a lot of uncomfortable urinary concerns when you use your bidet properly and keep it clean.

Just as you always want to keep your toilet clean, so too should you aim to clean and disinfect your bidet attachment often regardless of what kind you buy and what kind of self-cleaning options your chosen model has.

What Are Electric Bidets?

An electric bidet is what it sounds like; a bidet that is powered through an electrical outlet. They offer the most luxurious and customizable experience when it comes to an at-home bidet. While you will still have to connect an electric bidet to your water supply, the electric components allow for extra features.

Some of the features built into electric bidets include self-cleaning mechanisms that’ll clean your water nozzle, and will also mist your toilet bowl to give it a quick clean. Some of them also allow you to change the water temperature and water pressure. Many of them will have different buttons or even remote controls to make customizing your experience as easy as possible.

Are Bidets Without Dryers Still Worth It?

Bidets without dryers come in many different forms, from non-electric bidet seats to non-electric bidet attachments, and manual bidets with hoses that attach to your toilet’s water supply. You can also buy a standalone bidet that you can install next to your toilet, though these are expensive and hard to find.

All non-electric bidets are just as good at giving you a refreshing clean after using the bathroom. If you’re not a fan of all the bells and whistles of an electric bidet or don’t have the proper bathroom setup to accommodate one, you can still enjoy a bidet at home with an affordable attachment. All you need is an alternative way to dry off after your wash.

How To Dry Off After Using A Bidet

It’s important for your personal hygiene and your comfort to dry yourself off after washing yourself with a bidet. You don’t want to sit in that moisture; not only because it’s uncomfortable, but because excessive moisture in your nether regions can lead to bacteria growth.

Toilet Paper

You can use a small amount of toilet paper to dry yourself off after using your bidet. While most people get bidets so they don’t need toilet paper anymore, you’ll find that using toilet paper simply to dry off cuts down on your use significantly.

Hand Towel or Washcloth

Since bidets help clean away all the waste from your nether regions, you don’t have to be concerned about getting anything on a washcloth or towel should you choose to use one to dry off. You’ll be able to save a lot of money choosing to use a towel since you won’t need to buy any more toilet paper.

It’s definitely a much less wasteful option compared to toilet paper since you can have multiple on hand, you can machine wash them and hang them to dry when you’re finished using them. Just be sure that you properly distinguish between towels if multiple people are using the bidet.

What’s The Point Of A Bidet If You Still Need Toilet Paper?

The sole purpose of a bidet is not necessarily to eliminate the need for toilet paper, though it does that for many people. Bidets also offer you a more hygienic clean than toilet paper can, and they can also help stop you from spreading harmful bacteria through inadequate wiping.

In terms of environmental benefits, you will at least be able to drastically reduce your toilet paper use if nothing else. You don’t have to be concerned about water usage; bidets don’t use up as much excess water as you might think they do.