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Do Guys Use Toilet Paper When They Pee?

While hygiene is quite a personal subject, one question that you may have wondered about is a simple one that actually has more answers than you think. Do guys use toilet paper when they pee?

While some men shake the last few drops, others do actually prefer toilet paper, especially if they pee sitting down. Urine that is produced is expelled efficiently from the urethra already, although when a man gets older then additional wiping with toilet paper may be a good idea.

We’ll take a closer look at this question today to explain why some guys use toilet paper when they pee, why some do not, and other factors to consider when accurately answering this question!

Age is an Important Factor

As we get older, our bodies naturally going to become less efficient at things, and urination, unfortunately, is one of them. When a man gets older, then using toilet paper after peeing can become quite an attractive option, in order to avoid any dampness that might otherwise occur.

As men age, their prostates get larger, and this can put more pressure on the urethra so that urine flow is not always efficient. This can lead to blockage, difficulty urinating, and even drips or odors that we wouldn’t want to have in public!

So, do guys use toilet paper when they pee?

Some definitely do, but it is much less common with younger men unless there are other health factors at play that are interfering with normal urination.

Wiping for Religious Reasons

In some religious traditions, such as with the Muslim faith, extra attention is given to bathroom cleanliness. That is because you are not allowed to go into a prayer session if you are considered ‘unclean’ and not cleaning up properly in the bathroom definitely counts in that category!

So, with some religions, using toilet paper after urination will actually be quite common. You will also see the use of bidets is very common in Muslim countries and communities.

Are There Advantages to Using Toilet Paper After Peeing?

As it turns out, there are definitely advantages to using toilet paper after urination. First and foremost, it is much cleaner! Even with younger men, for instance, there is a chance that the urethra doesn’t clamp properly and you could end up with damp pants.

While a little dampness is embarrassing, it’s also unhealthy for you as it can increase the risks of urinary tract infections, yeast infections, or even ‘jock itch’, and because of this some men will actually wipe with toilet paper but it’s still not very common.

You’ve probably noticed in standing urinals that there is no toilet paper and some men will actually use the sitting toilets instead, as they don’t feel that ‘shaking one’s privates’ is very hygienic at all. In fact, they even refer to these men as ‘shakers’, while thinking of themselves as ‘dabbers’!

So, whether or not a man wipes with a small bit of toilet paper peeing can’t be predicted with 100% certainty – it’s a very personal decision, after all!

So, is it Better to be a ‘Shaker’ or a ‘Dabber’?

While the ‘dabber’ side of the argument is much less commonly practiced, it is quite a bit more healthful. To prevent any accidental ‘drips’, wiping after urination is definitely the cleaner option.

After all, our bodies host a number of good and bad bacteria, so arguably any additional steps added to your hygiene are always going to be the better choice. By dabbing a little bit of toilet paper on after peeing you can improve your hygiene quite easily and with very little effort.

While Urinary tract infections are less common for men, they can and do occur, and aside from painful urination, they can even make you sterile!

Do Most Men Urinate While Standing Up?

A study from QSsupplies shows that yes, as much as 69 percent of men urinate standing up, as it’s quick, convenient, and efficient. That said, it still boils down to your personal preferences and your level of hygiene. Some ‘dabbers’ are very particular about this and will even avoid public toilets unless there are no alternatives.

For men with prostrate problems, sitting down actually makes urinating easier and easier for the body to do efficiently so that there is less likelihood of embarrassing ‘accidents’ such as ‘pee drips’ in public!

Even with dabbing, there is always a chance of urine splashing on a urinal and it could get on your clothes, and this is another reason why some men will actually choose to use a sit-down urinal instead of a standing one.

On the bright side, even if you fall into the ‘shaker’ category, your body is already efficiently designed for this and it will likely be many years before you’ll have to worry about ‘drip accidents’. That said, if you are looking to make a positive hygiene change then you might consider ‘dabbing’ for a change.

It is definitely cleaner and not very hard to do, though you might spend a bit more on toilet paper – it’s estimated that the average person uses 20,000 sheets every year – but when you consider the health benefits that seems a very small price to pay!