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Does Ghostbed Have Fiberglass

Your sleep is important because it plays a major role in determining how productive you will be once you wake up. In that regard, you want to choose the best mattress that will guarantee the utmost comfort and support.

If you are thinking of getting a new one, chances are that you have come across Ghostbed. Well, that is to be expected, because the brand manufacturers top-notch products. The only thing that is perhaps not clear about them is what they use to make their mattresses fire retardant.

You see, mattresses in the past contained fiberglass as a fire retardant, but as it turns out, the material poses several health risks. As such, you would be justified to ask, does Ghostbed have fiberglass?

Luckily, these mattresses do not contain fiberglass so you won’t be exposed to any of the risks that come with it.

What’s the Construction Process for Ghostbed mattresses?

If you want a reasonably-priced mattress with decent quality, then buying from Ghostbed would be a wise choice. The brand has built a name for itself over the years, especially for using unique materials in constructing their mattresses. This has ultimately played a major role in making the brand popular.

If you are wondering what exactly goes into making a Ghostbed mattress, you are in the right place because we are about to get into it.

The first step involves making the foam layers which are responsible for offering support and comfort. Ghostbed utilizes two types of foam which are memory and latex foam. These also offer durability. Of course, these foam layers have to be cut and shaped so that there are different sizes of mattresses. They are then layered and joined to create a core.

Next, the manufacturer adds a layer of gel memory foam which is placed on top of the core layer. This helps with breathability and keeps you cool during those hot summer nights.

Finally, there is a top layer that holds everything together, absorbs moisture, and gives the mattress aesthetic.

How does the Ghostbed Mattress Perform?

Needless to say, the Ghostbed mattress offers a decent amount of firmness but it is not suitable for all kinds of sleepers. All mattresses from the brand are fitted with a gel or polyfoam memory foam to facilitate structure support. That said, some mattress models from the brand come with more padding than others.

Let us get into how Ghostbed mattresses perform.

Hot and Cold Sleeping

Ghostbed mattresses are fitted with cooling fibers in their top covers and gel in the core layers. What this does is that it keeps you cool at night. Moreover, the Hybrid version of the mattress comes with springs at the bottom that improve ventilation and circulation.

Motion Transfer 

Perhaps you are a light sleeper who gets easily startled, or you do not appreciate feeling your partner move if you share a bed. If that’s the case, you will appreciate a Ghostbed mattress because it effectively isolates movement.

As such, you get to sleep noiselessly and pleasantly owing to the foam cushioning layers fitted in the mattress.

Edge Support 

Over time, most mattresses begin to sag especially at the edges. With Ghostbed mattresses, you don’t have to worry about that because they come fitted with coils. That means you will not only feel steady but also protected whether you sit or sleep at the edge of your bed.


Just like most people, we bet that you want to get value for your money when you purchase a mattress. As such, the mattress needs to give you good service for a while before needing a replacement. With the Ghostbed mattress, you shouldn’t worry about drooping. Why? Because it is created using first-rate polystyrene and long-lasting coils. That should give you up to ten years of great service.


Again, owing to its high-quality layers of foam and coils, this mattress will not cause any distractions because of distortion or noise.

Who is Best Suited for Ghostbed Mattresses?

While the Ghostbed mattress is a good buy, it is not suitable for everyone. People who would benefit from it include back sleepers, individuals who prefer firm mattresses, and hot sleepers.

Conversely, the mattress is not ideal for people who are on extremely tight budgets, or those who love to sleep on their stomachs.

Buying Guide for Ghostbed Mattresses? 

You cannot afford to buy a mattress blindly. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing.


Ghostbed mattresses come covered in Stretch Knit which utilizes the brand’s unique Chill Technology. What that does is that it keeps the surface of the mattress cold and comfortable. Of course, this facilitates better sleeping.

These mattresses also feature Surface Shield Protection which is another layer that offers protection due to its antibacterial properties.

Comfort Layers 

You get a decent amount of comfort with Ghostbed mattresses. This is because they feature memory, latex, and gel foam layers that offer great body shaping and pressure alleviation. You will certainly enjoy your sleep with this mattress.

Support Layer 

As previously mentioned, this mattress comes with Responsive Pro Enveloped coils which form the layer that gives it stability. The coils not only make the mattress sturdier but make it as durable as can be.

You may want to note that the manufacturer placed coils along the edges of the mattress as well. These give it edge support and border protection meaning you can get in and out of bed without worrying about your mattress sagging.


You should certainly consider height when buying a mattress. With Ghostbed mattresses, the Paterson Hybrid version is only 12 inches tall while its other hybrid models stand at 13 inches. Your choice depends on your bed size and what you prefer.


Can GhostBed mattresses cause allergies?

That is unlikely to happen because these mattresses are made using hypoallergenic materials hence suitable for people with sensitivities or allergies.

Will my GhostBed mattresses sleep cool?

Yes, it will. GhostBed mattresses come with a cooling feature that stabilizes temperature thus facilitating quality sleep.

Is my GhostBed mattress suitable for all sleeping positions?

No, it’s not. Typically, it is ideal for back sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress. If you sleep on your stomach and would like a less firm mattress, you would be better off searching for other options.