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Dyson TP01 Vs TP02

The air we breathe now has more pollutants. To counter that, you have probably thought about getting an air purifier and in your quest for the best, you have probably come across Dyson one too many times. That’s quite understandable because the brand is a force to reckon with.

They have a TP Series which is one of their best-sellers and rightfully so. It is a collection of air purifiers made with large spaces in mind.

How about then, we compare two bigwigs from that series? Brace yourself as we begin the battle of Dyson TP01 vs. TP02.

What are the Differences?

  1. The TP01 oscillates at 70 degrees while the TP02 does the same at 180 degrees.
  2. The TP02 is Wi-Fi-enabled, while the TP01 does not have that functionality. In the same breadth, the TP02 can be used with Alexa, while the TP01 cannot.
  3. The TP02 connects to the Dyson Link App and can be controlled through it while the TP01 doesn’t connect to it.
  4. The TP02 features more mode options compared to the TP01.
  5. The TP02 is more expensive than the TP01.

What are the Similarities?

  1. Both units run using Dyson’s Air Multiplier Technology.
  2. Both utilize a similar air filtration system.
  3. The TP01 and TP02 operate bladeless and they look the same.
  4. They have the same weight and height.
  5. They can both be operated using remote control.

In-depth Comparison of the Dyson TP01 and TP02 

Before we go any further, you may want to note that both the TP01 and TP02 are great fans, but they are different because of one major feature. Now, these units look identical, so it may be hard to notice that difference at first glance.

First, you need to know that the TP01 is the predecessor and Dyson made the TP02 to have more features and function better. However, the upgrades are internal.

At first glance of a Dyson fan, you will not see any blades like you would with other fans. Nevertheless, that does not mean that Dyson fans do not have blades. The thing is that Dyson has been innovative and they came up with an innovative technology that they dubbed “Air Multiplier technology” that they put in place to power their fans. This same patented technology is what makes Dyson fans run without having their blades exposed.

Both the TP01 and TP02 utilize the Air Multiplier technology that not only makes them safer for homes but also gives them a sleek and modern look.

We have previously mentioned that fans in Dyson’s TP series were made for large spaces and because of that, you will realize that both the TP01 and TP02 stand tall. You looking at 40 inches to be exact and 8.4 lbs. for each. Both of these units are certified by the AAFA which means they are allergy and asthma friendly. This is possible because they come with HEPA filters with Activated Carbon.

Still on the HEPA filter with Activated Carbon, you want to keep in mind that this enables these units to filter 99.97% of airborne and microscopic airborne particles including pollen, allergens, and pet dander. The Activated Carbon traps VOCs, smoke, toxins, gases, and bad odors.

What about Accessories?

Both the TP01 and TP02 come with remote controllers – something that is not common with the latest air purifier models from Dyson. However, you will not get any additional filters when you purchase either of the units.

Given that the TP02 is an upgraded version of the TP01, you can bet that Dyson made some adjustments to it, albeit internally.

For instance, the TP02 oscillates at 180 degrees which is a significant improvement from its predecessor which did the same at 70 degrees. The TP02 is also Wi-Fi enabled which comes in handy if you are moving towards making your home a smart one. This functionality also allows you to operate the fan using the Dyson Link App that you can easily download to your smart device. Moreover, the TP02 also runs on commands given through Amazon’s Alexa.

You may also want to note that the TP02 comes with more modes compared to its predecessor the TP01. For instance, it has an auto mode that facilitates automatic checking of air quality and consequent adjustment. There’s also the Night mode that allows the TP02 to dim the display and run the device quietly.

Meanwhile, you have to manually input the settings with the TP01.

After everything is said and done, the TP01 is more affordable which is to be expected considering the upgrades made to the TP02. That doesn’t mean that the TP01 is not a worthy opponent though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the TP01 and TP02 air purifiers have filters?

Yes, they do. Each one of them comes with a single HEPA filter with Activated Carbon.

How wide can these fans cover?

There is no particular number given by the manufacturer, but Dyson does confirm that both the TP01 and TP02 were made to cover large spaces.

How often should I change my TP01 OR TP02 filter?

According to Dyson, filters should be changed at least once annually. However, your device will usually notify you through its display when it is time for a filter change. You can get replacement filters at Dyson stores.

Do the TP01 and TP02 cool the air better than the average fan?

Yes, they do. Dyson fans employ their Air Multiplier technology that moves and distributes air better compared to your typical fan.

Where can I get a replacement filter for my TP01 and TP02 fans?

Replacement filters can be sourced from the manufacturer or online sellers like Amazon.

Can I use the Dyson Link App to control more than one device?

Yes, you can. As long as your device is Wi-Fi enabled, you can use it with the Dyson Link App.

Do the TP01 and TP02 come with warranties?

Yes, they do. Based on terms and conditions, Dyson will repair or replace your unit in case of damage.

Do the TP01 and TP02 function even without filters?

No, the filters are required for these air purifiers to function effectively.