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Dyson TP01 Vs TP04 Vs TP07 – Ultimate Comparison

Do you plan to buy an air purifier or replace your faulty one and do not know which brand to choose? Since you want a valuable and efficient device, you should try Dyson air purifiers. Many homeowners prefer the units as they have an elegant design and are equipped with innovative features than their counterparts.

This review of Dyson TP01 Vs TP04 Vs TP07 models evaluates their features, similarities, and differences to help you make an informed purchase. It can be challenging to differentiate these three devices since they have an almost similar physical appearance and perform the same air purification plus cooling functions. However, the notable differences are the coverage area, airflow speed, sensors, and noise level.

Dyson TP01, TP04 and TP07 – Comparative Features

The below essential features for the Dyson units will help you select the one that satisfies your air cooling and purification desires. 

Efficiency and Area of Coverage

The DysonTP01 works great with rooms of about 28 square meters or 300 square feet. For a larger room, you can use the TP04, which covers around 55 square meters (600 square feet). The TP07 is ideal for slightly larger rooms and has a 74 square meters or 800 square feet coverage area.

Since the TP01 is ergonomically designed for small spaces, it has a maximum oscillation of 70 degrees. On the other hand, the TP04 and TP07 are more versatile and allow one to choose an oscillation of either 45, 90, 180, or 350 degrees. This means that they have more air purification power. 

Clean Air Delivery Rate

All TP01, TP04, and TP07 models filter up to 99.9% of allergens and air pollutants like dust, pollen, or pet danger, even if small, like 0.3 microns. Also, the devices are allergy and asthma-certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

These Dyson models have HEPA filters to ensure maximum air purification. The Dyson TP04 and TP07 feature an advanced HEPA filter for capturing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), odors, and harmful fumes. However, the TP07 unit is fully-sealed HEPA certified, thus highly effective at delivering cleaner air.

Noise Level

It can be hard to differentiate these models as per the noise levels as they have a similar range of between 32 decibels to 64 decibels. The maximum speed can be reached by adjusting to level 10, while levels 1 to 4 offer lower speeds. The automatic modes on the TP04 and TP07 are handy as the devices can select the suitable speed and noise levels accordingly. 

Display and Sensors

The TP07 and TP04 are the only models with LCD screens using integrated sensors. The built-in sensors obtain information on real-time air temperature, air quality, humidity VOCs, or Particulate Matter and then relay it to the display screen. Therefore, the included sensors are the input system for the auto mode. Fortunately, if you are not near the device, you can still view its screen information through the Dyson Link App. 

Weight and Measurements

The Dyson TP04 measures 8.77 by 8.77 by 41.49 inches and weighs 10.89 pounds. The DysonTP01 has dimensions of 7.7 by 7.9 by 40.1 inches and is the lightest at 8.4 pounds. Lastly, the Dyson TP07 is the heaviest at 11 pounds and measures 7.7 by 8 by 41 inches. 

Compatibility and Connectivity

The Dyson Pure Cool TP01 can only be operated with the remote, enabling you to turn it on/off, change speed levels, set a timer, or change the oscillation rate. On the contrary, the Dyson TP07 and Dyson TP04 are Wi-Fi enabled and can be linked to the Dyson app for easier control. Furthermore, their updated remote control offers extra functions like sleep and auto modes.


Each device has a remote control for easy use. Don’t worry about misplacing your remote controls since Dyson makes magnetic remote controls that hold onto the magnetized amp’s top. The Dyson TPO7 and TP04 have innovative control features linked to an app that allows smartphone or voice control.


All these Dyson units have a slim innovative design that takes up less place and can be placed anywhere as it blends easily with room décor. Unlike regular fans, the devices have bladeless tower structures that allow competent air filtration and cooling. 

Dyson TP01

Do you need a simple air purifier that doesn’t require Wi-Fi connectivity or compatibility with the Dyson app? Then DysonTP01 is just what you need as it’s great for purifying the air from any impurities and cooling it in extremely hot conditions. The device has an annular aperture that improves airflow using the Dyson Air Multiplier Technology to ensure a powerful but smooth flow.


  • Affordable
  • Has air multiplier technology
  • Certified Asthma and Allergy-friendly
  • Circulates and cools air effectively
  • Beautiful design


  • Incompatible with the Dyson link app
  • Lacks backward airflow mode
  • It doesn’t function automatically
  • Lacks night mode function

Dyson TP04

This is an advanced model of the DysonTP01 with Wi-Fi connectivity for better efficiency. The 3 controls, display screen, smartphone control, and remote control, allow easy usage from anywhere. Moreover, this air purifier runs on 3 modes; Auto mode, Custom Mode, and Night modes to meet different needs.


  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Has backward airflow
  • Certified Asthma and Allergy-friendly
  • Air multiplier technology
  • Compatible with voice assistants


  • Expensive
  • High maintenance costs
  • No Google Assistant integration
  • Lacks Siri or Alexa integration

Dyson TP07

This model is a 2-in-1 Air purifier and fan, like the above two. It has integrated sensors that detect and capture 99.97% of air pollutants and cool down the air. The device is quieter, assimilates voice control features, and has easy control features. 


  • Has auto mode
  • Google Assistant Integration
  • Dyson app compatibility
  • Backward airflow
  • Voice control
  • Offers real-time phone updates


  • Expensive
  • Replacement filters are hard to find

Dyson TP01 vs. TP04 vs. TP07; What’s the Best Choice?

The DysonTP07 stands out because it covers a larger surface area, has smart controls, and is a highly efficient sealed air purification system. 

Does the filter need to be changed?

Yes. Although the duration after which you change your air purifier filter is labeled on the device, Dyson recommends a yearly replacement. 

If you are on a strained budget and won’t be bothered with manual settings, then the DysonTP01 is perfect. The DysonTP04 and TP07 though expensive, have upgraded filters, high oscillation, extra modes, and Wi-Fi connectivity. These units, therefore, go hand in hand with the current technology-oriented generation.