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How Do Guys Sit On The Toilet?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of opinions surrounding the right and wrong ways to sit on a toilet. When you ask how do guys sit on the toilet, you might get all kinds of answers.

Guys will typically sit far back on the toilet with their backs straight and their legs spread to either side of the toilet. Different factors might influence a guy’s sitting position including their height and their personal comfort. While preference is key, so too is avoiding unnecessary strain.

Most people don’t put much thought into the way they’re sitting on the toilet, but certain sitting positions might make going to the bathroom easier or harder.

How Do Guys Sit On The Toilet?

Guys typically sit straighter on a toilet than women or young children would. Guys also may lean forward as a means of relaxing while doing their business. Ultimately, if you’re not straining or causing yourself any pain in the way you’re sitting, your sitting position doesn’t matter that much.

Is There A Right Way To Sit On A Toilet?

There is no concrete consensus on the right way a person should sit on a toilet. Comfort is really key so that your body can relax enough to eliminate waste. It’s important that you’re able to fit appropriately on the toilet seat. If your feet are either flat on the ground or on a stool, that will also make going to the bathroom much easier.

There are some general recommendations for ways to sit on a toilet to avoid straining yourself. For example, resting your elbows on your knees while leaning forward can help your body push out waste so you’re not trying to push it out through force. Having a small footstool nearby can be helpful as well so you can get into this position without curving your back too much.

Is There A Wrong Way To Sit On A Toilet?

Squatting might seem like a good idea if you’re physically capable of doing so and you’re struggling to go to the bathroom. The difficulty of trying to hold a squat until nature runs its course can put unnecessary stress on your body, and this stress can make it more difficult for your body to relax enough to dispel waste.

You can also put a lot of strain on your pelvic and rectal muscles by squatting, and in some cases, you might even cause yourself discomfort or injury in those areas. It can end up being uncomfortable trying to hold a squat for a long period of time, which could end up causing you to be unsteady on the toilet.

Why Do Guys Spend So Long In The Bathroom?

Guys seem to enjoy escaping to the bathroom for a seemingly long amount of time, but it has nothing to do with them being guys. It seems to just be a way for guys to decompress, catch up on their reading, and sit in the quiet when they have to use the bathroom. It’s not always a bad thing depending on how frequent this habit is.

Sitting for too long on the toilet could end up putting a lot of strain on the body, however. Not only are guys sitting in an unnatural position when they endlessly scroll through their phones while on the toilet, but they are putting more strain on their rectal area than they might realize.

Men can be prone to hemorrhoids, and sitting on the toilet for too long is one of the common causes of this very uncomfortable condition. If you’re sitting in the bathroom for a long time because you’re straining to go to the bathroom, there are ways to avoid this too.

Should Guys Sit On The Toilet When Peeing?

This is another hot-button issue when it comes to men’s bathroom hygiene. The thought of sitting down on a toilet to go pee might sound completely unnatural to some men while others swear by it. There are some potential benefits for sitting on the toilet while going number one, though they are more external benefits than they are personal benefits.

For one, sitting on the toilet to go pee means that there’s no risk of bad aim. The bad aim can lead to messes in and around the toilet, and urine can cause a lot of foul stains and odors in the bathroom that can be difficult to remove. You might even save some time since you don’t have to constantly wipe up after yourself when you miss.

One might be concerned about the proper way for a guy to sit on a toilet comfortably while peeing. So long as he sits far back enough, his body will be in the optimal position to make sure everything gets into the bowl and nothing drips onto his legs or his pants. Arguably, you have less of a chance of getting a mess on yourself when sitting down to go.

Many guys who pee sit down find that it’s comfortable and easy, and it doesn’t take any more or less time to make the effort to sit down. It also saves a lot of arguments when it comes to constantly forgetting to put the toilet seat back down since you won’t have to lift it in the first place, which gets gross germs all over your hands.

How To Spend Less Time On The Toilet

It’s really important to listen to your body and get yourself to the bathroom when you feel the urge to go. Holding in your waste doesn’t feel good and it can wreak havoc on your gastrointestinal tract. The longer you hold in your waste, especially when it comes to number two, the harder it can be to get it out.

Making it a habit of constantly holding it can lead to all kinds of health issues down the line, from frequent constipation to blockages. Even when life gets busy or you get nervous using the bathroom in public places, sometimes you just have to listen when nature calls.