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How Long do Bathroom Scales Last?

If you pay much attention to your weight and overall health, you probably have a bathroom scale or plan to buy one. But how long do bathroom scales last? Good quality bathroom scales can last up to ten years, while others can last for less than five years. This life span can, however, vary according to how you protect and maintain your bathroom scale.

Some other factors like material construction, type of scale, dial or digital scale, or how often the scale is used are equally important. This article explains in detail some bathroom scale issues that can affect its performance, how to resolve them and ways to improve the life span. 

Can Bathroom Scales Wear Out?

While bathroom scale wear can be due to high humidity levels, you, the user, usually contribute the most. Many bathroom scales have a weight limit of 400 lbs. If crossed, they can malfunction or wear out quickly. A scale made with high-quality materials will take years to show signs of wear and tear. 

How Long Should a Bathroom Scale Last?

There’s no exact timeline for how long a bathroom scale can last. However, the design and quality of materials used in making the scale are vital in determining its lifespan. So, the higher the quality of materials used and the general construction of the scale, the longer it will stay. 

To help you figure out this, you can check the warranty of your bathroom scale. A shorter warranty period may imply that the scale can serve for a few years. Similarly, a scale with a longer warranty period can guarantee good quality and will serve you for years. You can get more information about the bathroom scale by reading customer reviews or asking your friends.

That’s not all, how you handle the bathroom scale will affect its lifespan. For example, you can’t jump on your scale, leave kids to use it unsupervised, or throw things at it and expect it to serve you for long. Therefore, a bathroom scale needs proper care and usage for efficient long-term results. 

Do you know there are ways you can exercise to improve the shelf life of your bathroom scale? First, mind the scale’s weight capacity, as overloading will break it. Since the scale is a mechanical device, its enemies are moisture and water; thus, you should always keep it dry. Lastly, check the batteries regularly; if worn out, replace them to prevent leaks that may corrode the interior components. 

Common Bathroom Scale Faults 

Bathroom scales, just like other mechanical products, won’t last forever. If your scale shows some of the signs mentioned here, you should consider replacing it. This is because no matter how you troubleshoot, the problem will keep repeating, or the scale will stop eventually. 

Scale is broken

A bathroom scale is broken if it displays inconsistent results today than yesterday or otherwise shows an Error or an E. An Error message can also mean the scale needs recalibrating or the battery is low. 

The battery is low

Many scales will display a message or a particular light to indicate the battery is getting low. It will now be time for you to arm yourself with new batteries.

Gives inconsistent weight readings

A scale that gives different weight readings for one object is probably miscalibrated. This often happens when you place the scale on a flat surface or move it from its previous location. 

Reading display malfunction

If your scale reading flip-flops or you can hardly see the figures, it’s experiencing an electronic breakdown. But then don’t just conclude that the scale is dead and throw it away. First, try replacing the batteries to see if it works. 

Physical damage

Your scale may not experience physical damage if you live in warmer areas unless you inflict it by knocking or banging objects. But you have a reason to worry if you live in a more humid area. The metallic components of your scale may be eaten away by rust, rendering it useless. Also, if you don’t intend to use the scale for long, remove the batteries to prevent them from leaking and corrode other parts.

How to Resolve Bathroom Scale Issues

Replace batteries

Refer to the user manual of your bathroom scale to know if the malfunctioning issue is because of the battery. Luckily, some battery-powered scales will alert you of low battery while others may show an ERROR. Replace the batteries to bring your scale to normal functioning. 

If you have a bathroom scale that’s made to use AAA batteries or similar alternatives, then you will have to bear the costs of replacing them regularly. Scales with lithium batteries are offered at a high price point, as the batteries can serve for about 10 years before requiring replacement. 

Recalibrate the scale

The recalibration settings can change from one scale to the other. Luckily, the procedure in most bathroom scales is similar; put it in a new spot while ensuring that the surface is even. Next, press the CAL or MODE button. The screen will change to calibration mode; find an object of known weight and put it on the scale. If you get the right measurement, the scale has been successfully recalibrated.

Why Will a Scale Stop Working Correctly?

A scale can stop working as it’s programmed since it combines technology to operate, which can fail. The scale may malfunction, which can be fixed by resetting or going dead. If your scale doesn’t work anymore, then there’s no other way to resolve this other than by getting a new one. 

What’s the Meaning of E on a Bathroom Scale?

E refers to an Error displayed on a weighing scale which can be resolved with recalibrating, as explained above. Although the simplest way is to step on the scale, then step off and wait till it shuts off. Next, tap your foot on the scale, wait for it to show 000.0, and step on again. Now the scale should weigh correctly, and if it still shows an Error, then do the recalibration. 

While some people pay little attention to weight, observing your weight is a great milestone in healthy living. You can’t do this by guesswork but by having an efficient bathroom scale to keep a regular weight check. A good bathroom scale should be durable, have accurate measurements, and provide long-term service.