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How Long Do Bidets Last?

Some might look at the price of a bidet or bidet attachment and be shocked, wondering how someone could spend that money on such a simple mechanism. Those who are shocked have likely never used a bidet; users understand that a quality bidet is well worth the money. But how long do bidets last?

Bidets can be a wise investment that lasts you anywhere from five to ten years. The lifespan of your bidet will depend on the bidet itself as well as how well you take care of it. Even simple bidet toilet seats or attachments that you can install into your existing toilet, whether electric or not, can last you for several years.

As with most things, you can manage your usage in order to make your bidet last you as long as possible. Similarly, you can also avoid some common mistakes that could cause your bidet to degrade faster than it should.

How Long Do Electric Bidets Last?

An electric bidet can be purchased in a couple of different models; one that simply attaches to your toilet, and one that comes as part of a toilet seat. The former saves you a little bit of money but works just as well. You can get between five and ten years from a good quality electric bidet if you properly maintain it.

How Long Do Electric Bidet Toilet Seats Last?

An electric bidet can cost you a pretty penny so you want it to last. When you make a wise choice and keep your electric bidet clean it can easily give you up to a decade of great service. As with most electrically-powered devices, however, things can happen internally regardless of how careful you are.

You may also find that they last you a long time but occasionally need a piece replaced or repaired. If you’re offered a warranty, it’s worth springing for it to avoid having to purchase an entirely new system.

How Long Do Manual Bidets Last?

Manual bidets aren’t usually as sophisticated as an electric model, but they get the job done and they aren’t as expensive. You can get a few solid years out of a manual bidet when you make a wise choice and go for a trusted brand with a good reputation for making good quality bidets.

How Long Do Handheld Bidets Last?

A handheld bidet is as simple as it gets with types of bidets. As the name would imply, they are a simple hose and nozzle mechanism that can be taken on and off a toilet with ease. You can get lucky with a handheld bidet lasting you up to five years, but many will only get about two to three years out of theirs before needing to replace it.

They don’t come at a high cost but when it comes to these particular types of bidets, the price tag may more closely dictate quality. A cheap handheld bidet isn’t often worth the savings in terms of how quickly it might stop working properly. You can get a handheld bidet for a very reasonable price instead that’ll cost less long-term.

How Long Do Classic Bidets Last?

If you’ve been to Asia or Europe, you’ve likely seen a bidet installed right beside a toilet. They look like a cross between a sink and a toilet. These classic bidets can last you a very long time; even as long as a toilet lasts you.

Even though you’ll likely be able to use the classic bidet for much longer than a bidet attachment, you have to have the space and the bathroom setup available to put one of these fixtures in your bathroom. What’s more, they are typically very expensive; often much pricier than a toilet.

How To Choose A Bidet That Will Last

Going with the bidet attachment that sits at the highest price point will not necessarily be your best choice, and neither is the cheap one. Price doesn’t mean much when it comes to a bidet attachment. Instead, you want to make your selection based on quality, reputation, and what will make sense for your toilet at home.

Pick A Bidet From A Good Brand

When choosing a bidet attachment, you might or might not recognize some of the brand names that manufacture these fixtures. What can be helpful should you have trouble in this department is to read reviews. Consumers will often be honest about something that doesn’t work the way it should, and will often report if they’ve had several issues making their bidet last.

Be sure you’re also seeking out a bidet that offers a warranty. This gives you peace of mind should something go wrong with your bidet, as you’ll have better access to parts you might need. Additionally, you won’t have to pay out of pocket to get a new one if the one you’ve bought is defective.

Pick A Bidet That Fits Your Toilet

You can find bidet attachments that are fitted onto toilet seats, meaning all you need to do is replace your toilet seats. Some of them will attach to the inside of your toilet bowl, while others can be nudged between your toilet seat and the rim of your toilet bowl.

Furthermore, bidet attachments are usually built for a particular style of toilet. What constitutes a standard toilet might differ depending on where you live, so read the packaging thoroughly. In North America, for instance, toilets are often either oval or circular, with some modern styles being rectangular.

You also don’t want to pick a bidet that won’t work for your bathroom layout. For instance, if you don’t have any electrical outlets near your toilet, buying an electric bidet doesn’t make sense.

Get A Bidet That Suits Your Needs

Not only is it important to get a bidet that fits your toilet, but you also want to pick a bidet that has the functionality you are looking for. If your bathroom has an electrical outlet near your toilet, then you have a wide range of functionality to choose between with electric bidets.

For example, you might want to get a bidet with a built-in dryer, so you won’t have to dry yourself with a towel or toilet paper after use. Other popular functionalities are heated seats, heated water, self-cleaning capabilities, and more.


No matter what kind of bidet you choose, you want to be careful during installation and usage. Mishandling your bidet can impact its lifespan. Be sure to keep it cleaned very well and often to avoid preventable damage and to keep your bidet safe to use. If you can manage this, you’ll find that almost any bidet you settle on will last you for many years.