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How to Dry Towel After Shower

Towels absorb a lot of moisture from your body and hair, so drying your towels after showering can be quite a hassle. Sometimes, your towels do not dry properly and start smelling bad or stay damp for a longer time. The question still remains; how to dry towels after a shower?

To properly dry a towel after taking a shower, you can hang them upside down near a heated surface, use the hanging section of your laundry room, put them aside the clothes on a clothing line, place them under a fan inside your room, or by putting them in the drier for a good spin.

This article covers all the ways you can dry your towel after showering, to ensure it dries properly and leaves no moisture or bacterial growth inside. Continue reading to find out which method works best for you when drying your towels and what not to do while doing so.

Things You Should Do to Dry a Towel

Hang the Towel in a Less Humid Room

Since bathrooms are mostly humid, it’s better to hang your towels to dry in a place where there’s less humidity. So make sure to take your towels to a room that you consider the least humid, and hang the towel there. Don’t bunch up the towel, but hang it out evenly for better and proper drying.

Put Your Towel in the Dryer

The easiest way to dry your towels after taking a shower is to put them for a spin in the dryer, especially for towels that are too short or require extra care. Putting your towel in a drier will not only make sure that your towel’s cloth structure remains intact, but also treat it with the utmost care while drying.

Make sure not to put them through too many dryer spins or else lint will accumulate on your towels and make it a hassle to take off.

Place the Towel Under a Fan or Air Conditioning

The quickest and easiest way to dry your towel is to put them in a room where the fan or air conditioning is on. This will prove beneficial as a fan will improve airflow through the towel and the air conditioning will remove moisture from it, drying it up properly.

Make sure to place your towel on a clothing rack in the room for better airflow through both sides of the towel.

Spread Them Out Near a Heat Source

Another great way to dry your towel is to spread it out on a radiator, which will guarantee quick drying as a radiator emits heat, making the moisture evaporate from the towel. You can also place your towel near another heat surface like the stove, a gas or electric heater, or a fireplace.

Make sure to be careful near an active heat surface so as to not catch fire. Spread the towel out evenly on a rod or surface and turn it over after a while for proper drying out from both sides.

Hang Them on a Clothing Line for Sun-Drying

The most efficient method by far is letting your towels dry out in the sun. Take your towels outside in the yard, or anywhere there’s exposure to sunlight, and hang it up on the railing or the clothing line for a steady yet effective drying process. You can also sunbathe in the process while waiting for your towel to dry.

Check up on the towel after a few hours to see if it has dried up, and bring it inside before the weather turns rainy or cold again.

Buy a Towel Warmer

The advance in technology can also help you dry your towels faster after a shower. A towel warmer has a built-in timer and temperature control you can set according to your preferences. Additionally, the device has a UV disinfectant function which will get rid of any bacteria present in your towel, making it a worthy investment.

What Not to do to Dry a Towel

Hang Them on a Hook

Never hang your towels up on a hook after you’ve showered. This takes away from their surface area and reduces the airflow in and out of the towel, resulting in your towel completely drying in some places, while being completely damp in others, which isn’t very efficient.

This also ruins the structure of your towel cloth as the towel is now drying in a bunched-up position.

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Throw Them in a Basket

Throwing your wet towels in a laundry bin or cloth basket will undoubtedly ruin your towels. This is because you haven’t given them the time to dry up properly, resulting in them retaining moisture, emitting a horrible odor, and promoting bacteria growth.

Dry Them Over High Heat

Never dry your towels over high heat, as that will damage the towel bristles and make them less susceptible to absorbing moisture, causing you to go and buy more towels which will cost even more. Overheating is strict to be avoided to prevent your towels from getting stiff.

Let Them Sit in a Dryer for a Long Time

Take out your towels immediately after using a dryer, as letting them sit in it for long periods of time will only cause them to retain the moisture they lost to the dryer’s surface. So don’t be lazy, and take out your towels after putting them through a dryer spin.

Why Should I Dry my Towels After Showering?

Drying your towels properly after showering will not only make your towels last longer but also maintain their functions and save you from the hassle of buying new towels every now and then. Drying your towels properly also makes sure they don’t smell bad from being damp all the time and reduce the bacteria growth that happens when a cloth stays damp for a longer time.


By now we hope you’ve figured out all there is to know about drying your towels after showering, along with what you should and shouldn’t do. Use these techniques well to take care of your towels the next time you shower.