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How to Get Chapstick Out of Carpet

You may wonder how Chapstick can get on your carpet. This is until when you are in such a scenario. It can happen because you were in a hurry when using it and accidentally dropped it on the carpet, or a child got hold of it. But since it’s already there, there’s no need to panic. This article makes it easy by explaining in detail the steps for how to get Chapstick out of carpet.

The chapstick mess on your carpet should be removed quickly. This is because removing a fresh chapstick stain is easier than a dried one. Also, leaving the stain for longer can spread over and make a larger mess due to its viscous nature. 

Why Should You Clean Chapstick from a Carpet?

Everybody wants to keep their carpets presentable and retain their original color. But it’s hard to prevent unwanted stains like Chapstick as you can’t leave them until you’d like to clean the carpet. Once the chapstick stain settles on the fibers of your carpet, then removing them is almost impossible. 

The result will be a permanent stain that ruins your carpet’s beautiful appearance. You can also get an inner feeling of “Why didn’t I remove it earlier” and possibly feel disgusted when sitting or walking on it. Now comes the awkward feeling when your guests see the awful stains. But since you don’t want to experience these embarrassing scenarios, removing the chapstick stain, soon is vital. 

How to Get Chapstick Out of Carpet?

As you already have a chapstick stain on your carpet, the task is how to remove it. Following the instructions outlined below will prevent a chapstick stain on your carpet from getting into a permanent stain. But before starting the cleaning process, assemble all the supplies and solvents you need. This will save you the time of going back and forth looking for each.

The supplies include;

  • Mild dish soap
  • Teaspoon (Plastic or metal)
  • Paper towels
  • Rubbing alcohol or a carpet cleaner
  • White lint-free clothes
  • Warm water

If you have already collected the above supplies, it’s now time to start;

1. Remove extra chapstick liquid with a paper towel

Figure out to what extent the Chapstick has covered the carpet. Find the stain coverage area for a carpet with long fibers by gradually diving the fibers with your fingers. Take a paper towel to pick up excess Chapstick by grabbing it and then lifting it. Use more fresh paper towels until there is no liquid chapstick but only the stains. 

2. Use a teaspoon to remove the solid Chapstick

If the Chapstick is stiff, your effort to remove it with paper towels can be futile. Should this happen, it’s time to try the spoon method. Use a metal or hard plastic spoon to wring all the liquid Chapstick and scrap off as much solid Chapstick as possible. Wipe the chapstick particles on the spoon with a paper towel, then repeat the process.

This prevents further reapplying of the Chapstick to the carpet with the spoon. In the case of long fibers, pull them upwards with one hand and scrape their sides with your spoon with the other hand.

3. Apply rubbing alcohol 

Having removed all extra Chapstick, you can now use rubbing alcohol or your preferred carpet cleaner to wipe the remaining stains. Drop 3 to 4 drops of rubbing alcohol on a lint-free white cloth. It would be best not to use excess alcohol unless required, as it will affect that carpet part’s durability. 

Afterward, dab the damp cloth on the stained area to wet it. Apply rubbing alcohol to the stained place, let it sit for about 5 minutes, and wipe the alcohol off.

4. Rinse the stain

Wet another clean cloth with lukewarm water, then wipe all the stains. Don’t use hot water, as it can make the stain to melt and spread more. Alternatively, you can pour the warm water into the stain area. Take a dry lint-free cloth and blot the area till no traces of Chapstick are left.

5. Additional cleaning

If the above process fails to remove all the chapstick stains, you must put in more effort. Pour ½ cup of water and about ¼ teaspoon of mild dish soap into a small bowl, then stir the mixture thoroughly. Dip a white cloth into the solution, then dab the stained region repeatedly; the soap foam should remove the chapstick spots.

Start cleaning from the exterior edges and work your way to the center for a large stain. This prevents the Chapstick from spreading and gives you extra work. If there’s no stain left, rinse the wet area by pouring some lukewarm water. Use another lint-free cloth to absorb all the moisture. You can repeat the rinsing process to remove all the soap.

6. Blot the area to absorb all the water

After rinsing, place a pile of folded paper towels over the damp area. Next, get a heavyweight item and put it on the paper towels. Give the towels around 30 minutes to absorb more water. If the towels on the bottom get wet, you can change them and repeat the procedure up to 3 times until no water is left. Lastly, put the carpet in an open-air place and let it dry. Hurray, you now have a chapstick-free carpet!

How to prevent chapstick from getting on your carpet?

So far, you will realize that how to get Chapstick out of the carpet is more challenging than how to prevent it from getting there. Try these techniques to avoid chapstick stains on your carpet.

  • Always keep Chapstick away from kids or pets since they are the primary culprits in getting it on your carpet.
  • Wipe up spills immediately they occur; don’t allow time for Chapstick to soak into your carpet’s fibers.
  • Get a chapstick holder or improvise one to keep all your chapsticks intact.
  • Use chapstick alternatives like lip gloss or lip balm, as they are easy to remove from carpets and won’t leave stains. 

If you follow the proper techniques and use the right tools, removing Chapstick, though time-consuming, will be easy. A chapstick stain should be removed when fresh rather than waiting for it to dry up, which can be more hectic. This helps to restore your carpet to its former glory.