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How to Hide Plunger And Toilet Brush

Let’s face it, you need easy access to your plunger and toilet brush, but they aren’t really something that you want everyone to see. If you’re wondering how to hide a plunger and toilet brush, then you’ve come to the right place. So, what are the best ways?

Ideally, you can purchase or build a holder that puts the two together but hides everything but the handles. Barring this, you can place them behind the tank out of view, use the bathroom sink cabinet, or even purchase a hangar that goes behind the door. It’s all about getting creative!

We’ll cover each of these options and more so that you’ll have a better idea of what you can do and how best to implement it. Don’t worry – you’ll certainly be able to hide the plunger and brush – you may just need to think outside of the box a little if there’s not a lot of space.

That said, let’s take a look at those options!

Build or Purchase a Holder

You can build a wooden holder by simply designing a rectangle of wood divided into two compartments so that you can place the plunger and the toilet brush into them with only the handles visible at the top.

This allows you easy access, while taking them out of direct view, and is usually the best choice if you’ve got the space. If you aren’t the DIY type, a number of places such as your local hardware store sell these types of holders and you can get a plastic one quite inexpensively if you like.

Place it Behind the Tank

If you have enough room, sometimes just pushing the brush and plunger behind the tank will do the trick just fine, although you’ll want some sort of container underneath them in case you need to use them when they can’t be quickly cleaned (such as during a water outage).

It’s probably the simplest method, but it will depend on how much space you have back there, so it won’t be a perfect fit for everyone.

Use the Cabinet Under the Sink

If you’re wondering how to hide a plunger and toilet brush, one of the best ways is to simply use the bathroom sink cabinet if you have one. This is a great place for storing cleaning supplies and it will definitely put these items well out of view until you need them.

While not everyone has a bathroom sink cabinet, for those who do it really is the most convenient choice for storage, provided that you’ve got enough space inside or don’t mind moving a few things in there to make it!

A Door Hanger Works Nicely

One nifty little hack that you can use is to purchase a door hangar designed for shoes! These types of hangars are excellent, as they hang on the back of the door and out of view, but they also save you space and give you lots of pockets for cleaning supplies!

You can put rubber gloves in there, a small plunger and toilet brush, and all kinds of cleaning chemicals that you need to keep your bathroom sparkly clean.

If you can’t find one at the store, you can certainly make one at home. Just envision a rectangular sheet with pockets, with two hooks at the top which are thin enough that you can still close the door. They’re convenient and when you need space, door hangers can really be a godsend!

You Can Use a Bag

It’s not the most elegant solution, but a cloth or plastic bag can be used for covering a toilet brush and a plunger in a pinch.

The easiest way to go about this is to get some rubber bands so that you can place your plunger and brush inside, and then simply place the tight bands over so that they are secure just a few inches under the handle.

This is a good quick-fix if you have an emergency, such as a water outage, and need to hide the brush and plunger until you can get them cleaned, but otherwise, it’s not really an option that you’ll want to use often when a simple holder will do the trick so much better!

Place it With The Other Cleaning Supplies

If you are keeping your cleaning supplies somewhere else, such as the kitchen or even the garage, then you could always use the same space for the plunger and the toilet brush. While it’s not ideal for easy access, the times that you really need these items are just for cleaning and the occasional emergency.

So, provided that the toilet isn’t clogged and you are cleaning regularly once or twice a week, then it should be perfectly okay to store them with the other cleaning items. If an emergency DOES come up, you can still get them, it will just take an extra few minutes of time.

With toilets, that’s not a huge deal, you just need to remember to turn the water pressure nozzle off if the toilet is filling so that you can get the plunger to fix the clog and prevent flooding.

It’s mostly a matter of overcoming panic, so if you absolutely need to, then just store these items in the garage or the utility closet where you are keeping the rest of the cleaning supplies and you should be okay!