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Is Purple Mattress Good for Heavy People?

Nothing is nourishing like having a good sleep after a busy day. If you are heavy, you should have a mattress that will sustain your weight for a comfortable sleep. Have you been disappointed by the other brands and, in your journey for a new mattress, happened to discover the purple mattress? No worries, this article explains everything you need to know to help you make a well-informed purchase.

Is purple mattress good for heavy people? Heavier people or those with more pressure on their lower back and hips are advised to use purple mattresses. This is thanks to the ability of the mattress to contour to different body shapes. Moreover, this mattress is durable, high quality, and has a very supportive material. 

What is a Purple Mattress?

This mattress uses an innovative grid design featuring GelFlex, a hyper-elastic polymer that enables it to adapt to your body. Unlike regular memory foam mattresses that get hot due to body heat, the purple mattress doesn’t trap heat inside. Also, the inner springs play an important supportive role. 

Purple Mattress Features

Grid design

The grid design allows air through the mattress rather than settling it in one place. The temperature neutrality of the mattress ensures you won’t get too cold or hot. Besides, the thick layers of foam will give you maximum support the entire night. A posh soft layer surrounds the mattress to offer a comfortable rest.  

Comfort mattress layers

The purple mattress comprises different layers that work hand in hand to provide your body with sufficient support. The 2-inch Purple Grid layer is on top of the mattress, after a 3.5-inch polyfoam layer. To finalize, the 4-inch support core is equipped with high-density memory foam. The total height of the mattress at 9.25 inches fits standard bed sheets. 

The stretchy fabric cover on top of the mattress combines Lycra, polyester, and viscose. This fabric keeps temperatures at neutral by necessitating airflow. Moreover, a non-slip bottom cover keeps the mattress intact despite the motion applied on the top. 


Purple mattresses are available in the same traditional mattress sizes: Full, Twin XL, Twin, Queen, Split King, California King, and Split King. 

What’s the Weight Limit for Purple Mattress?

The mattress can accommodate a weight of up to 400 pounds. The weight should not exceed 350 pounds for a single person, as up to 400 lbs doesn’t mean the exact figure. Additionally, the mattress can sustain the weight of 2 people weighing up to 600lbs or 3 persons weighing 900lbs. Although heavier people than the weight limit can still use the mattress, they may experience some discomfort or pain on the pressure points. 

Above all, the weight limit can change according to the purple mattress’s size and model. There are 3 purple hybrid models; purple hybrid, purple hybrid premier 4, and purple hybrid premier 3. The purple original mattress model is slightly different from the above 3. This is because it is a memory foam mattress that isn’t recommended for use by heavy people. 

What’s the Perfect Purple Mattress for Overweight People?

The original purple mattress is designed for light or normal-weight persons who can feel the hybrid models to be too firm. This is because hybrid mattresses are specifically made to sustain heavy weights. So if you are heavy and weigh about 300 pounds, any purple hybrid model would be perfect. 

The purple hybrid models offer ultimate body support, and comfort, and relieve pressure points through the GelFlex Grid Technology. Furthermore, the purple hybrid features a soft, breathable foam that guarantees cooler but comfortable sleep in hot conditions.  

Advantages of Purple Mattress

  • Solves pressure points or body pain-related issues, mostly in the lower back, hips, or spine areas, through innovative grid technology.
  • The mattress is more durable than many mattress brands for heavy people since they give in quickly due to the pressure applied. This makes them start sagging or wear off quickly due to less firmness.
  • The style or design of the purple mattress gives it a modern and fantastic look. Also, the cool colors will blend easily with any room. 
  • The cooling gel is great for people who usually sweat when sleeping.
  • The material is breathable and made from soft fabric, which keeps you cool during summer or warm in winter.  

Disadvantages of Purple Mattress

  • The mattress is quite heavy and thus hard to move, especially during transportation or shifting from one room to the other.
  • It’s hard to clean. Therefore, you may need a mattress cover. 
  • The purple mattress is highly priced; thus, only a few people can afford it. 

Is a purple mattress ideal for a heavy person?

Many people love purple mattresses as they offer more support and comfort than other brands. Though expensive, they are a worthy investment because they sustain much heavier persons and are long-lasting. 

Is there a warranty for a purple mattress?

The manufacturer of purple mattresses offers a 10-year warranty that covers poor workmanship and defects. The company will either replace or repair the damaged mattress to compensate for this. Luckily, the warranty would not be voided if someone heavier than the 300 recommended weight limit sleeps on the mattress. It doesn’t end there; there’s also a 100-night trial that gives you time to assess whether the mattress suits your needs. 

Does a purple mattress possess extra edge support than other brands?

Initially, there were grievances about the sagging edges not providing enough sitting support. The purple mattresses have gone through a general overhaul that has made them offer more edge support than the previous ones. 

How long will a purple mattress last?

Purple mattresses last longer than ordinary foam mattresses because of their GelFlex Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. A purple mattress can last from 5 to 7 years. However, this will depend on the care you give the mattress, like rotating it every 6 months.

A heavy person will need the right mattress to get pain-free rest. The purple mattress might be what you are looking for since its hybrid models are ergonomically designed to handle much heavier weights. The mattress conforms to your body contours immediately and has no time lag than other brands. You will love the purple mattress’s breathable grid design that allows temperature regulation.