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Magic Eraser on Skin – What to Do?

Just as the name suggests, the Magic Eraser is a revolutionary product that most people appreciate. With it, you can easily eliminate marks and stains from different surfaces – just like magic. Simply dampen it with water, squeeze out any excess, and wipe it away.

That said, this product can get on your skin and in that moment, you may find yourself wondering what to do if you get magic eraser on your skin. Is it harmful to your skin? Are there things you should not do when it happens?

Keep reading as we guide you and answer the most common questions regarding the same.

Are Magic Erasers Harmful to the Skin?

Essentially, the Magic Eraser is not harmful to your skin. However, that does not give you a heads-up to be careless when using it. The product contains melamine foam which is quite abrasive and can consequently cause burns and/or rashes. As such, it shouldn’t be in direct contact with your skin.

If it does get on your skin, your first course of action should be to rinse the affected area with water.

You may also want to note that people are different. Some may be allergic or sensitive to the ingredients found in particular cleaning products and that includes the Magic Eraser. Granted, this product is generally safe to use, but you want to follow user instructions to reduce the chances of skin irritation.

What to do When you Have Magic Eraser on Your Skin

In the event that you get Magic Eraser on your skin, you want to act fast to mitigate the situation. Here’s what you should do.

  1. Place the affected area under a tap and rinse the product off with cool water.
  2. Use mild soap and water to wash the affected area to eliminate any product residue that may be on your skin.
  3. Apply an ointment or petroleum jelly to the affected area. This will help soothe any dryness or irritation as well as facilitate wound healing.
  4. Use a nonstick bandage. If you use a sticky one, chances are that you will exacerbate the situation. A bandage will help prevent the burns or irritation on your skin from getting infected. It will also facilitate faster healing.

Helpful Tips when you have Magic Eraser on your skin

Accidents happen and if you happen to get Magic Eraser on your skin, these tips will help you have an easier time and recover faster.

Act fast: Once you realize that the product is on your skin, you want to act fast. Rinse the affected area with cool water and then wash off with soapy water to get rid of any residue.

Wear loose clothing: You won’t do yourself any favor by wearing tight clothing as it will only serve to irritate your skin further.

Take a painkiller: Taking a painkiller as soon as possible would be a wise thing to do as it will reduce any pain that you are bound to experience or are already experiencing.

Don’t scrub: You may be tempted to scrub the affected area in a bid to remove the product but that can further irritate your skin. Instead, gently wash and rinse in circular motions.

Avoid sun exposure: When expose the affected area to the sun, you aggravate the issue. As such, you want to avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen while at it.

What should be avoided when Magic Eraser is on your Skin?

Hydrogen Peroxide

We have already mentioned that Magic Eraser contains melamine foam. What you probably do not know is that when it comes into contact with hydrogen peroxide, there will be a reaction where the product will break down and emit hazardous chemicals.

Consequently, that will cause burns, rashes, skin irritation, or other negative reactions. A cool water rinse followed by a gentle wash with soapy water will suffice. If this doesn’t help and the irritation persists, you would be better off seeking medical help.


It is understandable that you would think of applying lotion on the affected area because you figure it would be soothing. Nonetheless, most lotions contain fragrances and chemicals that will only irritate your skin further.

You therefore want to avoid them until the area is fully healed.


Generally, it is safe to apply ice on the irritated area of your skin because of its cooling properties. That said, you want to avoid placing the ice directly on your skin as it may further aggravate it.

If you must use ice on the area, wrap a cube in a clean towel or piece of cloth before you place it on your skin. By so doing, you avoid direct contact with your skin but still get to soothe the discomfort and irritation you may be experiencing.


How does the Magic Eraser work?

The Magic Eraser can be defined as a cleaning agent that comprises melamine foam as its main ingredient. It works by exfoliating dirt and stubborn stains from different surfaces. Its abrasive texture is what lifts grime and dirt from surfaces. While using the Magic Eraser, you do not need other cleaning agents.

Is a Magic Eraser safe to use?

Generally, the Magic Eraser is safe to use when you follow user instructions. Nevertheless, it is abrasive so when it comes into contact with skin it can cause irritation or burns.

What surfaces can I clean using a Magic Eraser?

This product can be used to clean different surfaces and that includes but is not limited to appliances, countertops, floors, and walls. It works to effectively eliminate stains, grime, and dirt from these surfaces. To be on the safe side, you want to do a patch test before proceeding to use it on an entire surface to ensure there won’t be damage.

Can I reuse the Magic Eraser?

Yes, you can. However, this will depend on how often and what surfaces you use it to clean. And while it can be reused, you want to keep in mind that it will wear down with time and ultimately reduce effectiveness.