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Moen EX50C Vs GXP50C – Detailed Comparison

Moen, a household name when it comes to garbage disposals, has a few models for you to choose from. When comparing the Moen EX50C vs GXP50C there are some main differences to consider, as well as a few similarities.

While there aren’t too many differences between the EX50C and the GXP50C, the main differences lie in the material and noise levels. Moen EX50C is built with stainless steel while the GXP50C is made of less durable galvanized steel. The EX50C also comes with SoundSHIELD noise insulation technology.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the two models so you can make an informed decision before buying.

Main Differences Between Moen EX50C and Moen GXP50C

As mentioned above, there are some differences between the Moen EX50C and the GXP50C, mainly noise levels, installation, material, and price.

While both models are great alternatives for any kitchen, you have to weigh the differences and decide which one is best for your needs.

Noise Insulation

When it comes to cheaper models of garbage disposals, you typically don’t see them having noise insulation features.

This is mostly because of their price tag, the cheaper they are the more noise they usually produce.

Well, the EX50C does come with SoundSHIELD technology. SoundSHIELD is a noise insulation technology developed by Moen that reduces the noise level significantly compared to models that don’t have this technology.

While the two models are very similar, the GXP50C does not come with any noise insulation features, making it a lot louder than the EX50C.


Another great feature of the Moen EX50C is its Fast Track installation. The Fast Track installation simply means it comes with a snap ring tool and has a dishwasher plug that is easily removable.

While this isn’t something revolutionary, the Fast Track installation is trademarked by Moen. It simply helps you install the snap ring faster.

While Fast Track certainly is a nice feature to have, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker when looking at other models such as the GXP50C.


The main difference between the two models is found in the materials used to craft them. But remember, higher quality often comes with a higher price tag.

The Moen EX50C has a grinding compartment made from stainless steel, which makes it highly durable and will last you for a long time.

The GXP50C on the other hand, is built with galvanized steel. While this material is still highly durable, it doesn’t come close to the quality of stainless steel.

Galvanized steel will rust over time, as the galvanized coating fades away and the metal loses its corrosion resistance.

So, when it comes to materials, the clear winner is the Moen EX50C thanks to its high-quality, stainless steel construction.


And then we have the price. While both models are considered budget-friendly, selling for just around the $100 mark, the EX50C is more expensive than the GXP50C.

As mentioned above, the main difference in price comes from the materials used in the grinding chamber. Galvanized steel is typically less expensive than stainless steel.

Remember, it’s never a good idea to just go with the cheapest option. When comparing the other factors in this article I highly recommend you spend those extra dollars to get the higher-quality build and noise insulation that the Moen EX50C offers.


Another important factor is size, especially if you have limited space under your kitchen sink. You always want to measure to make sure the garbage disposal you are buying actually fits under the sink.

While both have the same height, measuring 13.377 inches, they do differ in width.

Moen EX50C measures a whopping 7.5 inches in diameter, whereas the GXP50C only measures 5.375 inches. This is a huge difference, which is why it’s important to measure your space before you buy.

Similarities Between Moen EX50C and Moen GXP50C

As I mentioned before, there are also a few similarities between the two models. Some of the similarities include performance, installation, and warranty.


When it comes to garbage disposals, performance is one of the most important factors. Both the EX50C and the GXP50C come with a 1/2 HP motor with a speed of 2600 RPM.

The 1/2 HP motor is enough for a small household or family of up to three people. For larger households, we strongly recommend getting a more powerful garbage disposal that meets your needs.


The installation process is very similar to most garbage disposals. Both the EX50C and the GXP50C are installed using the 3-bolt assembly.

Another important factor is that both the models come with a pre-installed cord, making these models corded rather than non-corded garbage disposals.

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Final Words

And there you have it, the main differences between the Moen EX50C and the GXP50C.

Remember, when it comes to choosing the right garbage disposal, you have to factor in your personal needs. How large is the household? How much space do you have under the kitchen sink?

Out of the two, I highly recommend the slightly more expensive Moen EX50C mainly because of the higher quality and noise insulation. It’s worth the extra dollars, trust me.