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Mop Sink Faucet Height

Whether in a commercial or domestic setting, a mop sink faucet makes the perfect addition. This fixture can be attached to your sink or countertop to facilitate cleaning. However, most people do not know that there are rules to having the same installed on their premises.

For instance, what is the best height for a mop sink faucet? Well, you may choose a height depending on different factors, but ideally, it should not be more than 15 inches or less than 14 inches. If you measure from the floor, it should be anything between 36 to 42 inches high.

Mop Sink Faucet: What is it?

A mop sink faucet is essentially a valve with a hose attachment that allows you to use your existing mop or broom as a sprayer. You will find this particularly useful if you do not have a high-pressure washer. The water pressure can be regulated by adjusting the handle on the faucet, which controls how high the water goes.

The mop sink faucet can come in several different styles of handles, depending on what kind of wand you want to use. You can also find mop sinks with no handle at all, which means you will have to manually adjust your wand as needed.

Does Code require it?

Yes, it does. Your mop sink faucet should be positioned away from food and utensils and has to be approved as well. It also needs to be the right height. These measures are put in place to ensure the minimization of water and health hazards.

How to Determine Mop Sink Faucet Height

After you have picked a mop sink faucet, you will want to find out how high it should be. Fortunately, there are several different ways that you can go about finding out how high your faucet will be.

First, you want to measure the distance between your wall and the bottom of your sink. If you have an interior wall with no windows or doors, then measure the distance between where your walls meet the floor and where the bottom of your sink is located.

The next thing that you will need to do is measure from the floor up until your faucet meets the top of its spout. Once again, if there are no windows or doors in your home, then this measurement will be simple because there won’t be any other objects in between that would interfere with measuring up to where your faucet meets its spout.

If there are any items, such as furniture or other items, that could interfere with measuring this distance from the floor to the ceiling, then first remove them from their location before taking measurements so that they don’t get in the way.

Spout Height vs. Faucet Height

The difference between these two is quite significant. The faucet comes with a spout, which means that it has an opening and can be used for pouring liquid into the sink. The spout will be positioned at the top of your sink, while the mop sink faucet will be located below your sink and will have a smaller opening for cleaning items such as glasses or dishes.

This means that you will have to reach down further when using the mop sink faucet, which may not be ideal for some people who are older or young children who may not yet be able to reach as high as adults do.

Where should you place a Mop Sink?

If you have a mop sink, you can use it to clean up your space easily without exposing your food and utensils to dirt and germs from cleaning. This is particularly necessary if you have children or pets in the home.

When you choose to install a mop sink on your premises, there are several things that you need to consider before doing so. The size of the sink, its location, and how it will be used are all important factors when choosing one for your home.

Now, the size of the mop sink depends on many factors, including how much space you have available for installing it and what other fixtures and appliances are already where you want to have it installed. If you are going to install more than one item on top of the sink, like shelves, then this can make things more complicated since they all need space from each other.

In addition, if there is any plumbing involved with installing the mop sink, then this will also affect how much space is needed for its installation and operation. For example, if there is an existing faucet in place near where you want to put another fixture on top of the sink, then this may require additional space above or below them both as well.

Ultimately, it would be best to have your mop sink close to the floor or any other areas where waste water will flow seamlessly. You should also have an easy time filling your bucket. Since you will need to clean the floor, placing it close to an open space would be ideal. With that, it will be easier to place the mop to wash off or lift the bucket.

Can you Place a Mop Sink in the Bathroom?

Yes, you can place a mop sink in your bathroom. If you have a large enough space for the entire mop sink, then it is possible to place it in the bathroom. However, if there is not enough space for the entire mop sink, then you may want to consider placing it somewhere else in your home.

Another reason why you may want to have your mop sink in the bathroom is that it will be easier to let the wastewater from it flow in the same drain. It is also a cost-saving move.

That said, the law does prohibit the use of sinks and laundry trays to service mops. As such, it would be better to have your mop sink located in a separate area.