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Ninja Creami Vs Yonanas – Best Ice Cream Maker (Updated 2023)

The escalating cost of living has increased ice cream prices, and this leaves customers with no option but to foot the high bills. But have you ever considered that you can make your ice cream at home with the right tools and ingredients? So, you can easily customize the ice cream to your preferred taste and save money.

Don’t just look for any ice cream machine; you need an excellent device for consistent and delicious results. We’ve looked at several ice cream makers on the market but settled on the Ninja Creami and the Yonanas.

Ninja Creami vs Yonanas, which model to choose? The Ninja Creami is a 7-in-1 ice cream maker that allows you to make frozen treats like ice cream, milkshakes, and gelato. The yonanas, though not as versatile, is cheaper and work equally hard to give desserts or ice cream with great texture. 

Ninja Creami

Since its introduction, the Ninja Creami has become a must-have for anyone who wants to make ice creams at home. This is because of its ability to make ordinary ice creams, from milk and fruit combinations, to be the best vegan ice cream maker. 

When you buy the Ninja Creami, you also get a recipe guide plus two storage cups that are dishwasher safe. The recipe book includes selected formulas for making gelatos, smoothie bowls, low-calorie ice creams, and sorbets. Also, the model has seven one-touch functions: sorbet, ice cream, gelato, smoothie bowl, lite ice cream, milkshake, and mix-in. 

Yonanas Ice Cream Maker

Yonanas ice cream maker works well with most fruits to give you that irresistible cream you have envied from the shops. The model is ideal for vegans, diabetics, gluten, and lactose-intolerant people.

Although the maker has a recipe book, you can maneuver your way by creating fruit mixtures. While you may see Yonanas as a simple juicer, it’s ergonomically designed to chop and blend your fruits or other ingredients. This provides a smoothie with an ice cream texture.

Comparing Ninja Creami vs. Yonanas

Looking at their physical appearance, you can quickly tell these two ice cream makers from each other. Other factors are discussed below;


The Ninja Creami has a Motor base equipped with dual-drive motors and a Creamerizer paddle. You also get two 16oz Creami pints for easy storage and a recipe inspiration guide. Luckily, the Creami pints won’t occupy much space in your freezer. However, you might need more freezer space to store a large ice cream bowl for making your gelato or ice cream recipes. 

The Yonanas comes with a recipe book to guide you on how to make healthy frozen desserts like parfait, sorbet, pies, and many more. You will love that the Yonanas maker’s removable parts are dishwasher safe. The model has a premium design, thus great for your kitchen countertop, and is also easier to use than the Ninja Creami. 


The capacity of an ice cream machine is essential as it helps you to figure out how much cream to make. You can create unlimited ice cream with the Yonanas, but you will use your containers. Therefore, ice cream-making can only end if you stop feeding the Yonanas with fruit. 

The two 1qt containers included with the Ninja Creami allow you to make ice cream while knowing the capacity. Since the machine churns out the ingredients quickly, making up to a kilogram of ice cream can be done in minutes. This is unlike the Yonanas, which churn a few fruits at a time. 


An excellent electronic ice cream maker should be equipped with different settings for easy texture adjustment or firmness of ingredients. Ninja Creami carries the day if you gauge the two ice cream makers according to the settings.

The Ninja Creami’s seven functions are awesome for making different textures no matter the type of ingredients used. Unluckily, the Yonanas only have the on/off button. You turn it on after putting your frozen fruits off when it has finished whipping all the mixture.

The Yonanas will still give you a delicious dessert according to your already-made recipe. However, this may not appeal to people who want to exercise total control of the frozen ingredients to achieve a specific taste.

Finally, the re-spin feature on the Ninja Creami allows you to spin the ice cream again to make it soft and fluffy. The extra setting is fantastic for making outstanding frozen recipe creams for home use and even serving a few people. 

Freezing Type

These two ice cream makers require frozen ingredients. Thus, you should freeze your ingredients before making ice cream in the machines. 

For the Yonanas, the ingredients must be separated as you can’t feed big chunks to the chute of the ice cream maker until all the frozen mixture is done. This process tends to be slower and needs additional effort when compared to the Ninja Creami.

This is where the Ninja Creami comes in. The maker comes with two containers to put your ice cream in. Surprisingly, you can freeze your ingredients in the cup and churn out ice cream without breaking or removing the mixture.

Key Differences between Ninja Creami and Yonanas

Both the Ninja Creami and Yonanas are ideal for making frozen vegan treats. However, the Yonanas focus mainly on fruits since they struggle with other ingredients. The Ninja Creami can easily make treats from fruits and other ingredients, including almond or coconut milk, without a bustle. 

The Ninja Creami though expensive, comes with 2-pint containers for the convenient making of different flavors, and offers 7 easy-to-select appliances; hence versatile. Yonanas is affordable and makes tasty fruit treats, but its functionality is limited, with no optional settings. In simple terms, you will get what the machine gives you. 

Ice cream is a treat you can take year-round, but it becomes a basic necessity when temperatures get warmer. So, don’t let your uneaten fruits go to waste when you can freeze them, and make healthy dessert when you have time. Based on the above-detailed review, you will undoubtedly love the Ninja Creami because it lets you get different frozen treat smoothness and includes storage containers.