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Refrigerator Won’t Fit Through Door?

Imagine you have just moved into a new apartment and as you try to bring in your refrigerator it gets stuck at the door. What then do you do? Is it that the door is too small, the fridge is too big, or could it be that you’re trying to pass it through the door incorrectly?

What are some of the things you can do to have the fridge eventually fit through? These are some of the key questions this article seeks to answer – but first things first let’s briefly understand why refrigerators won’t fit through the door and what you possibly can do about it.

The most probable reason why a fridge might fail to fit through a door is that it is slightly bigger than the door. So, either the door space is too tiny or the refrigerator is slightly larger than the doorway. But unless the door is really tiny or you happen to own a mega-sized fridge chances are that you’re trying to put it through the door space wrongly. In that case, you simply need to position it correctly and it will just fit in.

Why Refrigerator Won’t Fit Through the Door

We live in a world where space is becoming a big constraint, especially in urban centers where small-sized apartments have become the norm. Unfortunately, we have to make do with whatever little space is available and that often means having to squeeze large-sized appliances through tiny entry points.

As such, most of the time, the reason why your refrigerator won’t fit through the door is that the door is slightly smaller than your fridge. It is not uncommon for people to carry the whole refrigerator without much thought only to realize that it won’t fit in easily. The reason why this happens is that your refrigerator is not exactly the same shape as your door.

So, simply trying to push the refrigerator in won’t do the trick. You have to position it correctly until you find the right angle and posture to get it in. Unfortunately, this might necessitate finding an extra person or two to help you with this.

Is Your Refrigerator Wider Than Your Door? Here’s What to Do

Depending on the terms of your lease, you might want to consider expanding your door a little so the refrigerator can fit right in. Fortunately, expanding a narrow doorway slightly is a fun DIY project that you can undertake. All you’ll need are the right kind of tools including a power planner which you can easily use to create a few extra inches out of your door’s frame.

In some cases, you might need to remove the entire frame and door – but in that case, you’re better off working with a professional unless you are a seasoned builder.

Remember, it is always recommended to handle such projects while wearing the right safety gear.

In some cases, minor adjustments can help you create a few more inches to let the refrigerator through the door. But what happens if this doesn’t work? Well, in that case returning the refrigerator might be worth considering.

Fitting Your Refrigerator Through a Tiny Doorway

A good way to move a refrigerator through small doors is by using a dolly. A dolly is a two-wheel device that comes in handy when you need to move bulky items. It enables you to carry your refrigerator in a tilted sideway manner which can make it easier to move through the doorway.

Talking about tilting, you want to tilt the refrigerator in such a manner that the feet on one side are a few inches off the floor.

Also, it is always a good idea to have the smallest part of the refrigerator sit on the back of the dolly.

You might also want to set up moving straps to keep the refrigerator safe as you move it in using a dolly. Moving the fridge without the straps on means you are risking having the door swerve sideways in the course of moving it in and this can compound the situation.

Another hack worth considering is to remove the refrigerator’s handle to create even more allowance for it to move in. Don’t worry, removed door handles can always be fixed later.

Is It a Good Idea to Remove the Refrigerator’s Door So It Can Fit Through a Small Door?

Some movers often opt to completely remove the fridge’s door so it can fit through tight doorways. This should, however, be done with utmost caution because some refrigerators are sensitive owing to the way they are manufactured.

So, it is important to be careful so as to avoid causing irreparable damage to your precious appliance. Other than the door, you should also consider removing the following appliances (if your fridge comes with them) before squeezing the fridge through the door:

  • The front grille
  • Water dispenser
  • Ice maker
  • Drawers, trays, and shelves

You might also want to place a mat on the floor of your apartment to protect it from getting ruined as you try to move the refrigerator in.

What Is the Minimum Door Width for Appliances to Fit Through?

Before moving into a new apartment, it is important to ensure that its doorway is large enough for most appliances to fit through. As a rule of thumb, the minimum door width of appliances should be 31 inches. Most refrigerator doors measure between 24 and 30 inches and, therefore, any door measuring 31 inches and above should be enough for them.

Start by measuring the size of your doorway by placing a tape measure from frame to frame. Then you can repeat these measurements by determining the width of your refrigerator by measuring it from side to side without opening its door.

Armed with the correct measurements, it will be a lot easier for you to know if there is enough space available in the first place or if you need to adjust the door or return the fridge to the store where you bought it.