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Toilet Seat Too Small? Here’s How to Fix It!

Toilets don’t typically come in many different shapes, especially when it comes to your toilet bowl. One thing you might notice, however, is there are different-sized toilet seats. If you’ve encountered a toilet seat too small, you’d know it’s very uncomfortable.

You might not realize just how many options you have when it comes to changing out your toilet seat. That said, your options will depend on the particular toilet model you have. As such, you’ll have to get to know a little bit about the toilet you have at home, and the first step is typically to measure your toilet.

You don’t always have to rush to a hardware store to invest in a completely new toilet.

Can A Toilet Seat Be Too Small?

Toilet seats can be too big or too small and for a good reason. There needs to be a lot of options to ensure that everyone, regardless of their size, is able to sit comfortably on their toilet. This also helps to reduce potential mess and helps people sit properly on a toilet. As toilet design gets more fashion-forward, the overall shape of toilet seats is beginning to change.

It’s also very possible that you accidentally purchased the wrong size toilet for an adult. It happens more than you might think. Since toilets designed for children are less expensive, you might think you’ve snagged a deal only to realize that you’ve purchased the wrong size toilet.

To get an accurate measure of your toilet shop around for toilet seats, take your measuring tape, and measure from the back of the seat where it attaches to the toilet bowl to the front. That’ll give you the length, which is the way most toilets will be sized in their descriptions. It’s also a good idea to measure the width of the toilet seat.

What Kinds Of Toilet Seat Are There?

Standard toilets come with an elongated oval or round toilet bowl shape, and the toilet seat will follow suit. Round toilet seats will usually measure between 16 to 17 inches long from back to front. Oval toilet bowls, on the other hand, usually measure between 18 to 20 inches from back to front.

There are toilets that are designed slightly outside of the standard shapes. These tend to be more boutique toilets that you may not find inside residential properties very often. If a unique toilet is something you’re interested in or you stumbled on one in a new home, bear in mind that finding a replacement toilet seat could require some extra work.

What To Do If Your Toilet Seat Is Too Small

If you have a round toilet and find it to be an uncomfortable size, you could replace the toilet with an elongated model. This, of course, is your most expensive and laborious option. The good news is there are easier ways to replace a toilet seat that’s too small.

Adjustable Toilet Seats

Adjustable toilet seats are a hidden gem in the toilet world. Not many people realize that adjustable toilet seats exist. These work by allowing you to pull the seat outwards at the side to accommodate different bums. Once you’ve finished your business, you can easily push the toilet seat back into place.

Going for an adjustable seat is probably the most affordable and accessible option, especially if multiple people are using said toilet. Just about everyone will be able to make use of the adjustable seat, so everyone’s bum is happy and comfortable.

Customized Toilet Seats

Depending on who manufactured your toilet, you might have the option of having the manufacturer make a custom toilet seat for you. Just like it sounds, this can be a costly option. However, since you’ll likely be using your toilet for many years to come, it could be worth considering if you just can’t get comfortable with the toilet seat you have.

How To Replace A Toilet Seat

Replacing a toilet seat is a pretty easy job. It’s a good idea to give your old toilet seat a good wipe-down before you start handling it unless you decide to wear gloves. Most toilet seats are attached to the toilet bowl around where the bowl and tank meet, and will either need to simply be pulled out or unsecured at the sides.

In order to get your toilet seat unfastened to pull it off, you’ll need some pliers to help loosen up the nuts that keep the seat in place. For the majority of toilet seats, this is all you need to do to remove it. After this is done, you can install your new seat by securing the accompanying nuts into place after fitting the seat into the bowl attachment.

Before you go ahead and install your new seat, it’s a good idea to do a quick clean of the space between where your seat was and your bowl. Check inside the holes or around the base where you install your toilet seat, as sometimes rust can form in this area.

A lot of toilet seats will come with instructions as well as a small kit that gives you all the parts you need to install them properly. While it’s not an arduous process, you do want to take it slow to make sure you’re fitting your toilet seat evenly onto your toilet bowl.

What Are My Options For A Bigger Toilet?

Sometimes you move into a new home and the existing toilet in your bathroom just isn’t working for you. In this case, you might be in the market for a new type of toilet that’s going to be better suited for you or a family member who needs something bigger.

Outside of the standard elongated or round toilets, there are toilets in other shapes that exist. Square toilets are a more recent design that could easily solve your size issue. They offer longer and wider options, and are very stylish, and their rising popularity means you can find one for a reasonable price. Toilets with a D-shaped base are becoming more popular in Europe, especially throughout the United Kingdom.

What If My Toilet Is Too Low?

We’ve all encountered a toilet that almost makes us fall over when we go to sit on it because it’s so low. Low toilets aren’t for everyone, but there are ways to help raise up your toilet if you like it but just want it to be a bit higher.

One option you have is a toilet base riser. This will require you to pull up your toilet, which isn’t as hard as it sounds if you have someone to help you. The toilet base riser can be placed underneath the bottom of your toilet, and lets you raise up your toilet anywhere between two and six inches.

Another option you have is to change out your toilet seat for a raised model. You can find a raised toilet seat with a cushion or a thicker frame that gives you a little bit more height. This can be a good option if you don’t need to raise your toilet substantially.

Both of these products are a more cost-effective option that helps you avoid having to purchase an entirely new toilet.