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Tuscany Toilet Reviews

There’s a lot more that goes into finding the perfect toilet for your bathroom than whether or not it’ll fit in the space you have available.

Price, design, flush capabilities, water efficiency – all of those are key pieces of the puzzle when you’re looking to get your hands on a great toilet that isn’t going to break your budget into tiny little pieces.

Tuscany toilets have a fantastic reputation in the midrange price point. You’ll be able to land a quality toilet made from quality materials, with modern engineering and clean aesthetics to boot, without having to spend a mountain of money along the way.

At the same time, though, Tuscany toilets aren’t the only toilets on the market today that offer these kinds of benefits at the same midrange price point.

Interested in learning a little more about how Tuscany toilets stack up against the rest of the competition? Curious about whether or not all of those glowingly positive Tuscany toilet reviews are for real or a little overblown?

You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn more about Tuscany toilets.

Tuscany Toilet Reviews – Everything You Need to Know

As of late 2022, there are four different models in the Tuscany toilet lineup, each of them a little different than the other but all having the same core “guts” and a lot of the same features.

You have the Tuscany Michigan, the Tuscany Huron, the Tuscany Erie, and the Tuscany Ontario options to pick and choose from right now.

Don’t be surprised if a Tuscany Superior toilet is released in the near future, either.

Because these toilets have so much in common we break down the qualities and features that they all share with one another in this review.

(Spoiler Alert – You can’t go wrong with any of them!)

Standout Features

Elegant Design

Straight out of the gate you’ll notice that Tuscany toilets are a whole lot more premium than the price tag suggests.

These toilets borrow a lot of the same clean lines and aesthetics significantly more expensive toilets have, all without the same super-premium price tag often attached.

Available in both dual (Michigan, Hearing, and Huron models) and single (Ontario) piece models, you’re sure to get a beautiful and functional toilet that adds a lot of elegance to every bathroom space.

These toilets are solid and well-made, which makes them a little bit on the heavier side of things – but that’s not the end of the world.

Foolishly Comfortable

All of the Tuscany toilets have elongated bowls (even if the Erie is a little bit on the round side of things) as well as higher seats, making them significantly more comfortable than a lot of other toilets at this price point – and even a bunch of toilets that are more expensive.

The end result is a line of toilets that you’re going to look forward to using, rather than toilets that are going to make you dread having to spend even just a little bit of time in the bathroom.

Top Tier Ceramic

All Tuscany toilets are made from high-quality ceramic, a pearly white ceramic (there are no alternate colors available, at least not as of late 2022) with a striking finish that is clean and pure.

Some people are going to be a little bit upset that Tuscany toilets don’t come in off-white or ivory colors (for design purposes). Most folks, though, are going to appreciate that these toilets can fit right into any bathroom space and aesthetic no matter what because of their pure white ceramic material.

Standard Rough-In Measurements

Another big reason so many people are drawn to Tuscany toilets is that they are relatively effortless to install.

That’s because these toilets require the industry standard rough-in of 12 inches, the same kind of rough-in that almost every other toilet on the market utilizes as well. That makes these a bit of a “drag and drop” and can be installed into pretty much every bathroom in the US.

Fantastic Flush Performance

As far as overall flush performance is concerned, you’ll really like the cyclonic and siphonic gravity flush capabilities of the entire Tuscany toilet lineup.

Each flush is going to effortlessly pull waste directly down into your plumbing, helping to prevent clogs and plugged-up drains but also giving the bowl of your toilet a much deeper clean, too.

Tuscany toilets often include dual or single flush configurations (you’ll be able to pick the right one for you), with high-efficiency options available that guarantee 1.6 gallons per flush without sacrificing any flushing power.

Excellent Warranty

It would be a mistake for any of the Tuscany toilet reviews out there not to mention the fantastic warranty these toilets include, too.

We are talking about a five-year warranty that covers absolutely every single aspect of your toilet.

This is obviously a company that stands behind its product, has a lot of pride in its product, and wants to make sure that you never feel like you’re risking your hard-earned money on its toilet.

Any Drawbacks or Downsides to Tuscany Toilets?

All that said, we’re not suggesting that Tuscany toilets are 100% perfect.

These toilets have a couple of weaknesses, though they’ll never be described as deal breakers. We are talking about small fry problems like non-concealed trapways in the two-piece or smaller trapway diameters.

Outside of things like that, though, Tuscany toilets are pretty much good to go.

Where Are Tuscany Toilets Made?

All Tuscany toilets are manufactured by Menards, a bathroom and kitchen accessories manufacturer. The toilets are made in China. This doesn’t mean they are not as good as toilets made in the U.S. In fact, Menards has gotten the price down while still keeping the quality and features of many premium-priced toilets.


If you are in the market for high-quality, durable, and elegant-looking toilets that aren’t going to set you back a small fortune, you want to take a closer look at the Tuscany Toilet product lineup.

These toilets have everything you could want with very few drawbacks whatsoever and come with a super affordable price point – as well as an excellent warranty – to boot.

Comfortable, reliable, and as efficient as they get, these toilets definitely deserve a place in your bathroom.

Don’t be surprised if you switch the rest of your toilets out to Tuscany models shortly after you try your first one, either!