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What Color Carpet Goes With Pink Walls?

Did you just paint your walls pink or move into an apartment with pink-colored walls and are confused about what color carpet to choose? Whether bold, classic, edgy, or delicate, pink color gives your walls a feminine, rosy, unique, and elegant look. 

But the problem comes when picking a color that will complement your pink walls. You can figure out what the pink undertone your walls have and go with that color. Alternatively, neutral colors like beige and gray blend easily with pink colors for a more pleasing appearance.

Choosing Complimentary Colors for Pink Walls

Have you ever considered choosing carpet colors that are the direct opposite of the ones on the walls? Some people may find this to be awkward, but it’s not. The opposite colors on the color wheel give a beautiful but unique contrast when paired. 

Although pink has been overlooked over the years to be a lady’s color, it’s gaining momentum with others thanks to its versatility. So now, let’s look at some complementary color options for pink.

  • Yellow – A yellow carpet is a great choice to match your pink walls if they have a purple undertone. Though considered a striking color, yellow and pink give a great feminine yet sensible look.
  • Green -Are you a nature lover and would like to compliment your home with your passion? Then you can’t fail with a green carpet to match your pink walls with a red undertone. Like how black and white go with each other, green and its shades and pink make the perfect color combo for your home. 
  • Blue – Pink is commonly associated with girls, and blue is associated with boys. So, having pink walls with blue or different shades of blue brings some color coherence if you have kids of both genders.
  • Orange – Orange gives your room a calm feel and makes a perfect carpet color for pink walls featuring a blue undertone. Likewise, having yellow carpets to match pink walls brings warm and comforting vibes as the colors correspond.

Neutral Colors

Maybe you aren’t into colors and would like anything matching pink walls. This is where neutral colors come in handy. Though deemed lesser colors, these colors blend better with all undertones without creating a contrast.

There are many neutral carpet colors, but gray, beige, and black match better with pink walls. 

  • Pink and Gray – Gray is a neutral color posing a relaxed feel and matching the warm nature of pink, bringing a charming, friendly look. This classic yet romantic color combination will be great for your living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Pink and Beige – Beige and pink are undertones that give warmth to wherever they are applied. Beige carpets help tone down the bright pink colors on the walls by creating a dramatic yet calm environment.
  • Pink and Black – Black carpets will go well with pink walls as they balance the vibrant energy of pink color to bring a cozy vibe to your room. This is similar if you have black tiled floors, as the pink walls remove the gloomy look.
  • Pink and White – This is self-explanatory. White carpets go with pretty much any colored walls. Same with cream or any other light-colored carpets.

Important Points To Consider

The Room Atmosphere

Do you want to make the room romantic, relaxing, formal, or playful for the kids? Neutral colors for the carpets and pink walls make the room calm or comfortable hence suitable for kids’ play areas or entertainment places. Similarly, bright colors are an excellent choice for adult bedrooms, dens, or offices, as they won’t get dirty quickly.

Other Room Decor

What color carpet goes with pink walls? The other items in the room, like furniture, artwork, or curtains, are vital when selecting the carpet coloring to bring cohesion. 

For example, you can’t have red curtains, pink walls, yellow art pieces, blue carpets, or brown furniture. This color clashing won’t give your room the much-needed ambiance and can give visitors a scary look.


Colors tend to look slightly different due to changes in the lighting. For example, the pink color in a room with natural light will look different when there’s less natural light or at night with electricity. 

Rooms facing northward receive a lot of natural light and need bold colors to avoid giving a bland appearance. Additionally, the natural light entering rooms facing southward brightens the dark colors.

Personal Taste and Style

Since a carpet is a long-time investment, you should not pick one since it is beautiful. Instead, it should match your space and personal preference. For instance, if you choose between a black, grey, or beige carpet for your pink walls, simply pick the one that fascinates you the most.

Having an active family requires carpets with colors that have high stain resistance capability and are easy to clean. Golden, beige, and cream, among other bright-colored carpets, are suitable for homes with adults or hotels.

Color Shade

Neutral and light shades make your place cool and appear bigger, while bright hues make the space small. Therefore, the colors are ideal for offices, nurseries, and bedrooms. On the contrary, bright colors, though beautiful, are difficult to clean because of pet accidents, food messes, or mud.

On the other hand, dark-colored carpets give your room a comfy but modern feel. But the presence of pets or kids will give you a hard time if you choose bright-colored carpets because of the footprints or endless food spills. It’s, therefore, excellent if you select dark-colored carpets to help conceal the stains and dirt.

Order Some Carpet Samples

It’s understandable for you to get confused over the many different colors of carpets in the market. A simple way to solve this is to request samples from your carpet dealer so you can test which blends with your home. 

Having pink walls in your home makes it look more casual but also great for formal events. Also, the carpet and other items in the rooms, like furniture, should have a look that will complement the pink walls. Bold colors like orange, black, or green are great but don’t go overboard. 

Carpets with neutral colors are easy to pick from the market and go side by side with walls of different colors. So it’s up to you to choose neutral, single-colored, or various carpet color shades to match your beautiful pink walls.