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What Color Placemats for Black Table?

Placemats not only help you prevent inevitable spills in the case of kids but also protect the table surface from extreme heat or cold. They can make your wooden, vintage, or marble table surfaces easy to clean and retain their new look for years.

You might ask, what color placemats for a black table? While there are hundreds of colors in the market for dining tables, a black table will need placemats with colors that easily blend. Some of these colors include; golden yellow, beige, cobalt blue, teal, cream, emerald green, and extra.

What Are Table Placemats Used For?

Placemats are pads or mat coverings placed on the dining tables to protect against heat damage and food or water stains. Apart from that, the mats act as decoration to make your dining room livelier. 

The table placemats can be fabric, wood, plastic, glass, or paper. This versatility helps you buy mats that suit different needs for kids, adults, or seasonal occasions.

Choosing Placemats for Black Table

Placemats form an integral part of your dining area and home at large. Use the below factors to help you choose the best placemats for your black table from the many available options.


The materials for placemats should be high quality and built to withstand daily use. Light-colored placemats are great for warmer months, while darker-toned ones are good for cooler months. 

The mats for special events or occasions should look fancy and unique to guests. Besides, you can select table mats with holiday themes like Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving to get a special touch during these occasions. This makes your dining room assimilate easily with the current season of the year.

Having young kids around is fantastic, but enticing them to eat can be another hard nut to crack. To achieve this, you can even go the extra mile to customize your placemats with cartoon themes.

Pattern of Placemats

Simple-textured placemats that are easy to wash and stain resistant can be from hardboard, vinyl, or other laminates that are great for daily use.

Instead, if you are outgoing, go for striped placemats, polka dot placemats, or with refined patterns. These beautiful mat patterns add elegance to the dining room.

Compare With Other Colors in Your Room

Nobody would want a dining room whose color clashes with other parts of the home. So the placemats you choose should at least go in harmony with the colors of the walls, chairs, curtains, or carpets. 

So if you have green walls, white chairs, black tables, and brown carpets, you can go for white, green, or brown placemats. But hey! It’s not a must for you to choose just one color; you can also select placemats that combine all the colors to make a lovely subtle, but unique pattern.

Choose Your Preferred Color

Placemats act as pacesetters to your dining room’s tone and should depict your personality. Therefore as you try to come up with placemats that blend better with your black table, you should choose a color that you love. 

Bright-colored placemats give the room elegance and vibrancy, while soft pastel creates a calming atmosphere. But since you are dealing with a black table, you can rule out using black or dark-colored shades for placemats. This is because the placemats will go unnoticed and won’t give the dining area the liveliness it deserves.

Also, the color of your utensils will determine the color of the placemats for your black table. Again, it’s good to go for the direct opposite of the color of your plates or cups. For instance, white plates would go with shades of pink, green, or yellow. 

Cartoon-themed placemats with vibrant colors would match your black dining table in cases of young kids. Just take your time selecting table placemats for your dining space, as the many available colors will spoil you for which one to pick. Next, choose placemats made with sustainable materials such as plastic, fabric, jute, or traditional woven mats.

Whether the Placemats Complement the Room Decor

Apart from the black dining table, your placemats should correspond with other room elements like chairs, walls, or carpets. This helps to bring a cohesive look rather than a room filled with contrasting colors.

If you want your table placemats to stand out, select ones with unique patterns or bright colors.  But giving your room that elusive look you have ever wished for demands that you get placemats that blend easily with the rest of the decor.

Best Materials for Placemats

The color and material of placemats go hand in hand. However, telling the placemats from each other is easy based on their appearance and ease of maintenance.

  • Fabric placemats – These popular placemats are versatile, soft, and easy to clean. Linen and cotton are lightweight options that give your black table a lively touch. Similarly, woolen or heavy canvas versions increase absorbability due to spills and are durable.
  • Plastic or vinyl – These placemats are great with young children as they don’t get stained and can be obtained in different colors to give a nice look on your black table. Furthermore, the mats are also easy to clean.
  • Wood or cork – Placemats made from cork or wood give your black table a distinguished look. What’s more, clean-up of the mats is easy by wiping off the food or water spots. Also, the mats stay intact, unlike the fabric ones, which tend to move around.

For extra table protection against heat, vinyl, and cork are the best choice as they pose great resistance to heat. Or they can be placed on top of your thin fabric placemats for protection from hot dishes.

There are different colors of black table placemats on the market, but the color you choose for your black table narrows down to your taste. You can select a placemat with a single color or mixed colors for easy blending with the black dining table or the rest of the room. Of course, other factors like fabric and season of the year are also vital in the color selection of placemats.