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What is the Maximum Distance Required From Your Toilet to the Septic Tank?

If you do not have access to a public sewer system on your property your home will need a septic system installed to deal with the wastewater from your house. You will need to ensure that the septic system is installed in the proper location. What is the maximum distance required from your home to the septic system?

The minimum distance that is required between any foundation and a septic system is five feet. Most septic tanks are typically set ten feet from a home. The leach field of the system must be at least twenty-five feet from the foundation of your home. There is no maximum required distance between your home and the septic tank, however, you need to maintain a downward pitch of ¼ inch per foot.

Below we will look at the requirements when installing a septic system on your property.

Minimum Distance Required

Each state will control the individual regulations that are required when installing septic systems on your property and should be checked to ensure your system is being installed according to them. Most state regulations require a minimum of five feet between the septic tank and the foundation of any home or mobile home. Most septic tank installations are done with ten feet of clearance to the foundation of a home.

Failure to maintain the minimum distance that is required could compromise the integrity of the septic tank or the foundation of your home.

Maximum Distance of the Septic System Installation

There is no maximum distance that a septic system can be from your home. The sewer pipe from your home to the septic system will need to maintain a downward pitch of ¼” per foot of pipe. The further you install the septic system from the house, the deeper the system will need to be installed in the ground to maintain the proper pitch on the drain pipe.

Failure to maintain the slope on the pipe will cause clogs in the line and not allow the septic system to function properly. The leach lines do not need to have a pitch and should be set level off the opposite side of the septic tank.

Septic Tank Distance from a Well Water System

If you also have a well water system on your property, the septic tanks will need to be a minimum of fifty feet from the well water system. The leach lines will need to be over one hundred feet from the well water system. Installing the septic system closer could contaminate the well water and make it unsafe to drink.

Septic Tank Distance from Property Line

When installing a septic tank it will need to be placed at least ten feet away from any property line. This will help avoid any situations that could damage or flood your neighbor’s property if there is an issue with your septic system.

Leach Line Placement

The leach lines should also be placed away from your neighbor’s property and out of the way of any high-traffic area on your property. They should not be in an area that can be driven on by an automobile or other vehicle that could damage them. They should be installed level from the tank and allow the runoff of the septic tank to drain into the soil. You can also plant vegetation on top of your leach lines.

Other Obstacles

There are also minimum requirements for other structures that the septic system will need to maintain. The septic tank will need to remain at least fifteen feet from an underground pool, while the leach lines should be at least 25 feet from the pool.

You should avoid adding any structure above the septic tank or leach lines. Added weight from a shed, above-ground pool, or even a deck can damage the septic tank and cause it to leak. Any structure such as above-ground pools and sheds should be installed at least fifteen feet from the septic system and twenty-five feet from the leach lines.

Septic Tank Placement

The minimum distances and any contours on your property line will dictate the area you are able to install the septic tank and leach lines. You will need an area that will be deep enough to accommodate the depth of the tank. This can become an issue if there is a slope on your property.

If you do not have the proper space special accommodations may need to be made to facilitate the installation of your system.

How Much Land Do You Need For a Septic System?

If you have a small property there might not be enough space to accommodate the installation. It is recommended that you have at least half an acre of land to accommodate the room needed to install a septic system on your property. If you do not have the proper amount of space the system will not have adequate drainage and will risk becoming clogged and not functioning properly.


When it comes to the maximum distance required from your home to your septic tank, there is no maximum distance required between your toilet and the septic tank. However, you need to maintain a downward pitch which means the further you go the deeper you have to place the septic tank.

The minimum distance required varies from state to state. Most states require a minimum of five feet from your home to your septic tank. You should consult with your local health department to find out the exact distance required before you go and install your septic system.