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Where Are American Standard Toilets Made?

With a name like American Standard, one would assume that the famous toilet brand constructs its toilets in the United States. However, we know that a brand’s name doesn’t always coincide with the country of origin, so where are American Standard toilets made?

American Standard doesn’t actually disclose one specific location where they make their toilets. Instead, they have stated that they have manufacturing facilities in several different places. When the brand started almost 150 years ago, it was founded in the United States.

Despite the name, American Standard is currently an internationally owned company that offers fantastic toilets in multiple countries.

Where Are American Standard Toilets Made?

The manufacturing of American Standard toilets cannot be linked to one specific location. The company doesn’t confirm exactly where their toilets are built when asked, which is fair given the fact that American Standard has become an international supplier of toilets. Ownership of the toilet brand has also changed hands a lot throughout its history, and as such, decisions in regard to operations have changed a lot as well.

When American Standard started making toilets, they were manufacturing their products in North America. Most of their products would either be made in the United States or Canada. It appears that around the 2000s, manufacturing spread into Mexico as well. Today, American Standard Brands has very few manufacturing facilities left in the United States, but it doesn’t seem like American Standards toilets are made in any of these facilities.

When it comes to the sourcing of parts to build toilets and other American Standard products, these items seem to be sourced from multiple places. It is not exactly clear which countries American Standard works with since they are owned by a very large Japanese company that operates internationally. Today, some manufacturing and sourcing of materials can be traced to facilities in Mexico and China.

Where Did American Standard Start?

The brand American Standard was started in America and is still based in the United States. However, the toilet brand wasn’t always operated under this name. It originally started as Standard Sanitary Manufacturing before a partnership emerged with American Radiator Company, which eventually changed its new company name to American Standard.

Today, American Standard is a subsidiary brand of American Standard Company, which is a very large conglomerate that owns several very well-known brands popular throughout the world. Said conglomerate is owned and operated by a Japanese company called LIXIL Group.

LIXIL Group has a plethora of facilities and warehouses throughout the world that allows them to source materials and put them all together to make products for all their companies.

What Makes American Standard Toilets Popular?

American Standard has bolstered a solid reputation for creating toilets that are sleek yet simplistic, fitting into the aesthetic of just about any bathroom. The brand has been one of the highest used toilet brands throughout North America for a long time, but they make much more than toilets. They also manufacture sinks, faucets, and bathtubs.

The brand’s toilets come with standard toilet bowl shapes to fit typical North American bathroom standards, with options for round or elongated bowls. Styles include one-piece and two-piece toilets in a range of styles from your basic, affordable options to your fancier options with interesting features.

American Standard continues to be innovative when it comes to improving upon your basic toilet to make usability much more functional and convenient, making your bathroom experience more comfortable and luxurious. Their toilets tend to be fairly easy to install as well regardless of style, and they’ve even launched toilets in different colors outside of your basic white.

Are American Standard Toilets Still High Quality?

Even though ownership and manufacturing for American Standard toilets have evolved over the past several decades, quality still seems to be one of the hallmarks of their bathroom fixtures. The company continues to try and find new ways to maximize how a toilet can function. American Standard is known for being able to conceptualize features that work for a variety of households and families.

Some of the ways they have been able to maintain their high quality are through those innovative features that they continue to come up with. Some toilets, for example, have a special coating that helps protect the integrity of the toilet while making it easier to clean.

Other toilets have easy-closing lids that don’t slam, which not only reduces noise but helps prevent cracks and breaks in your toilet seat or lid. The brand has also made a lot of strides in terms of making its toilets more water efficient, helping reduce the amount of water that has to be used during the typical operation of a toilet.

On average, an American Standard toilet that is properly maintained and cared for can last anywhere between 10 and 15 years. The harder you are on your toilet can shorten its lifespan, as can inadequate cleaning. After this timeframe, most toilets will need to be replaced regardless of brand.

What Kinds Of Toilets Is American Standard Known For?

American Standard is recognized for quite a few of their toilet features, many of which they have perfected. Even though other toilet brands now employ the same types of features, it can be said that this particular brand had set itself apart at one time for all the ways it improved upon the basic toilet.

For example, American Standard toilets have been recognized for having really great flushing systems, especially when it comes to their dual flush toilets. A dual flush toilet gives you two separate options for how to flush based on what you need to get rid of in the toilet, helping you conserve water when you don’t need your entire toilet to flush out its water supply.

American Standard also has several options for one-piece and two-piece toilet systems. Furthermore, they have options for those who want either a floor-mounted or a wall-mounted toilet that suits their bathroom layout optimally.