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Which Color Placemats for Brown Table?

Brown is a color that has been used in the world of interior design since the medieval period. You most likely have seen it in different forms, from the warm tone of sandstone to the cool shades of beige and chocolate.

This is to be expected because color has always been associated with luxury and comfort. It also belongs to the neutral palette of colors, which means it will go well with just about any other color.

But what if you want to add some accents to your brown table in the form of placemats? If this is the case, you’re probably searching for “Which color placemats for brown table? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. In this guide, we will help you pick the right color.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Placemats for Brown Table

The theme of your Space

Placemats come in many different styles and sizes, so it is important that you choose one that fits with your overall decorating scheme. If you have a rustic dining room or kitchen, then you might prefer a more natural look with earth tones and neutral colors like browns and grays.

Conversely, if you have a more contemporary home with sleek furniture designs, then perhaps opting for something like white or black would be better suited for your space.

You can easily pick the color of your placemats by simply looking at your living room or kitchen area where the table is located.


The texture of your placemats will influence how they look against the surface of your table. Some placemats are made from materials such as cotton cloth or linen; others are made from materials such as silk or woolen blends. If you want a natural look for your table, consider using natural fabrics such as cotton or linen on the top layer of your placemat.

If you want your placemats to contrast with the color of your tabletop, try using opaque fabrics such as polyester on top of these materials to create an interesting texture effect.


The size of the placemats is another factor you should consider when choosing them for your brown table. If you have a small table, then it would be better to get a smaller-sized placemat so that it doesn’t take away from the entire look of your table.

If you have a large table, on the other hand, you do not want to go for mats that are too small or too big as they can have the same effect.


There are two types of designs: solid color and patterned designs. Solid color placemats can be used on any type of table, including brown tables. However, if you have a patterned table, then solid-colored placemats will not work well because they will clash with the design of your table.

On the other hand, if your brown table is plain, then you may want to go the patterned way with your placemats, as they will complement the table.

The Best Colors for Brown Table


Beige is the color of elegance and sophistication, making it a great color for your table. Beige also works well with brown, which is why it’s one of the best colors for brown tables. It gives a light and airy feeling to any room. It is also an excellent neutral choice for your dining room because it’s easy to match with other colors in any decorating scheme.


This is a variation of the beige color, but it does come with a pale yellow and brown hue. It is a popular accent color for many living spaces because it looks great on both walls and furniture. In fact, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing this color in person, then you know just how awesome it looks.

Cream can help balance out other bolder colors or add warmth to your space without making things look too busy or overwhelming. It’s also a very versatile color that looks amazing on almost anything — so it’s a great option if you’re unsure what color choice to make.


Gray is a neutral color that can work in any room and fit into many different decorating schemes. It’s a great color for brown tables because it brings out the warm tones of the wood, making it look more natural.

This color is also an ideal choice for lightening up dark brown furniture. It has a clean, modern look that can easily be paired with furniture and flowers to create a balanced color scheme. If you want to add some warmth to your room and want to avoid too much gray, consider using soft shades of gray instead of solid shades like charcoal or ash.


Black is another great color option for your brown table. For instance, if you want to create a modern look in your home, then a black sofa would suit you best. And if you want to add some elegance to your room, then black flooring would also make it look classier.

As such, black can be used as an accent color for your brown table’s placemats since it will not overpower it but rather complement it well.


White is arguably the best color for a brown table. It gives a clean and simple look to your table, and it also fits in with almost any other decor.

White can be used as a subtle accent or a bold statement, depending on how you choose to use it. You can have white linens on one side of the table but then add in other colors of tablecloths and napkins to create a more vibrant look. Or you can use white plates and napkins and place settings on one side of the table, then add in accents such as wood stain or metallic finishes for contrast.

If you want to go with an all-white look, try using only white flowers or greenery in your bouquet. This will make the table pop even more.


Tan is a great color to use on your brown table. It’s warm and cozy, but not too warm or too cozy. This color works well with brown because of its earthy tones. It also goes well with other colors that are earthy, like green. This makes it an ideal color for those who like brown but want something a little different than the usual wood tone.