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White or Clear Caulk Around Toilet?

When you are remodeling your current bathroom, choosing the little details will help place the finishing touches on the project. One detail that should not be overlooked is the caulking you use on the base of your toilet. Should you use white or clear caulk on your toilet?

White caulk is the most common color used when remodeling your bathroom. It will be the best match for your toilet and give your bathroom a seamless look. However, if you use natural stone or dark color grout you should use a clear caulk to seal your toilet.

Below we will look at the pros and cons of each caulk to help you make the best choice.

When to use White Caulk?

White caulk is the most commonly used color of caulk when remodeling your bathroom. White caulk will blend in better with your white porcelain toilet and give a better transition between the toilet and the tile. When matched with light or white grout, white caulk will give your bathroom a seamless look.

If the floor for your bathroom is not level, caulking your toilet will help hide the gaps. White caulk can keep your toilet from rocking or moving. It can help hide the gaps between your toilet and the tile and make them look smaller than they are.

White caulk will not discolor and turn yellow over time. It will also be easier to clean and keep your bathroom looking fresh over time.

Cons to Using White Caulk

White caulk will not fit in with every color scheme possible for bathrooms. With non-traditional stone tile or the use of darker tile and grout, white caulking will stand out rather than blend in.

Mold, mildew, and urine will be more visible on white caulk. It also will require more cleaning to keep looking in pristine condition.

When to use Clear Caulk

Clear caulk will be a better choice when using a darker or natural color scheme in the bathroom. It can provide an alternative to having a solid white line around the bottom of the toilet which could stand out.

Clear caulk will also look better when using a toilet that is not white. Any non-traditional toilet color will require a clear caulk to seal it to the tile.

It will also be a better option on level floors when you do not have the worries of having gaps between the toilet base and the floor. It can give you a better look when there is a smaller gap and you want to blend the area where the use of a white caulk would stand out.

Clear caulk is easier to keep clean than white caulk. It will do a better job of hiding stains in and around the toilet.

Cons to Using Clear Caulk

Clear caulk can accentuate larger gaps between the toilet and the tile, especially on uneven floors. This can break up the transition between the toilet and the tile and may even give the impression the toilet is floating if there are large gaps.

Clear caulk may also give the illusion that it is constantly wet. This may not be the best appearance when used in a bathroom setting especially under a toilet. Clear caulk may also turn yellow over time and need replacement if it does.

There are also some myths about clear caulk. It does go on clear and will turn clear when it is fully dried. It will not turn back to white when it becomes wet, if it does there might be a problem with caulk or an issue with it drying.

Can You Get Silicone Caulk In Other Colors?

There are a few reasons why you might want to choose a colored silicone caulk over the traditional white or clear options. For one, colored caulk can help to camouflage small cracks and gaps, making them less noticeable.

Additionally, colored caulk can add a touch of personality to your space – perfect for expressing your unique style!

Colored silicone caulk comes in a variety of shades, from white to black and everything in between. You can even find translucent options that allow some light to pass through. And if you’re looking for a specific finish, most brands offer both glossy and satin finishes.

So whatever your needs, there’s sure to be a colored silicone caulk that’s perfect for you!


White caulk is the preferred color choice over clear caulk. White caulk will give a cleaner appearance when used with a traditional white toilet. It can help minimize and hide any imperfections in the tile and gaps between the toilet and the tile. It can also be easier to keep clean.

Clear caulk will be necessary when dealing with non-traditional toilet bowl colors and tile. It will give a better look when the use of a white caulk would stand out. It is easier to keep clean and can hide any stains in and around the toilet that would show using other colors.