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Who Makes Project Source Toilets?

You can’t finish exploring the toilet market in a day since many options exist. You can choose a toilet depending on its price, brand, design, and color. Some major brands, including TOTO, American Standard, and Kohler, have taken center stage. But other options like Project Source provide reliable and equally effective bathroom toilets.

Project source toilets feature an eloquent and sleek design that blends easily with other bathroom interiors. Moreover, their availability in single and double designs allows you to pick one that suits your needs. This brings the question, who makes project source toilets? The toilets are made by Lowe’s; a leading household brand interested in home improvement products.

Who Is the Manufacturer of Project Source Toilets?

Lowes’s Company Inc., headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, manufactures Project source toilets. The company has a factory in China that makes Project Source toilets and supplies them to different international markets. Since its inception in 1952, Lowe’s has sold over 34,000 products in its 2015 stores. 

Why Project Source Toilets Are a Good Choice; Distinctive Features

Like any other toilet, you must get as much information as possible before making a final purchase. This saves you the pain of buying a toilet brand that can break down quickly. Here are the Project Source toilet’s distinct features;


Compared to other cheap models, the manufacturer of these Project Source toilets went further to give them a decent design similar to the expensive models. The toilet base has a practical design with almost identical measurements to the bowl. Also, the non-artistic flat but smooth base gives it a simple but beautiful appearance.

Nevertheless, some people will still opt for toilets with artistic or sophisticated designs. The smooth base is, however, easy to clean since no dirt is stored on its surface. You can even clean the surface with a damp towel or cloth. 

Reliable Flushing System

These toilets use only 1.6 gallons of water for every flush, efficiently flushing down waste. This is made possible by the dual flush system with two buttons: solid wastes (uses more water) and liquid wastes (uses less water). Therefore, a full flush isn’t necessary after a pee, saving the water you would use monthly. This makes the toilets more environment-friendly and cost-friendly.


A good toilet should be comfortable without leaving you with leg or back pains, giving you extra treatment costs. Therefore, some toilet features like elongated or rounded design, and height contribute to your comfort when using the toilet. Project source toilets have elongated bowls that are more pretty and comfortable than those with round bowls.

Unlike rounded bowls, toilets with elongated bowls are efficient for men or kids to use without messing up. They are also great for people with mobility issues and use less space than traditional toilets, thus ideal for small bathrooms.

Apart from the toilet bowl shape, your height and weight can contribute to comfort. A too-low or too-high toilet will be uncomfortable for many people. Luckily, Project Source toilets feature a standard height bowl; hence disabled people, old, or young kids can easily use it. 

Water Efficiency

The Project Source toilets’ WaterSense Certified design proves they are highly efficient; thus, they can be used worry-free. This toilet design uses less water and helps reduce water bills. 

Easy to Install

These toilets are available in double and single pieces; all these designs are easy to install. Though one-piece toilets are heavy, they occupy little space and are easy to clean since they develop few bacteria. Otherwise, 2-piece toilet units are lighter and have more customizable options as they can be installed according to your style and height. 

Besides, everything you will need for a successful installation is included in the package, unlike other toilets that require you to buy some pieces separately. This saves you the hassle of checking for compatible models and sizes from shop to shop. 

Fully Glazed Trapway 

These toilets have a fully glazed trap way, making them a preferred choice for many homeowners. This allows water and waste to go through the given path quickly, making them less prone to clogging-related problems. 


Price is usually vital when you plan to buy any household item. While expensive toilets may be of good value, this isn’t always guaranteed. Project source toilets are the most affordable compared to similar brands, with great effectiveness and durability hence a perfect choice for many people. 

Good Warranty

Affordable products are usually associated with shorter warranties, but project source toilets have a 5-year warranty that assures you of their outstanding quality. So you won’t need to fear damage or cracking before installation.


  • Elongated design saves on space and is comfortable to use
  • Water saving 
  • Dual flushing system
  • Easy installation
  • Includes all installation equipment 
  • Fully-glazed trap way 


  • The level of the toilet seat could be a little higher
  • A bit heavier than other brands

Is Project Source a Good Toilet Brand?

Though not of premium quality, Project Source toilets are reliable, affordable, have remarkable flushing performance, and decent design than others in the same price range.

How Long Can a Toilet Last?

Many toilets can last 10 to 15 years, while others can last up to 20 years. The lifespan, however, varies depending on the model and the materials used. You, the user, can also determine how long a toilet will last by how you use or maintain it to reduce wear and tear. 

Warning signs like cracking or malfunctioning are common indicators that your toilet, regardless of brand, needs replacement. Suppose you are on a tight budget but would like an efficient toilet with a sleek design that will serve for some years; worry not. A Project Source toilet will be the best option. 

Who makes Project Source toilets? Lowe is a big brand with many products under its name, with Project Source toilets being one of them. Since Lowe’s, a renowned manufacturer, makes these toilets, their quality isn’t questionable. They have excellent performance and are made to last for several years. The toilets are also available in different types and models to suit household needs.