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Zojirushi vs Tiger

Many people refrain from cooking rice in a regular pot because the results can be mashy and frustrating. But now, with the advancement in technology, you can cook your rice quickly from a rice cooker with the touch of a button. All you need to do is put the rice in the pot as required, then relax and wait for your rice to cook. Simple right?

Choosing between Zojirushi vs Tiger can be challenging as they are among the best brands that offer pleasing rice cooking results. The Tiger model is an affordable rice cooker with a large capacity and convenient features, while Zojirushi uses advanced technology for more incredible performance. This review analyzes each device’s features, pros, and cons to help in the selection process. 

What is a Zojirushi Rice Cooker?

Unlike ordinary electric cookers, this Japan-made rice cooker uses inductive heating to cook grains quickly. The several cook settings allow you to select between different varieties of oatmeal or rice. The cooker’s smooth stainless steel body enhances its appearance, while the removable lid allows easy washing. You will love the timer function that enables you to configure the cooker to your preference. Additional features include the melody/beep signals, keep warm function, measuring cup, and rice spatula. 


  • Multi-menu cooking functions
  • All round triple-heater
  • Removable steam vent cap
  • Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology
  • Detachable inner lid
  • Fold-down handle
  • Built-in fully retractable power cord


  • The inner pot has no handles
  • It may not be ideal for larger families
  • Expensive 

What is a Tiger Rice Cooker?

Tiger is a multi-function rice cooker that is highly versatile and, thus, a fantastic device for your kitchen. Moreover, it has 4-in-1 functions; rice cooking, slow cooking, Tacook, and steaming for increased efficiency. It’s great for making culinary soaps or stews and boiling vegetables, which require slow cooking. 

The ceramic coating makes the cooker to be non-stick and thus easy to clean. Additionally, after cooking, the machine turns itself automatically to the keep warm function. Lastly, temperature control is easy with the incorporated Micom technology. 


  • Large capacity
  • 4-in-1 cooking functions
  • Removable steam cap 
  • Detachable inner lid
  • Tacook function
  • Keep warm function 
  • Micom (Microcomputer) Technology 


  • Non-retractable power cord
  • The replaceable clock battery is only found in authorized dealers
  • Made of plastic hence less durable 

Zojirushi and Tiger: Similar Features

Though these units look different, here are some similar features; 


The Zojirushi and Tiger offer multipurpose cookers that can be used for other cooking recipes like baking apart from their mentioned functions. There’s even heat distribution across the cookers, which adjusts according to the meal you are cooking for a flawless meal. 

Ease of Cleaning

Both rice cookers have removable steam vents and inner lids for easier cleaning. Luckily, the non-stick coating on the Zojirushi cooker makes cleaning easier. Their outer body is the easiest to clean by wiping with a towel. 


Tiger boasts elegant and classic cookers with a minimalist appearance that will blend easily with your kitchen décor. Similarly, the contemporary design and sleek stainless steel body of the Zojirushi cooker make them great for any kitchen countertop. Also, the shape of the Zojirushi pot and the display of buttons on the screen is just outstanding. In general, the two cookers are available in different color options making it convenient for you to pick one that compliments other items in the kitchen. 

Compact Size

The rice cookers are compact in design and occupy little space on your counter. This makes them perfect for use in apartments and homes with small kitchens. You can even put them in the pantry or cabinet if not in use to de-clutter your countertop. 


In matters of effectiveness, the Tiger and Zojirushi offer exemplary cooking performance. The induction technique used guarantees fulfilling results in the cooking of rice. Furthermore, Zojirushi employs fuzzy intelligence to give extra culinary options, which is costly. 

Zojirushi vs Tiger; How Do They Differ?

Cooking Features

Though the Tiger and Zojirushi are reliable units, they have different cooking options. Zojirushi has one set-up, cook, unlike the Tiger, which has 4 extra options: brow, multigrain, slow cook, and steam. The keep warm feature is another notable feature for both rice cookers.


The cooking capacities of these cookers are slightly different. The 3-cup Zojirushi cooker will be ideal if you have a small family. But for large families of more than 3 people, you will need the 5.5 large capacity Tiger cooker. 

Inner Pot

Tiger will be perfect if you like a comfortable grip when removing the inner pot from the rice cooker. This is thanks to the easy-grip handles on the pot of the Tiger model that make carrying easy. Nonetheless, you will be forced to find a way to move the pot from the Zojirushi cooker, as it has no handles. 


Zojirushi and Tiger Cookers put user convenience as their priority. They both have easily readable control panels, which are simple to use. The inner pots are non-stick for easy cleaning or serving, and the compact design allows easy storage. 


The manufacturers of both units carefully selected durable and high-quality materials to make them. This warrants that the products will retain their performance for extended periods despite being subjected to daily use. 

How do you pick a rice cooker?

While the cost can be essential to fit your budget, it should not be your major determining point. Other factors like size, multiple uses, features, capacity, storage, or ease of cleaning are equally important. This helps youth to buy a rice cooker that suits their needs. 

Zojirushi vs. Tiger; Which Wins?

Both brands provide multiple cooking functions, like brown, white, porridge, and sushi. However, Tiger rice cookers have a slow cooking function for soups or Tacook, allowing you to cook rice and its side dish concurrently. Regardless of Tiger cookers being affordable, they also allow you to cook various meals and also have a larger capacity. Since Zojirushi specializes in rice cooking, it’s great at producing perfectly cooked rice for years. 

Zojirushi and Tiger are popular brands many professional chefs love as they are made with high-quality materials and offer excellent cooking results. Tiger is an affordable cooker with a basic design, has a large capacity, and is equipped with appropriate features. Instead, although highly priced, Zojirushi offers exceptional performance in combination with advanced technology.