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Do Beautyrest Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

If you own a Beautyrest mattress then you know that you can rely on it to give you comfort and years of service. Of course, that translates to value for money, and we bet you appreciate that. However, you might be wondering about fiberglass and the negative effect it can have on your body.

So, do Beautyrest mattresses have fiberglass? The simple answer to that would be a solid no. However, you want to keep in mind that fiberglass did play a huge role in older mattresses so there is a possibility that your Beautyrest mattress does contain fiberglass if it is an older model.

To be sure, you can go ahead and contact the manufacturer or read the product label.

Why is Fiberglass in a Mattress Bad?

Newer Beautyrest mattresses do not contain fiberglass, and for good reason too. You see, fiberglass was incorporated into older mattresses to act as a fire barrier, but nowadays, you will hardly find it being used in the production of mattresses.

This is because fiberglass poses a health risk. Its tiny and fine particles are airborne, which means that they can easily find their way to your respiratory system and consequently cause respiratory issues. As if that is not enough, they can also irritate your skin and lead to itching and redness.

To counter this, manufacturers now prefer to use alternative materials that serve the same purpose as fiberglass. We are talking about things like cotton and wool or uniquely formulated barriers that are flame-retardant without putting your health at risk.

Moreover, most states have employed strict fire safety standards when it comes to the production of mattresses, and this has in turn compelled manufacturers to look for other flame-retardant materials that are considered safer.

Where are Beautyrest Mattresses Manufactured?

Primarily, Beautyrest mattresses are manufactured in the US, with factories located in different states including Texas, Michigan, and Georgia. Nevertheless, the company has over the years scaled its operations and opened other branches in countries such as Mexico and China.

If you want to know where your particular Beautyrest mattress was manufactured, you can always check its label or check the company’s website.

What is in the Beautyrest Mattress?

Are you wondering what your Beautyrest mattress contains? You are not alone! Here’s what is typically in there.

Innerspring coils: Beautyrest mattresses are designed to support your body by contouring to it. This is made possible by its individually wrapped coils that are steel-made. These coils come in different densities and thicknesses based on the mattress model.

Foam layers: You can also expect your Beautyrest mattress to feature several foam layers for supplementary support and comfort. These layers include polyfoam, latex foam, or memory foam.

Comfort materials: You will realize that Beautyrest mattresses may also feature additional materials for extra comfort. These materials include but are not limited to silk, cotton, and wool. They help wick moisture away, regulate temperature, and offer a soft, luxe feel.

Fire retardant materials: A mattress has to meet set safety standards especially when it has to do with fire. Beautyrest mattresses are no different. Currently, they are incorporated with materials like wool or cotton to act as fire retardants.

Fabric cover: Mattresses are also about aesthetics and the feel they give. In that regard, Beautyrest mattresses come covered in fabric material, which can vary in pattern, color, and texture based on the model. This cover not only protects the contents of the mattress but also offers an additional comfort layer.

Is the Beautyrest Mattress Worth It?

If you are looking for durability, support, and comfort, you will certainly find them in the Beautyrest mattress. The brand makes its mattresses from high-end materials such as foam layers and individually wrapped coils to give you the comfort, support, and years of service, you need.

Beautyrest Edge Support

You would want a mattress with good edge support. With the Beautyrest mattress, you are not likely to have any complaints. You see, with good edge support, the ends of your mattress stay put, your mattress will not sag, and you will have a stable surface for getting in and out of bed as well as sitting.

With a Beautyrest mattress, you get reinforced edges that offer additional support and prevent sagging. The edges may feature denser foam layers or more coils to forge a supportive, firm layer perimeter that withstands pressure to help maintain the shape and integrity of the mattress over time.

Now, the level of edge support you get depends on the type and model of Beautyrest mattress you get. However, mattresses from the brand are known to generally offer great edge support, so if that is your main concern, you will not regret purchasing a Beautyrest mattress.

How Easy is it to Clean a Beautyrest Mattress?

Cleaning a Beautyrest mattress or any mattress for that matter is not the easiest job. Nonetheless, it can be made easier using the right techniques and tools. The following tips will help you have an easier time cleaning yours.

Vacuum regularly: Ensure that you vacuum your mattress on a regular basis using the soft brush attachment to eliminate debris and dust from your mattress. Doing so also helps prevent dirt accumulation, which can be harder to get rid of.

Spot clean: Anytime you spill anything on your mattress, you want to clean it up promptly. Use a damp piece of cloth to blot the area then use soapy water to clean before allowing it to air dry. Do not use too much water when cleaning as that may damage your mattress.

Use a mattress protector: A mattress protector is a game changer and can help prevent stains and spills from damaging your mattress in the first place. With a mattress cover, you also get to keep your mattress clean and fresh.

Rotate the mattress: Changing the position of your mattress occasionally helps prevent sagging and extends its lifespan. Besides, it can also prevent the accumulation of dirt in one area thus making the cleaning process easier.