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Dyson V6, V7, V8 Battery Reset

With a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you can pick up dirt from floors and carpets. But it can also be very useful in other ways. For example, you can use it for getting rid of odors, cleaning furniture, and other areas that are hard to reach with a broom or mop.

However, if your Dyson vacuum cleaner is not working properly, then it might be due to a dead battery or an overheating problem. In this case, you need to reset the battery or replace it with a new one. If you would rather do a Dyson V6, V7, V8 battery reset, this article is for you. Keep reading.

How to Reset the Dyson Battery

It can be extremely frustrating when your vacuum cleaner fails to function even with a fully-charged battery. Resetting its battery to get it up and running is not as hard.

First, you want to unplug the appliance’s charger from the power outlet. This is to avoid electrocution, which is always a possibility when dealing with electronics. Next, you want to plug it back in and place the charging wire in the vacuum cleaner’s charging port.

After that, pull the appliance’s trigger. Don’t worry if it does not respond to the action. Go ahead and hold that trigger for about 25 seconds. Release the trigger after that and detach the charger from your vacuum cleaner. That’s pretty much it! You can now continue using your appliance normally.

Battery BMS Reset for Dyson V6

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner has a battery management system (BMS), and it is a crucial part that most users overlook. To reset your Dyson V6 BMS, you will be required to charge it via discharge cables for a few seconds. This will restore it back to normal mode.

Battery Life: Dyson V7

The Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner does have successors that are upgraded versions. We are talking about the V7 and V8. These come with better efficiency and performance. You’re probably wondering how long the V7s’ battery lasts compared to its predecessor, the V6.

Well, other than the improved performance, the Dyson V7 has an impressive battery life. You are looking at a capacity of a whopping 4,600 mAH as well as a bigger cell. What this means is that if you are running the V7 model in a high mode which is the powerful mode, then you can rely on it to give you about half an hour of service. The V6 will only give 20 minutes in the same mode.

Dyson vacuum cleaners also come with a “Max” mode that powers the appliance’s motor to the maximum. In this mode, the V7 will last a maximum of 7 minutes. As such, you want to use it for harder-to-clean areas and things like carpets.

A Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner will fully charge for about three and a half hours if it is empty.

Battery Replacement Cost of Dyson V7

There’s a common misconception among Dyson vacuum cleaner users. When your vacuum cleaner stops functioning, chances are high that it is only the battery that is worn out and needs to be disposed of – not the entire appliance.

The batteries can always be replaced, and the vacuum cleaner will function like it is brand new.

Battery Recommendations for Dyson V7

One of the best parts about having a Dyson vacuum cleaner is that you can find a myriad of replacement batteries from third-party manufacturers. That said, it would be best to buy the same from Dyson and avoid the risk of buying something counterfeit that will not last long anyway.

Now, this sounds like a logical option – and it is, but Dyson batteries come with a hefty price tag. You can expect to buy one original Dyson battery for the price of three or four replacement batteries from third-party companies. Certainly, go for original batteries, especially if your vacuum cleaner is still within its warranty period.

We understand that this can be hard to do, though, especially if you are on a tight budget. This is because some of the replacement batteries you will find are highly recommended and have higher ratings. Aside from that, they are cheaper!

Some good replacement batteries include the Flylinktech 4000 mAh Battery and the Kunlun 4000 mAh battery, both of which can be found on Amazon.

Battery Reset for Dyson V8

The Dyson V8 succeeds the V6 and V7. In case it fails to function, it can be reset as well. To do that, simply unplug its charger from the electric outlet. As soon as you do that, plug it back in and put the charging wire into the vacuum cleaner’s charging port.

Next, you want to pull the appliance’s trigger and hold it for a few seconds, even if there is no response. After holding it for a few seconds, remove the charger from your vacuum cleaner and release the trigger. That’s it! Your V8 battery is now reset.

Light Indications for the Dyson V8

Perhaps you are a first-time user when it comes to Dyson vacuum cleaners, and for that reason, it may be challenging for you to operate them. In that regard, you need to take note of the following light indications, as they will be useful as you acclimate yourself to your appliance.

A blue flashing light means that your V8 should be charged as soon as possible.

A blue and red light flashing simultaneously signifies that your appliance is not charging as it should, and there’s definitely a problem.

If the light is red, that means your appliance is not charging at all.

Dyson V6, V7, V8 Battery Life Tips

Just like any appliance user, you want your vacuum cleaner’s battery to last long. The following are some invaluable tips that will help you achieve the same.

  • Take frequent breaks when using your vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not use it in harsh conditions.
  • Avoid storing your appliance under too-hot or too-cold conditions.
  • Use the normal setting instead of high power when running your vacuum cleaner to prolong its battery life.