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How Long Does Lysol Smell Last

Introduced to the market in 1889 by Gustav Raupenstrauch, Lysol is a sanitizer, disinfectant, and odor eliminator that was originally formulated to help end a cholera epidemic that had hit Germany.

Fast forward to today, this spray is a must-have if you want to keep your home germ-free. However, most people would want to know how long its smell lasts. Why? Because the disinfectant has an appealing orangey scent that you would want to linger in your space for as long as possible.

So, how long will this spray last?

You can expect it to give you about one or two years of great service from the date of manufacture in terms of efficacy in killing germs. As for the expiration date and how long the spray is expected to last after that, there’s actually no date.

As such, it would be a good idea to give it two years from the manufacture date.

How Long Does the Orange Lysol Scent Last?

This depends on several factors including the surface sprayed, your ventilation system, how much is sprayed, and the size of your space. However, the orangey scent it emits once sprayed will last a maximum of 15 minutes.

Will Lysol Spray Expire?

Just like other similar products, the Lysol spray will go bad. The active ingredient in it degrades over time thus making is less effective. Therefore, you can count on it losing its effectiveness a year after its manufacturing date.

Is Expired Lysol Spray Usable?

Sure, you can use the Lysol spray even after it has expired as it will not cause damage. However, you shouldn’t be surprised when you realize that it is not as effective and its fragrance is not as strong.

Is it Mandatory to wipe off the Spray?

As previously mentioned, Lysol is a disinfectant. However, for maximum efficacy, you want to wait about five minutes to wipe it off after spraying it on a surface. Better still, you let it air dry on a surface after spraying.

How to Determine the Expiry of Lysol Spray 

The Lysol spray doesn’t come with its expiry date indicated. What you want to do, therefore, is check the manufactured date at the bottom of the can and add two years to it. That will give you the expected expiry date.

You can also tell that the spray is expired through its fragrance. If you realize that it is not as strong as when you first bought it, chances are high that it has expired.

What Does Lysol Spray Smell Like?

As previously mentioned, Lysol has an orangey scent. Nevertheless, it does come in other fragrances including Vanilla, Summer Breeze, and Spring Waterfall among others.

All these leave a fresh scent while cleaning.

Lysol Spray Substitutes

What happens when you run out of your Lysol Spray and you are not in a position to get it delivered to your home or get it at your local store? Of course, you can use substitutes, and here are some of the best.

Vinegar All-purpose Cleaner

To make this, just add one part water and one part vinegar with a few drops of essential oils. Put it in a spray bottle and use it to disinfect everything from door handles to toys and surfaces.

Alcohol Disinfectant Spray

Many cleaning solutions contain alcohol and rightfully so, because it kills bacteria fast. As such, you want to mix half a cup of alcohol with one cup of water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and begin disinfecting.

Bleach Solution

Bleach mixed with water can be used to clean countertops, appliances, floors, and toilets. However, you want to avoid using it on colored fabrics and carpets as it will lighten them.

Also, never mix other cleaners or rubbing alcohol or other cleaners with bleach as toxic chlorine gas will be emitted. You also want to have gloves on every time you clean with bleach.

Castile Soap

You are probably asking why this particular soap when there are many other options in the market. Well, Castile soap is preferable because it is free of synthetics and is mild enough to use for your body and home as well.

Hydrogen Peroxide Spray

This is a great alternative as it is a potent oxidizer that effectively eliminates germs and mold. After using it, ensure that you wipe the disinfected area with a damp piece of cloth as it can cause burns on the skin.

Citrus Seed Spray

A concentrated amount of citrus seed extract and pulp can be used to eliminate bacteria. The best part is that this solution is safe to use around pets and children and will not affect your skin adversely.

How to Clean With Lysol Spray

Using Lysol spray to clean is as easy as holding the bottle in an upright position about eight inches from the surface you want to disinfect. For maximum efficacy, allow the disinfectant to sit on your surface for a few minutes before wiping it off.

Is Lysol an Effective Disinfectant?

Yes, it is. Moreover, it is also affordable. This is because it contains effective ingredients making it the preferred choice for both domestic and commercial settings.

Can I Use Lysol on My Hair?

No. It is not advisable. Lysol is high in alcohol which is detrimental to hair and can ultimately lead to hair loss.

That said, you can use the spray to clean other things like pillows and couches.

What If You Inhale Lysol Spray?

Lysol spray is inhaled – that’s a no-brainer. The problem occurs when you inhale too much of it because you may end up with irritation in your respiratory tract. It may also cause headaches and dizziness.

In the event that it is ingested, it may cause vomiting, digestive distress, and nausea.

That said, Lysol spray is a great product to have at hand. Not only will it kill bacteria in your premises, it will also leave a fresh scent while at it. The best part is that you can spray it in the air to kill germs if you have a sick person around.

Keep it tightly closed after use and store it away from moisture and heat for a prolonged lifespan.