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Lysol Vs Febreze

Are you looking for an air freshener for your toilets and bathrooms? You can solve this by using 2-in-1 air fresheners. A good air freshener should not just eliminate odors but also kill germs. While you try to keep your bathrooms clean, you can’t evade germs and their elements like mold or mildew. That’s why you must disinfect the areas they come from.

Lysol and Febreze are American brands used and trusted worldwide to provide some of the best air fresheners. Choosing between Lysol vs Febreze can be tricky because of their popularity, ability to kill 99.9% of germs, and eliminate all kinds of odors.

Luckily, this article provides precise answers to what you are looking for. It explains in detail the ingredients used, odor, and disinfecting ability of each air freshener. 

What is Lysol?

Lysol is an air freshener and cleaning brand that has existed for about 133 years and since gained recognition. The Lysol air fresheners are highly loved because they can remove odors and disinfect the areas applied. 

You can use Lysol air treatment products almost anywhere in your home, including the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, garbage bins, or pet areas. As you can realize, these are the main places where germs from your home can emanate from. 

Lysol products kill 99.9% of germs that cause foul odors. However, the sandalwood scent can be overpowering to some people. Also, the sprays, though made of good quality ingredients that are effective at what they do, are offered at a high price.

What is Febreze?

Febreze products aim at giving your home a fresh, smelling scent by covering the bad odors. However, their other products also have a disinfecting function. The Febreze air freshener spray is excellent for use in commercial as well as residential properties. You can apply the spray in the bathroom, bedroom, laundry, kitchen, etc. 

The scent isn’t overwhelming and thus suitable for use in places with pets, babies, or people with allergies. Luckily, the Febreze sprays are obtainable at an affordable price, but this doesn’t mean that they are of lower value.

Differences Between Lysol Vs Febreze

The significant difference between these two products lies in how they work. When applied to surfaces, Lysol works by singling out the odor-causing bacteria and destroying them, then leaving a refreshing scent around. Febreze works uniquely by trapping and masking the odor of microorganisms with a fresh scent. 

Lysol Vs Febreze; Basic Overview

Having highlighted the major differences, let’s look at other features that make each product stand out.


Encountering a foul odor when entering the kitchen or bathroom isn’t a nice experience; a fresh smell will cool your mind. Even if the smell of Lysol can be strong for some people, its scent stays in the air or surfaces for longer. 

Febreze emphasizes the air freshener fragrance, thus a great choice for removing extremely smelly odors. When applied, the scent is released instantly throughout the room and can last for a few hours before it starts fading away.

Odor Removal Capability

A good bathroom spray should be able to eradicate the odor from the toilet. Lysol uses innovative malodor technology that counteracts the odors by covering them with a robust scent. The spray’s ability to destroy odor, prevent further growth, and maintain its fragrance makes it a go-to product.

Although Febreze doesn’t use the same technology as Lysol, it incorporates OdorClear Technology, which masks and cleanses odors and replaces them with an appealing fresh scent. Likewise, the beta-cyclodextrin additive ingredient is responsible for trapping the odor organisms and leaving a refreshing smell.

Disinfecting Capability

While Febreze has developed air fresheners with disinfectant prowess, Lysol still overtakes it. The 2-in-1 Lysol spray not only freshens the air but kills bacteria, thus preventing the development of molds and mildew. You can now also get similar capabilities with the Febreze spray with a new formulation that includes disinfecting ingredients.

Ingredients; Toxic or Non-toxic 

Air fresheners and disinfectant sprays use ingredients or chemicals that, if not used as described, can cause serious health issues. Both Lysol and Febreze products claim not to use non-toxic ingredients in manufacturing. 

The sprays contain mineral oils, spirits, and fragrances, among other ingredients that, if they come into contact with the skin, can cause irritation or allergies. When using either spray, please keep it away from the eyes and do not inhale the fumes to prevent further damage.


Since Lysol is available as an air freshening and disinfecting formulation, it retails in the high price range. Most Febreze air fresheners are affordable to low-income earners but don’t compromise quality. So, with any budget, you can still access a disinfectant or freshener that suits your needs. 

How to Use Febreze

Don’t just conclude that you know how to use a spray. This is because every spray comes with its usage instructions. For Febreze, follow these easy steps

  • Hold your can upright but don’t shake it; this might not be safe as the formula contains nitrogen. 
  • Pull the trigger of the can back.
  • Apply the spray in the air in a circular motion to the bathroom, kitchen, or living room 
  • Let the spray settle in the air or surfaces

How to Apply Lysol?

For deodorizing purposes, spray directly on the surfaces. Here is a quick guide on using the Lysol spray effectively when spraying into the air.

  • To unlock the cap, just turn it two times in the anticlockwise direction
  • Hold the can upwards
  • Apply the spray to the center of the chosen room
  • When done, lock up the cap

How to Get Rid of Febreze or Lysol Smell From Your Hands?

If a spray leaves its scent on your hands, it can be a health hazard when you want to eat something. Fortunately, you can use vinegar to remove it. Pour vinegar on your hands and wash them thoroughly.

Does Febreze Offer a Disinfectant?

Yes, Febreze has antimicrobial sprays that kill germs and freshen the air on your surfaces or fabrics. The disinfectants can kill 99.9% of germs, just like the Lysol products. 

Lysol and Febreze brands provide different types or scents of air fresheners and disinfectants to give your office or resting abode a unique fresh scent. Molds, mildew, or odors should be a thing of the past if you invest in any of these products. The products have been used over the years and proven to be of efficient quality.