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How to Get Boogers off the Wall

Boogers are things you can’t escape from your walls if you have kids. Worst of it, even adults can cause boogers when sneezing or blowing their nose, which can be embarrassing. Your favorite pets, like cats or dogs, can as well cause boogers when snorting. Fortunately, this article explores methods on how to clean boogers off the wall.

Although removing boogers as soon as they occur on surfaces is easy, it’s equally hard to remove them when they have dried up. You must know the correct methods or tools to safely remove the boogers from walls while maintaining their aesthetic value. 

What Causes Boogers on Walls?

Boogers on walls are dried snots or nasal mucus. Even though having pets is incredible, their snot tends to leave stain boogers on the wall that can be smelly. When you or the kids have a runny nose, try to remove the mucus with your hands and touch the walls without washing them off. Also, accidental sneezes might get on your wall and form some sticky substance.

Are Boogers on Walls Harmful?

Boogers on walls aren’t lovely to look at. Getting rid of boogers in a home with kids is challenging as they repeat the same thing after some time. Kids poke fingers into their noses and touch sofas, walls, or other surfaces when playing. Boogers on walls should be cleaned when sighted for hygiene purposes and to prevent them from forming breeding grounds for bacteria. 

Simple Steps for Cleaning Boogers from Walls

Do you have boogers on the wall and don’t know how to remove them? The following DIY steps will be handy. Boogers on tiled walls like the toilet or bathroom can be removed easily with a brush as you won’t have to worry about damaging paint. No matter the method you choose, take caution not to rub too much to prevent causing damage to the wall finish or paint.

Using water and dish soap or vinegar

Step 1 Remove the boogers

Remove any loose boogers. Afterward, take a damp cloth or paper towel and cover the area. Let the booger soften for about 20 minutes, then wipe them away. But if you still have some boogers left and there are some visible stains, then proceed to the next step

Step 2 Make your cleaning solution

Though overlooked, homemade dish soap is excellent for removing boogers when mixed with water. The mixture can be made by pouring around 4 tablespoons of dishwashing soap into a bucket of warm water. But you can consider adding vinegar to remove tough booger stains.  

Some people may even use commercial cleaners, which is still acceptable. But check if the formula isn’t harsh on your walls. Stir the water and whichever cleaning agent you are using thoroughly.

Step 3 Apply the pre-made cleaning solution

Take a sponge or piece of cloth, dip it in your solution, and scrub it on the boogers in small circular movements. Rub gently and add more cleaning solution to the sponge until you remove all the boogers. 

Step 4 Rinse and dry the wall

After successfully removing the boogers, rinse your wall to remove any excess cleaning solution residue. Take a clean towel, soak it in clean water, wring it, and wipe the wall to remove all soap and dirt. After making a thorough rinse, then let the wall dry. 

Using Saline Wipes

  • Step 1 – Get a clean piece of cloth or some saline nose wipes and put a few drops of saline solution to make them wet.
  • Step 2 – Rub the wet cloth or wipes on the booger to make them loose, and wait a few minutes.
  • Step 3 – When the boogers are entirely loose, you can rub them with a paper towel or dry cloth.
  • Step 4 – Repeat the above procedure if all the boogers haven’t been removed until your wall is clean.

Apart from the 2 methods described above, some commercial sprays are great for removing booger stains. But still, try them on a small portion of the wall to see if it’s not harmful. 

Safety Measures for Removing Boogers from Walls

Although your main objective is to remove boogers from walls, you should still take care not to damage the walls. Never use a sharp object like a blade or knife for scraping boogers to prevent the paint from peeling off. Also, avoid scrubbing with extra effort or using harsh cleaning agents to prevent wall paint or finish damage.

For stubborn booger stains, use warm water to make the cleaning solution. However, test the solution in a small area first to determine if it will damage the wall paint before starting the process. Once done with removing the boogers, rub the area with a dry towel.

Proven Techniques for Preventing Boogers on Walls

Since young children cause many boogers on walls, you can employ these skills to reduce or prevent future occurrences. 

  • You will spot more boogers on the wall near the bed or study table. Put a tissue box next to these strategic areas so they can wipe their hands.
  • The bathroom wall is another place where you will find boogers. If you don’t have a sink where the kids can wash their hands when done with the toilet, you can install a handwashing station.
  • Inspect your walls every day for booger stains and remove them immediately. This is because removing dried stains can be tiresome and time-consuming.
  • Implement an anti-wall booger campaign by putting booger boards in the areas where you are likely to find them. Alternatively, you can teach your kids how to blow their noses properly. Additionally, show the kids the importance of using handwashing stations or tissues.

Prevention of boogers is a hard task with kids as they can forget instructions given to them. The only way you will be left with is how to remove them, which can be done easily with the above methods. Boogers on your walls can give the wrong impression that you are unhygienic when you are not. Cleaning the boogers keeps your walls tidy and prevents bacteria growth.