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Shark Canister Vacuum Review 2023

Shark is a renowned vacuum cleaner manufacturer thanks to its highly efficient and high-quality products. The Shark Canister pet vacuum cleaner uses innovative cleaning technologies with powerful suction to perform better than previous versions. This vacuum cleaner removes dirt and pet hairs from floors or carpets.

Shark CZ351 excels at cleaning both hard surfaces and short pile carpets. It is also reasonably quiet and includes a special brush roll that combines bristles and flexible fins to aid in the pickup. However, it only includes two simple tools, and the accessory storage is inconvenient.

What’s Included in the Box?

The Shark Pet Canister Vacuum comes with several items in the box. Firstly, there is the canister vacuum itself, which is designed for pet owners. Additionally, there are two tools included – an upholstery tool and a pet crevice tool – to help clean pet hair from furniture and tight spaces. A user guide is also provided to help owners get started with their new vacuum cleaners. Finally, the box also contains three filters.

The crevice and upholstery tools are non-motorized and can be fitted to the handle’s end or the wand. Furthermore, you will love the tool clip attached to the wand for fixing both tools quickly. However, the tool clip can be cumbersome since the wand is already bulky, and adding it will make it more awkward.

User Manual

The package includes a user manual with basics on using the vacuum cleaner, assembly, features, and storage. You will also get guidelines on maintaining the vacuum, troubleshooting and cleaning filters. However, the information isn’t detailed.


The handle features LED touch-screen controls that allow easy switching from solid flooring to carpet. You can navigate the screen easily with your thumb as you continue the vacuuming, as there’s no need to stop first. This is unlike other vacuum cleaners that need you to change the heads when transitioning between surfaces hence time-saving. 

That’s not all, you can customize the power levels, namely; low, medium, and maximum, to suit the speed you want. Also, the carpet or hard floor setting helps you to choose the surface you intend to clean. The on/off power button is also quite handy. 

When you turn on your vacuum cleaner, it will automatically default to a low power level while the floor type is bare. From there, you can then adjust it to your preferred settings.

Cleaner Head

The vacuum cleaner’s head has one brushroll that features flexible fins, also called powerfins, and soft bristle half-rows. The bristles engage floors directly and dig into different carpet textures to remove pet hairs or dirt. 

One thing you will love about the brushroll is that it’s self-cleaning. This is because the brushroll can be hard to remove for cleaning. Fortunately, its ability to ensure little or no hair wrap makes maintenance easy. Although this vacuum has 1 brushroll, another model, the Vertex, has 2 brushrolls for added efficiency. 

The cleaner head has a suction channel of only about 8.5 inches which is relatively narrow. Nevertheless, a narrow cleaner head is suitable for cleaning cramped areas since it’s easy to maneuver. But, cleaning larger surfaces will take longer as you will have to pass the vacuum cleaner severally, thus giving more work.

Canister Body

The vacuum has mainly the canister compartment, the retractable power cable, and the cleaner head. There are two switches on the upper part of the canister; on/off and one for retracting the power cable. These switches are ergonomically designed in a way that you can tap them with your toe and no need to bend.  

Four caster wheels below the canister rotate 360 degrees to guarantee even operation in any direction. The surface of the canister is, however, hard plastic and has no bumpers to protect it from scraping furniture or walls. Lastly, the 25-feet power cord is incredible for cleaning over short or long distances from the power source.

Maneuverability and Ease of Handling

This is a tag-along canister similar to many vacuum cleaners. The canister works tirelessly on bare surfaces and carpets to offer satisfying results. Both the cleaner head and canister are easy to push or pull around. The wand is made with multi-flex technology, giving it more flexibility than the older shark brands. 

For example, the wand can be extended by removing the nozzle to clean hard-to-reach areas or be folded in the middle to reach below furniture easily. The retractability of the wand makes storage easy. However, the wand is somehow heavy and bulky.


When assembled with tools, the vacuum cleaner weighs about 17.2 lbs and might be heavier for some people. Weight is usually a disadvantage of many corded vacuums since their cordless counterparts are slightly lighter. 

Luckily, you won’t carry the cleaner around as it has wheels for easy movement. However, moving your canister cleaner upstairs will require more effort.

Dust Canister

The dust container of this shark canister vacuum cleaner is easy to remove and clean. With a capacity of about 1.9 quartz, the dust cup is large enough, thus eliminating the need for frequent emptying. This vacuum is an excellent option for people with allergies as it seals 99.9% of dust inside the easy-to-open and close dust cup.


This vacuum has 3 pre-motor filters; metal mesh, foam, and felt. As the manufacturer recommends, the filters can be cleaned if dirty or after 3 months. There’s also a post-motor HEPA filter behind the canister that is easily accessible for cleaning. The sealed vacuum system gives complete air filtration, leaving no chance for unfiltered air to return to the room. 

Noise level

The shark canister vacuum operates at about 70 decibels on low power mode and 73 decibels on maximum power despite the surface used. These sound levels are quieter than the other shark models, like Rotary or Vertex, which reach 77 decibels. 


This shark canister vacuum cleaner comes with a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects, ensuring it’s high-quality.

Final Words

Generally, the shark canister vacuum cleaner is excellent for removing pet hairs and dirt from surfaces like carpets, floors, or furniture. The unit runs quietly and has more suction for dirt, allergens, or pet hair. Conversely, the slightly smaller vacuum head may make it challenging to clean thick carpets or spend more time in large areas. The intuitive controls and features like LED headlights for easy debris location make cleaning easy.