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How To Unlock Samsung Dishwasher 

A locked dishwasher means you can’t put in dishes for washing or can’t remove the ones you had put inside already. This can be frustrating and time-wasting as you try to unlock it. If you have a Samsung dishwasher, don’t panic yet; unlocking is a DIY procedure using the guidelines in this article. 

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the best-trusted brands in the world due to its high-quality and efficient products. The dishwasher is a Samsung appliance that makes your kitchen life easy. Though reliable, the dishwasher can fail by getting locked. 

This brings in the question of how to unlock a Samsung dishwasher. Before trying anything else, check if your dishwasher is connected to a power source. If it is plugged in, disconnect it and plug it in again. This should reset and unlock your dishwasher. If this fails, hold down the start push button for 3 seconds to reset and unlock your device. 

How to Get Your Samsung Dishwasher From Lock Mode?

Is your Samsung dishwasher displaying a lock icon, and you don’t know how to proceed? Luckily, you can remove the lock mode easily by pressing and holding the pause/start button for about 3 seconds. After that, the lock mode will disappear, and your dishwasher will return to normal. Knowing these basic skills will save you the costs of calling in an expert every time.

How to Unlock Your Samsung Dishwasher?

When the washing cycle delays starting or there are interruptions in power, the control lock or child lock can be activated. In this case, your dishwasher will not start even when plugged into the power source. For a Samsung dishwasher with a keypad control panel, first, find the “Lock” button. Press it down for 3 seconds, which lights up the control panel.  

However, if the “Lockout” or “Lock” button doesn’t resolve the issue, consult the dishwasher user manual for further guidance. Once the control panel lights up, a key icon will be displayed. Press the key, enter the provided code, and your dishwasher will be unlocked. 

You won’t get the code from the control panel but from the manual or on a sticker placed on the inside part of your dishwasher’s door. Entering the four-digit code unlocks your dishwasher and returns it to normal, ready for use. 

Some Samsung dishwasher models starting with DW80R, DW80N, DW80F, or DW80J, have touchpad control panels. To unlock these dishwasher model’s control panels, press hold the start/pause icon for up to 3 seconds. But if your dishwasher model number is DW80M, it has a knob for adjusting the settings. Rotate the knob of the dishwasher to the “Unlock” setting to unlock its control panel. 

The child lock is an important feature that prevents kids or over-anxious pets from controlling the dishwasher. They can start the machine or change its washing cycle without your knowledge. Find the child lock from the control panel, usually a padlock sign, to solve this. If you can’t find it there, look for it under the Heated Dry or Sanitize buttons. Turn off the child lock setting by pressing the button for up to 3 seconds to ensure the light is not lit anymore. 

What’s the Importance of the Lock Button on a Samsung Dishwasher?

While a dishwasher can get locked up without you prompting it, you can also use the “Lock” features to your advantage. You can disable many control panel icons by selecting the control lock button. This prevents pets or anybody else from accidentally pressing the dishwasher buttons, which can interfere with the washing cycle. Additionally, the lock button helps prevent unwanted starting of the dishwasher. 

To put the control lock on, press the start button or icon and hold it down for 3 seconds. The indicator light should turn red, showing you have successfully engaged the control lock. To put off the control lock, press the start button for 3 seconds; the indicator light turns green. This indicates that you have disengaged the control lock. 

How to Unlock Your Dishwasher Control Panel?

A locked control panel means the dishwasher’s child lock feature is engaged. Unlocking the control panel is the easiest; press the start button and continue holding it down for 3 seconds. If the child lock feature remains, follow the above instructions to remove it. 

Possible Solutions to a Stuck Lock on Samsung Dishwasher

If your Samsung dishwasher lock button is stuck, unplug the machine before embarking on the following troubleshooting techniques. You can use a paperclip or a small item to push the Reset button. Alternatively, you can heat the area surrounding the lock with a hairdryer. But if all these methods fail, contact Samsung Customer Care for help. 

How Do You Reset a Samsung Dishwasher?

To some people resetting a Samsung dishwasher is simple; go to the settings and press reset, but this doesn’t apply to all scenarios. Some minor issues on the control panel or due to power outages can be resolved easily through resetting. However, issues with the dishwasher not draining, the door not opening, or error codes all need troubleshooting before resetting. 

Unplug your dishwasher and find the reset icon on the control screen to reset it. Press and hold the reset button for around 3 seconds. Lastly, plug the device back into the power socket and press the start button. Your dishwasher will now start working properly. 

Nevertheless, after resetting you still get the error codes after trying possible means, it’s time to get to the next step. You must call Samsung customer care for further assistance or request a service. The service request link will be displayed when you finish your troubleshooting guides.

Resetting your locked Samsung dishwasher can be simple or complicated, depending on the issue. Unplugging the device, waiting for a few minutes, and then powering it again is a common troubleshooting technique to solve errors or issues. Otherwise, press and hold the start button on your dishwasher for 3 seconds, then release it. If this is ineffective, it’s time to call in a technician.