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Instant Pot Pro Vs Pro Plus

Are you a person who can’t cook without the aid of pressure cookers and is thrilled by the Pot Pro family cookware? Don’t be left behind and try the recent additions like the Instant Pot Pro and Pro Plus. These new models have enhanced easy-to-use features and embrace technology for easy, convenient cooking.

Instant Pot Pro vs. Pro Plus, which one to choose? The cookers perform similar functions such as pressure cookers, grain cookers, slow cookers, warmers, etc. However, each model has a distinguishing appliance from the other. For instance, the Pro Plus has the NutriBoost function, while the Instant Pot Pro offers the cake maker function. 

Instant Pot Pro

Although the Instant Pot Pro may look similar to older models, it incorporates the old generation features with new ones. The new features like the accurate microprocessor and the steam release system make the pot cook silently so that you won’t realize when your food is done cooking. This is unlike other pots that produce an annoying noise as you cook.

The Instant Pot Pro model features a stylish stainless steel and black finish design and has 10 cooking functions like sauté, slow cooking, and yogurt maker. The easy-to-grip silicone handles allow the comfortable moving of the pot, while the non-stick stainless steel interior makes cleaning easy.

That’s not all; the 28 presets are handy, whereas the ability to preset and store 5 favorite recipes makes the pot exceptional. Even though the LED control screen may look cluttered, the icons are easy to read.

Instant Pot Pro Plus

The Instant Pot Pro Plus 10-in-1 cooker has almost the same features as the Pot Pro. However, there are two differences; the display and the wireless connectivity. The display screen is much more organized and easy to use, making the Pro Plus a much-loved option by recurring or new users.

A fantastic feature is how you can control the cooking from your phone. The cooker makes it appropriate for you to set or adjust cooking times, check the progress of the meals, and so on. If not used, the display panel switches to sleep mode, thus making a beautiful addition to your kitchen countertop. 

Unfortunately, the Pro Plus is relatively more expensive than the Pot Pro. But if you weigh the benefits like the Wi-Fi and quick but safe usage, then the Pro Plus model is worth the cost. Also, the inner pot and outer lid have handles for comfortable use. 

Instant Pot Pro vs. Pro Plus Features 


Both pressure cookers have 10-in-1 appliances. Similar functions include; a steamer, pressure cooker, warmer, slow cooker, yogurt maker, sauté/searing, rice cooker, sterilizer, and sous vide. The distinguishing appliances are; the Instant Pot Pro Plus has the NutriBoost while the Instant Pot Pro has a cake maker.

You will love the cake maker icon on the pot pro as you can make different cakes. Therefore, you won’t have to check the cooking progress constantly. What’s more, the manual settings can be repeated if you want to cook another cake. 

The Pro Plus NutriBoost function is best for breaking down grains and starches. This allows quick cooking and, at the same time, preserves the nutrients, which helps boost your health, which is the reason for the name NutriBoost.


The size is quite important when looking for a pressure cooker; small size is convenient for a small family. If you have a large family, you will go for the larger size to cook food for everyone. Thus, the people you intend to serve will determine your buying size. 

The Instant Pot Pro is available in 2 sizes, 6-quart, and 8-quart, which are great for making family dishes. On the contrary, the Pro Plus is only available in 6-Quartz size, though, still suitable for meal prepping or cooking for a small family. 

Some other pressure cookers on the market, like the Duo Nova, are offered in multiple sizes; 3qt, 6qt, 8qt, or 10qt sizes. Although the Pot Pro Plus or Pot Pro doesn’t have many sizes, they are available in standard sizes. 

Display or Smart Programs

Although some people may not see the importance of Wi-Fi on an instant pot, managing your cooking on the phone is handy on busy days. The Instant Pot Pro offers only 28 programs you can customize to suit your cooking needs. 

Don’t be disappointed by the display screen of the Pro Plus model as it shows only 8 programs. The Pro Plus is your go-to item, as you can connect it to an Android phone or iPhone to engage up to 800 smart recipes. These recipes can be obtained through the Instant Brands Connect App. For that reason, you will find that almost every meal has its specific program.

The app’s only downside is that you should be within 30 to 45 feet of the Pro Plus to maintain the Wi-Fi connection. This means you can only control the cooking in any room within the house or compound and not far away. 

Differences between Instant Pot Pro vs. Pro Plus

You can mistake the pressure cookers as they feature a similar physical appearance. But looking further, you will discover the distinct differences, the major being the pro plus Wi-Fi connectivity. The wireless function allows easy monitoring of food cooking from any location in the house.

Both pressure cookers are equipped with 10 appliances. The Pro Plus is a better alternative due to the NutriBoost Appliance, hence a darling of many home or professional chefs. Since many people like cakes, the cake maker appliance on the Pot Pro is a great addition. 

Besides, all the pots have a 6qt size, but Pot Pro has an extra size of 8qt. Finally, though the Pot Pro has more smart programs on display, you can select more programs on the app with the Pro Plus.

The instant pots discussed here share more similarities than differences in the accessories they offer. Instant Pot Pro vs. Pro Plus, which is the best? This will depend on how you want to use the pot, either manually with the Pot Pro or through a wireless network with the Pro Plus.

While the Pro Plus is expensive, the price difference is not much. This leaves you with only one option, selecting the pressure cookers as per the functions they serve. But if you are not on a budget or want to make more meals quickly, you can even go for both the cookers.