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Riccar Vs Dyson – Ultimate Comparison (Updated 2023)

Nobody wants to stay in a dirty home. But sometimes, you get overwhelmed and have little time for clean-up. Don’t worry anymore, vacuum cleaners will ease your burden. Ricarr and Dyson are top-rated brands that offer reliable vacuum cleaners.

This review compares Riccar vs Dyson vacuum cleaners by evaluating their suction power, reliability, and action on different floors. The Ricarr will give satisfactory results no matter the floor or carpet thickness they are used on. Dyson vacuum cleaners, on the other side, are almost equal to the task of dirt collection from many surfaces.

Cordless Vacuums Overview

Cordless vacuums are also called stick vacuums. Unlike corded vacuums associated with wires, these are wireless and easy to maneuver around. Rechargeable batteries power the stick vacuums. 

Riccar Stick Vacuums

Riccar vacuums have an innovative HEPA filtration system and strong suction attachments to keep your home spotless. The vacuums remove dirt from your carpets, coaches, or floors, releasing it and sucking all the dirt or air through a filter. 

The Riccar manufacturers highly consider the quality and performance of their machines more than the number of features and attachments. Hence, Riccar vacuums have great airflow, suction, seal tightness, and motor performance. The downside of Riccar vacuums is that they can’t work efficiently on hard floors as their floor head is slightly lower.

Dyson Stick Vacuums

These vacuums have a slim, sleek design that will capture your attention. Dyson vacuum cleaners have excellent suction power for collecting tiny dust particles or pet hairs from your floors or carpets. The dirt collection mechanism with washable filters is fully sealed for easy maintenance.

All the Dyson vacuums have high rotating force cleaner heads for a dirt-free home, office, and air. Similarly, the vacuums have a bin capacity between 0.14 gallons to 0.50 gallons, collecting as much dirt as possible. Finally, the models have 2 or 3 power modes and are equipped with 5 to 8 tools for added efficiency. 

Riccar vs. Dyson; Comparative Features

It would not be wise to conclude that one vacuum cleaner is greater than the other. By analyzing the following factors, you can decide which vacuum cleaner to pick between Riccar and Dyson.


Both brands have great filtration, are easy to maneuver, and have high suction, thus some of the best trustworthy vacuum cleaners. The steel construction or the Ricer vacuum ensures long-term use. For added assurance, the manufacturer provides a warranty of between 4 to 10 years based on the model.

Dyson models incorporate ABS polycarbonate and aluminum, which though may wear out over time, it’s easy to find replacement parts. The Dyson can serve for 7 to 10 years, while the Ricarr can offer service for more than 10 years if used efficiently.

Action on Rugs and Carpets

Removing dirt from rugs or carpets is hard, as you will encounter some stickiness. A vacuum cleaner’s efficiency and suction power will determine if it can clear dirt from carpets. Thanks to the suction power of Riccar vacuums, they can remove debris within a short time.

Although Dyson vacuums are still great for cleaning carpets, you will use more energy and time to finish the task. This is because their suction power, even at maximum, isn’t sufficient enough.

Action on Hard Floors

Hard floors are the most difficult to clean. Therefore, you should take caution when vacuuming on hard floors to avoid scratches or damages. Canister vacuums clean hard floors better than stick or upright ones as they scatter less dirt.

Keeping the above in mind, Dyson and Riccar offer convenient vacuum models for your hardwood floors. For example, some Dyson models have a cleaning head that self-adjusts to counter different floor textures. The microfiber soft cleaning pad ensures a scratch-free operation.

The Riccar canister vacuum cleaners feature high suction power, allowing large debris absorption from hard concrete or wood floors. Also, the rigid steel construction and tough floor brush enable easy cleaning of hard floors.

Ability to manage allergies

All Dyson models feature an advanced filtration system with six layers that capture the dust you can easily see and 99.97% of microscopic dust elements. This makes the Dyson vacuums a great choice for people with allergies.

Ricar vacuums are designed to comply with the HEPA filtration standard of maintaining a 99.97% efficiency which is capped at 0.3 microns. Therefore, the vacuum can capture particles like pet furs, bacteria, household dirt, or pollens. Additionally, the self-sealing Riccar bags contain any odors leaving your home to smell fresh. 

Some favorable but certified models for allergic people include the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean and the Riccar R25 Pet Premium Upright Vacuums. The mentioned models are great at what they do, and you won’t even feel like sneezing or are choked up with dirt when using them.

Suction Power

Though expensive, top models like Riccar Radiance Premium and Riccar Vibrant Entry R-20E pay you back through their great suction power. These machines can clean anything from carpets, floors, walls, and coaches. 

The Dyson V15 Detect vacuum cleaner has great suction power, which adjusts automatically when there’s a surface change. However, the floor head is basic with no brush roll switch or height adjustment hence can get stuck on thick carpets. 

Being bagless, the Dyson can be dustier and may need frequent maintenance. They also clog up often because of the small duct. The machines lose suction because the motor tends to burn out after being used for about two years.

Are the Vacuums Worth the Cost?

Both the Riccar and Dyson cleaners are highly priced. Are they worth it? Yes, these vacuums have great features, high suction, and offer outstanding performance, making cleaning your home easy. Moreover, they offer much-needed flexibility to access dirt from hidden places.

Vacuum machines are coworkers in keeping your lovely nesting abode or office clean. It’s therefore nice to invest in a good vacuum machine without looking at the cost but for long-term efficiency. Although Dyson cleaners offer exceptional performance over many cheaper brands, the Riccar is highly recommended due to its durable steel body and versatility.