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Mop and Glo vs Quick Shine: Which One’s Better and Why?

There is nothing more beautiful than a freshly finished or refinished floor. Bring on the usual foot traffic i.e., kids, toys, pets, etc., and the once pristine look is bound to look worn in no time. Fortunately, routine cleaning can help keep your floor looking almost as good as new. Talking about floor cleaning, the debate between Mop and Glo vs Quick Shine comes to the fore.

These two bad boys are often ranked among the best floor cleaners money can buy. Mop and Glo is renowned for its versatility while Quick Shine is reputed for its ability to remove scratches and marks. Which one of the two should I choose? You might be wondering.

Here’s an apples-to-apples comparison between Mop and Glo and Quick Shine based on real-life experiences from using the two-floor cleaners.

Mop and Glo vs. Quick Shine: Head-to-Head Comparison

Wondering how these two-floor cleaning solutions compare? We’ve summed up the key features setting the pair apart.

ComparisonMop & GloQuick Shine
Floor TypeTile, marble, linoleumHardwood, laminate, tile, and stone
Cleaning Speed (Est)4 Sq Ft per Minute2 Sq Ft per Minute
Cost Effectiveness$0.20 per Fl Oz$0.42 per Fl Oz
Ease of UseExtremely easySlightly complicated
Cleaning ResultsNormal floor colorAdds a shine
ScentFresh citrusNo scent

In-Depth Comparison of Quick Shine and Mop & Glo

So, between Mop & Glo and Quick Shine, which floor cleaner is better and why? Let’s break down the details for you.

Floor Type

Both are multi-surface cleaners meaning they can be used for a wide variety of surfaces. If we get down to the specifics, Mop & Glo is designed specifically for ceramic tiles, marble, and linoleum floors.

Quick Shine, on the other hand, works best with hardwood, tile, stone, and laminate floors.

If you’re specifically looking for a floor cleaner for hardwood and laminate floors, Quick Shine is the better choice of the two. To get the most out of your Mop & Glo cleaner you’d be better off using it on ceramic tiles and marble floors.

Cleaning Speed

Time is a resource and, therefore, if you’re looking for a cleaner, it is important that you choose one that helps you save time. The Mop and Glo cleaner takes roughly a minute to clean a 4 square foot patch or roughly 25 minutes to complete a 100 square foot floor.

The Quick Shine solution takes relatively longer to cover the same stretch owing to the fact that it involves a longer application process. In general, you can expect to take at least 50 minutes to finish cleaning a 100-square-foot floor space going by the directions provided on the bottle.

One of the reasons why Quick Shine takes longer is that you have to let it dry and this might take a few minutes. Also, you have to clean it up using a special cloth before rinsing the floor. As such, Quick Shine is better when you have floors that demand attention to detail e.g., delicate wood flooring.

Cost Effectiveness

Quick Shine is slightly pricier compared to Mop and Glo. In fact, if you look at it purely from a quantity perspective, you’ll need to pay twice as much for the latter compared to the former. Of course, there is a lot more to a cleaning product than just quantities.

A typical 32 Fl Oz bottle of Mop and Glo will set you back some $7 with a 64 Fl Oz one going for roughly $12. An equivalent quantity (64 Fl Oz) of Quick Shine concentrate will cost you $16. Plus, you may need to invest in a special Quick Shine mop and microfiber pad to be able to clean faster and more efficiently.

In a nutshell, Quick Shine is the pricier one of the two.

Ease of Use

Of the two, Mop and Glo is the easier one to use. You simply need to squeeze small quantities of it directly onto the surface you intend to clean. Then using a damp mop spread the cleaning agent evenly to cover an area of roughly 3×4 inches. Afterward, rinse the mop and use it to rinse the floor before moving to another floor section and repeating the process.

Using the Quick Shine cleaner isn’t rocket science either. However, it involves 6 mandatory steps as opposed to Mop and Glo’s 3-step.

With Quick and Shine, you have to dilute the cleaner in how water, apply it to a 5×5 inch floor section using an appropriate mop, and allow it to remain on the floor for a couple of minutes. Immediately the coating starts turning milky white you’ll need to agitate it using a special microfiber scrubber pad that comes with the product.

Once the film is removed, rinse with clean, warm water, and leave it to dry before proceeding to other sections of your floor.

Cleaning Results

Has your floor faded and you’re looking to add a bit of a shine to it? In that case, you’re better off using Quick Shine. Its ingredients are designed to increase your floor’s shine.

Mop & Go, on the other hand, is all about removing dirt, restoring hygiene, and preserving your floor as it is. It does not add a shine but neither does it remove it if your floor already has it.

That said, Mop and Go does not seem to do a stellar job on hardwood floors – for that kind of stuff you’re better off working with Quick Shine.


On this front, Mop and Glo seem to do a better job than their rivals. With flavors ranging from fresh citrus to hints of light lemon, you can rest assured to add a laid back deep-clean smell to your home when you use Mop n Glo.

Quick Shine, on its part, is fragrance-free. So, if you find the citrusy scent of Mop and Glo a bit of a turn-off, you might want to stick to the more conservative Quick Shine.


When it comes to the Mop and Glo vs Quick Shine duel, the difference is like night and day. Quick Shine is a conservative option that seems to work better when used on hardwood floors and laminates. Mop & Glo, on the contrary, is a versatile choice that’s also easy to use and leaves your home with a mature citrus scent.

So, it all boils down to the type of floor you’re looking to clean, the kind of results you’re looking for, and whether you like scents or not.