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Pros and Cons of Hexclad Cookware?

Finding the best nonstick cookware that cooks your food per your preference is difficult. Why not try the new innovative hexclad cookware with nonstick layers and stainless steel hybrid to deliver long-lasting usage?

Hexclad cookware’s unique hexagon steel exterior allows heat diffusion through the whole pan for even cooking. The set also conducts heat quickly, making them ideal for induction cookers. However, the cookware is quite expensive and doesn’t require high heat.

Hexclad Cookware

These are hybrid-design cookware that combines nonstick technology with clad 3-ply stainless steel. The sets have an aluminum interior core and nonstick coating, protected by a stainless steel lattice above it. The lattice is a conglomerate of many small hexagons, thus the name hexclad.

The stainless steel lattice’s new design makes hexclad products innovative since others use titanium, granite, or diamond dust reinforcements.

Is Hexclad the Best Cookware?

Hexclad is ranked among the top cookware, but this doesn’t mean it might be the best. Pros and cons of hexclad cookware? As you read further, you will understand more about the benefits and disadvantages.

Pros of Hexclad Cookware

Oven Safe

Hexclad cookware is oven-safe if you maintain 500 degrees Fahrenheit as the maximum temperature. This makes the cookware ideal for baking or cooking. 

Also, the hexclad’s ergonomic stainless steel handle makes them great for oven use, unlike pans with plastic or materials that quickly melt due to high heat.

Even Heating and Heat Conduction

Any efficient cookware should heat or warm your foods evenly to ensure steady cooking. This is because foods that aren’t cooked uniformly because of a defective pan can lead to health problems.

The fully clad construction combines with the ultra-modern hybrid surface for quick and even heating. These pans have an aluminum core that’s great for low, medium, or medium-high cooking but not high heat. Similarly, the aluminum core helps conduct and retain heat at all low to high levels for better cooking. 

Unique Design

The hexclad cookware features an exterior and interior hexagonal unique design that helps increase resistance against scratching or sticking food. The pan’s patented combination of nonstick and stainless steel layers makes it a versatile cooking tool.


The hexclad features a 3-ply construction of 3mm each for good heft and stability when placed on your cooktop. The stainless steel peaks protect the nonstick valleys underneath, making them safe with metallic utensils. Also, the stainless steel plus aluminum construction makes hexclad cookware more rigid and durable than other nonstick pans.


A pan should have a handle that feels good in your hand to entice you to use it often. The hexclad pans have a round, thick handle with medium length, making them easy for large or small hands.

Metal Utensils Safe

Many nonstick cookware requires specific utensil use to guard the surfaces. Although using metal utensils on the hexclad pan is safe, use whisks or spatulas but not sharp ones like metal forks. Furthermore, you can use silicone, nylon, or wooden cooking tools on your hexclad pans to be on the safe side.

Ease of Cleaning

The PTFE-free layer below the stainless steel lattice and dark, well-patterned exterior is easy to clean than other pans with clad stainless steel surfaces. Even if the hexclad cookware can be put in the dishwasher though it’s nonstick, it’s great that you hand wash them for increased durability. This is because the dishwasher tends to be harsh on any cookware.


The pans can be used on electric, gas, induction, and ceramic ranges. Apart from cooktops, the pans can be used in the oven. Moreover, the pans can serve dishes thanks to their beautiful design.

Lifetime warranty

Don’t be afraid of trying hexclad cookware, as it comes with a limited lifetime warranty for malfunctions or defects associated with their regular use. Although, the warranty doesn’t cover damage due to abuse or misuse of the items.

On top of the lifetime warranty, there’s a 30-day cookware refund policy with no questions asked. Amazing right?

Cons of Hexclad Cookware

Despite the many advantages listed above, the following setbacks will make you aware of what you want to buy.

High Heat

The hexclad cookware, when exposed to high temperatures, degrades its nonstick surface over time and will start sticking to food. A good pan should cook food at low, medium, or high heat. But the inability of the pans to use high heat limits their versatility. 

Gets Discolored

The pans get discolored owing to the stainless steel top layers. Nevertheless, this can be solved by scrubbing the pan with an abrasive pad. 

Not Fully Non-Toxic

While the hexclad cookware is PFOA-free, it contains PTFE in small quantities, which is normal and not dangerous. But as a matter of caution, don’t use it on high heat as PTFE tends to wear out eventually and might cause health problems. 


Hexclad cookware retails at a higher price than popular brands like All-Clad. However, you won’t regret acquiring the cookware as they are durable and can give lifetime efficiency if used correctly.  

Not Completely Nonstick

Though hexclad cookware is considered more nonstick than other options, they are not entirely nonstick.

To avoid food sticking, you might need to put some butter or oil on the pan before cooking, also called seasoning.

How to Clean Hexclad Cookware?

Although said to be dishwasher safe, the harsh chemicals make the non-sticky surface gets scrapped off. Thus, the cookware is best cleaned with a non-coarse sponge with warm soapy water and then rinsed off. Although using the abrasive sponge is handy when the pan is discolored, it can destroy the nonstick layer.

Are Metal Utensils Ideal for Hexclad Cookware?

Use metallic utensils with blunt surfaces like spatulas but no forks or knives. Wood or silicon utensils are great since they extend the life span of your hexclad cookware.

Hexclad cookware is an excellent hybrid product featuring part clad stainless and part nonstick for outstanding performance. The pans are durable multipurpose, nonstick, oven-safe, and easy to clean. However, like other pans with nonstick coatings, they need low to medium heat for long-lasting efficiency.