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What Color Kitchen Table with Cherry Cabinets?

The kitchen is a crucial part of the home, and many people can attest to that. But what would yours be if it didn’t have cabinets and a kitchen table? Chances are that your kitchen cabinets are already in place, and they happen to be cherry in color.

What color table would go with your cherry cabinets, you ask? Well, cherry is not an easy color to pair, but there are some colors that go perfectly with it. Since your kitchen is what you are left to work with, it is a do-or-die situation.

A wrong color choice could mean the difference between having a well-put-together kitchen and one that looks utterly confusing.

Metallic Gold

When you think gold, the first thing that comes to mind is luxury, and that’s exactly what this color will deliver to your kitchen. It is a rich and warm color that will certainly make your kitchen look glamorous. Moreover, you can use the color sparingly in other areas of your kitchen, for example, for your paper towel holder.

Anyone who then walks into your kitchen can decipher that you put a lot of thought into bringing the room together.

Now, you can also use this color to create an out-of-the-ordinary look for your space. You can do this by painting all the other furniture in your kitchen gold. However, this would not be everyone’s cup of tea. If this is too much gold for you, you can have only your doors and drawers in the color.

Not only will this give your kitchen texture and depth, but it will also keep things simple so that the room doesn’t appear overwhelming. The best part? You can easily get gold spray paint at your local hardware.


A combination of a cream-colored kitchen table with cherry cabinets is one that is likely to capture the attention of anyone who walks in, but most importantly, make those who spend a lot of time there feel relaxed.

This is because the cream color works well with the dark wood of the cherry cabinets, hence making the room feel airy and open. Since cream is a neutral color, you can pick any type of stool or chair. However, you want to go for light colors if you are going for a minimalistic look or darker colors if you want to create contrast.

That said, some people will find that cream doesn’t suit their personality. The good news for you if you feel the same is that there are different colors, like gray (which we will cover), that will deliver the same effect and still blend perfectly with cherry cabinets.

Aqua Green

Cherry cabinets are quite dark, and that’s fine. Nevertheless, you may find yourself wanting to brighten up your kitchen. You can do that by choosing an aqua green for your kitchen table. This color will certainly make your space lively and vibrant.

Not only will this color make everyone who steps into your kitchen feel happy, but it also looks good and pairs well with cherry. The two colors create the perfect balance between bright and bold without making anything look out of place.


Blue is the color of royalty, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that you would want to use it for your kitchen table. However, you want to keep in mind that blue does come in several shades. Since we are talking about pairing with cherry, you want to make sure that the shade of blue you pick is not too dark or too bright.

A light blue, for instance, will make your space appear more spacious since it reflects more light. A darker shade will only serve to make your kitchen look stuffy and restricted. As you choose the shade of blue to use, you should also consider the color of your walls and countertops.

Ensure that all the colors in your kitchen blend in well to avoid making it look like a clown house.


For the longest time, black has been considered to be a powerful and sophisticated color. It is also neutral, so it works well with just about any color, and that includes cherry.

With a black kitchen table, you will realize that it blends effortlessly with any other colors you may have in your kitchen. For instance, if you have marble or white countertops, a black kitchen table will create a visually appealing contrast.

Most importantly, it will bring out the beauty of your cherry cabinets, making them pop. It gets even better if your cabinets are a darker-colored cherry. This sort of creates a monochromatic look that makes your kitchen look sophisticated.


This is an excellent color to pick for your kitchen table so that it pairs well with your cherry cabinets. Taupe is a neutral color that borders between brown and gray. It is a perfect balance, too, since it is not too dark or too bright. You will love it because it works with almost any kind of texture or finish in your kitchen.

It is also worth noting that taupe is an extremely versatile color, as it will go well with any style and design cabinet, including cherry. This makes it the perfect choice for individuals who are looking for a modern and sophisticated look for their kitchen.

Moreover, taupe comes with some benefits for your kitchen table. For instance, you will realize that your kitchen table will be easier to clean as it doesn’t show stains like other neutral colors do.

Charcoal Gray

Most people are under the impression that cherry wood and gray are not a good combination. This is far from the truth. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A gray kitchen table will complement your cherry cabinet because it is neutral in tone. That means it won’t compete for attention with your cabinets – which is what you need in your kitchen.

Gray also blends perfectly with many other colors. Therefore, if your countertops have a different color, chances are high that your gray kitchen table will not look out of place.