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What Color Chairs Go With Black Table?

You can never go wrong with a black table in your kitchen. Not only is it a versatile piece of furniture, but it also adds to the style and sophistication of your space. The best part is that you will not have a hard time finding one since black is readily available.

Now that you have your table in place, you have to ask yourself, what color chairs go with black table? Well, black is a highly versatile color and can blend perfectly with many colors including white, charcoal grey, yellow, oyster grey, and teal.

With black, it is easy to add more colors to your scheme without making things appear mismatched or busy. Keep reading as we let you in on some colors that will complement your black table.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Chairs to Go with Black Table

The Size and Shape of the Table

Your table size is something that you should consider as you pick chairs for it. Usually, the size of the table is determined by how many people are expected to sit around it and how often they will do it. If you have a small family and only eat together once or twice a week, then you will be okay with a small table and smaller chairs.

If you have a larger family that uses the table often, then you will need a larger table and bigger chairs.

In the same breadth, the shape of your table matters when picking the chairs that will go with it. The same shapes go well together, so if you have a rectangular table, rectangular chairs will go well with it. That is not to say that different shapes will not work. A circular table will create an interesting look with square-shaped chairs.

Height of the Table

Another factor you want to consider is the height of your table when deciding on what chairs to go with it. If you have high ceilings in your dining room or loft area, then large-sized tables will look best with large-sized chairs.

Chair Style

If you have had the chance to look around, you will realize that there are many chair styles to choose from. For instance, you can go for mahogany or oak finishes if you are going for the traditional look. On the other hand, there are modern look finishes including fabric, leather, and glass if that’s what you want.

Room Color Scheme

The next consideration when choosing chairs for a black table is what color scheme you want to achieve. With a color scheme, your entire space looks cohesive. Therefore, if you have chosen a black dining room table then it would make sense for you to go with either white or cream-colored dining chairs as this will contrast well with the dark tabletop and create an interesting effect when viewed from afar – especially if there is other furniture around it too such as sideboards or cabinets.

Best Color Chairs to Go with Black Table


Black is a powerful color, and because of that, it can be overwhelming. The key is to have a balance of other colors in the room and what better choice than to add white chairs? A white and black combo is not only classy but timeless as well.

White chairs are a good choice for a black table because they’re versatile and will blend with any color scheme or decor style. Now, if you’re planning on putting up some artwork in your space, choose something that complements the color of your chairs and table rather than clashing with them.


The thought of pairing your black table with black chairs has probably not crossed your mind, but think about it. The monochromatic look is one that never goes out of style, and is probably the easiest way to turn your space into a minimalistic yet stylish one.

Black chairs are an excellent choice to go with your black table. The colors are complementary, but if you want to add a twist to it, play around with textures. For example, get chairs made from textured black fabric to go with your smooth table.

Charcoal Gray

Working with neutral colors is the way to go because then, you are not taking chances. One of the best neutral colors that will pair well with your black table has to be charcoal gray. It looks like a lighter version of black, and when your charcoal gray chairs sit next to your black table, you will see the beauty of it all.

Charcoal gray is a great option if you do not want too much color in your space, but don’t want to have the same color dominating. The best part about this color is that it is subtle enough not to clash with whatever else you have going on in your space.


Yellow chairs are a good choice to go with your black table because they complement it and make the room look brighter at the same time. The bright hue will not only liven up the room but also create an inviting ambiance in your space. 

Therefore, if you are looking to balance the seriousness that comes with black. Yellow chairs will certainly add the sunshine you need to give your space both of both worlds.

Oyster Grey

This is another color that appears to be slightly lighter than black. The twist, however, is that oyster grey has some blue undertones and because of that, chairs in the same color will add a sophisticated look to your table as well as your space in general.

Ultimately, oyster grey is a great option if you do not want your space to appear too busy.


Getting teal chairs to go with your black table is a great idea. Why?  Because teal works well as an accent for any background color. This gives you a lot of flexibility when matching working with the color.

Anyway, combining your black table with teal chairs can create an elegant look for your space and this is because the two colors contrast.